BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #56 – And What of Deimos…?

Good evening my friends.

I am a bit frustrated and harrowed this evening. I am going away for a week come Friday morning, and have a bazillion things to do before leaving. So I have decided that I need a sanity break, and Blogging is just such a break for me.

I looked through my past entries and realized that I have never really talked about Deimos, so I figured it was high time! Hiroke, my boy – this one’s for you! LOL!!!

To begin with, I will confess something! Deimos scares me! The thought of writing Deimos scares me. The thought of illustrating Deimos petrifies me!!! And why? Because Deimos makes me dig deep inside the scary recesses of my psyche and threatens to unleash some big bad dark stuff in the process. It may all sound crazy to most of you, but trust me, I was raised to be a good little Catholic boy (yup! I’m still paying for that one!) and although the idea of Deimos and his world fascinates me, it leaves me quite terrified.

It’s like I feel as though I am playing with fire when I write Deimos. Again, maybe silly, yet true! Waaaaaaay back in 2004, I managed to complete Deimos #0, which was to be the prequel to the even bigger series… that I never drew. Wrote… but never drew. I mean, this is a series where God and the Devil are some of the main players and where the Hero is as dark as they come, and prone to fits of what left unchecked, could be some severely twisted and violent acts. And on days like today, I am okay with that…because some little scab has had one of my postings at the Y! Gallery yanked, and I am currently pissed off and pretty stressed about wrapping everything up before going away… so yeah, Deimos could do much violence today and I would be fine with it. But on days where I am sane, and I would like to think that this is MOST days, Deimos just hits too close to home and brings back visions of the nuns waving their bony, accusing fingers in my face telling me that touching myself would certainly result in a one way ticket to Hell. What would they think then of this series I am hard at work creating.

Deimos is a wonderful character… even if I do say so myself. He is a character with much to offer in the way of character depth because he is so completely evenly torn between the good and evil sides of his nature. I respect him very, very much and look forward to his continued growth as a Class Comics Boytoon.

So where does all of this leave him?

Well, the good news is that Logan, the artist-extraordinaire who brought you Porky and the Pornomicon, has been contracted to illustrate Deimos #1. His work on the series so far has been phenomenal, filled with the most incredibly ornate and detailed illustrations I’ve ever seen in a comic…period! His Deimos is delicious and he gives the character a sort of gay Hellboy feel that is absolutely exquisite. He is working from my script, which after several attempts, I think I finally got right, and if all goes well, the first issue of this series should be out in early 2007.

Meanwhile, the amazing Spubba the Mad has already finished up a 10-page prequel to the series that will be released in Rapture #3, also due out in early 2007. Wait until you get a load if this. The story is entitled “the Coin”, and Spubba’s Deimos is dark and terrrrrribly sexy with a “who’s your Daddy?” swagger that just melts you in the knees!

So perhaps that is the answer. When a character stumps me artistically, I simply pass him off to other creative people who don’t have my Catholic emotional baggage and who can do a terrific job bringing him to life. Writing a character is sometimes more easy than drawing him, and such is definitely the case with Deimos.

I can’t wait to see him and his entourage of supporting characters such as Billy, Cardinal and Sethan come to life through the combined talent of all those involved.

I have to admit, this here is one of my biggest joys of working at Class Comics. It’s that combined creative effort that really makes my job so much fun.

So thanks Deimos, for wiggin’ me out! And thanks to all of you for being so patient with me and this character…and for trusting that when I announce a Deimos project, it will ROCK beyond the telling of it! LOL!!!!

Much love to you all…and thanks for listening to me rant! I feel MUUUUUCH Better now! See you soon!

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXOX

Deimos and all related characters are © Copyright and TM 2006, Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All Rights reserved.


  1. Hey Patrick,

    I understand completely where You come from. It is hard to dig that deep inside of Yourselves and still feel comfortable with it. Deimos is a wonderful character – I especially love the panel where he’s sitting in the restaurant, just being patched up, legs open and slurping on a cup of tea. It’s such a wonderful shot and it says alot about how much You as his creator care about this little and nasty demon =D

    Needless to say I really do love Deimos because I always thought demon-stories rule. And there’s this certain knack with non-heroes that touch each and everyone of us, I am sure: The reluctant hero, good-looking, beautiful legs, bad attitude and still ready to kick ass at any given time is just something to drool over constantly.

    Don’t be afraid, man – Your characters rule. There’s not a single exception!

    Have a good trip and try to relax a little, Patrick.

    All the best!

  2. Hello Patrick

    First of all, thank you ever so much. Seems my continuous ranting and raving about my favourite Boytoon has finally paid off, LOL!

    I can understand that Deimos scares you, but for me the fact that he is a darker character that I find a real turn-on. I was raised to be a good little Christian boy, maybe Deimos brings out the rebel inside me. Hey, life is all about balance. Yin and yang, right and wrong, good and evil, pleasure and pain, that sort of thing, and Deimos is just the sort of bad boy that I need. Maybe not the sort of man I would want to meet in a dark alley when he is pissed off, but if he wants to give some love, I’m all his. Haha!

    I’m so glad that Deimos will continue to grow. As you say he is a fascinating character with lots to offer and I would really like to learn more about him and his background. I’m really looking forward to seeing him in Deimos #1 and Rapture #3.

    About y!Gallery, it’s great that you joined, it’s just a shame that the rules is such a farce and that a proverbial turd in the punchbowl had to come and piss on your battery.

    Thank you once again.

    LOTS of LOVE
    Hiroke XOXOX

    PS: Any chance of hooking me up with Deimos? I’ll give you my number…

  3. ooh that’s a smokin’ hot first pic. i love the angle.
    Deimos is a turn on. as much as i enjoy Logan’s art, nobody draws Deimos like you.
    i remember being incredibly aroused as a teen when i first saw Trigon, Raven’s evil satanic dad from the Teen Titans. i would LOVE to see your take on him.
    like it or not Patrick, you’re good at the bad guys.

  4. Hey Patrick!

    Deimos is one sexy M.F. I’ve always liked him , But Incubus is always number on my list.

    One thing that attracts me to Deimos, is how he is sort of stuck between Heaven & Hell and doesn’t really have a place of his own his own realm as yet, so he lives in the darkness and keeps on doing what he does.

    I would have to say out of all your Boytoons, Deimos would be the one who will have the most interesting charcter development out of them all, sureN.J, G.B and the others are fun to watch developing in their charcteristics but Deimos’s development isn’t as campy as theirs which makes for an intersting person to keep an eye on.

    As for the religois aspect, it’s hard for me to really say anthing on, as my beliefs are more Krishna (theres something I have never told you before) Though being raised by a catholic family, catholosisim never really sat well with me and there were just to many questions I was asking that would always go un answered.

    But the wonderful thing about Deimos, and the religious aspect, is that it gives you a chance to really look into all sorts of relgions, and he can be involved in so many scenarios that your other Boytoons would be “out of place” in.

    I often get asked as to why I can speak out against religions no matter what they are and ask questions that people who follow these religions would normally see as blasphemous, but it’s my way of trying to understand them and if you don’t ask, you will never know.

    When you were younger, I am sure that you were taught about heaven & hell in school, but what you are doing is intergrating the good with the evil, your aknowledging the fact that there will always be a war between the two, but your foucusing on the good, being Deimos.

    When you look at today’s form of entertainment, we have movies, music etc.. that are always using a form of religous conflict , Take Gene Simmons from KISS for example using the Bat Demon persona from Hell in his stage appearence, when in actual fact he is a humble Jewish man, though not practasing but holds a high level of respect for his faith. Prince, known to sing about God in one song and them follows it up by singing something a song that is ladelled with sex. Movies such as the Excorsist and so forth. They are all things that make us think about where the line is and have we crossed it as humans and what our fate will be when cross over.

    I firmly believe that we make our own heaven and hell while we are alive, but one thing for certain, is that any God no matter what religion didn’t want us to live a life of fear of the religion we choose to follow. We are all responsible for our own actions, that is why we doubt ourselves if a decision we have made goes pair shaped. If you live day to day doing good things for yourself and other people then good things will come your way. Induldging in a comic book and a movie or whatever about the darker side of life, won’t send you to hell and by having those “fears” or “baggage” is just your innerself reminding you that they are lines you will never cross.

    There are people out there doing far worse everyday as apposed to us reading comics and apposed to yourself Patrick, who is aknowledging the fact that good is fighting evil.

    Now time for me to play an Alice Cooper record in reverse!


  5. dreamerboy6 says

    GRRR! Y-Galleries has gone off the deep end lately! They’ve been pulling all sorts of wonderful work! It’s INFURIATING! They’re only going to hurt themselves in the end. ;_; I’m sorry to hear they got you too. When I found out they suspended your account I flew into a mad rage. Now Shemmy is leaving Y-gallery. Their rules are totally illogical and it really upsets me to see them censoring artists like you. What a great way to nurture a creative environment… NOT! SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW!

    Anyway, I can definitely relate to the religious baggage. I was raised Mormon, and often I’ll find myself stumbling upon art like that found at the now defunct and worrying about my immortal soul or something of the sort. I can definitely see how drawing a character like Deimos would be hard on you! It’s so wonderful that there are amazing artists like Logan and Spubba to take up the task. ^_^

  6. I have been wondering what was going on with Deimos, but with so many other projects going I figured I could wait.
    About writing for it, sometimes you have to look into the dark side of yourself, if only to shock you and make one realize how inherently decent you are as a person.
    Also that is a load about what happened on Y!Gallery, the problem is that art can be reported by anybody, and given how many people are on that site, that makes things way too subjective.
    If they want some sort of criteria, they should just have the admin’s review every piece (ha ha that’ll show them), at least that way if they want rules like that they are reviewed by the same people, who can all agree to a standard criteria.
    The thing was you got your work shown on the site and hopefully stirred new interest.

  7. Yeah, your boy Demios is pretty cool. I like how deep he is. Logan is so perfect for that title. I can’t wait to get my hands on the ish.

    You were raised Catholic!? No way! You must be struggling with this stuff man! I know a Catholic artist and he draws very heav metal, satanic, crazy shit– but still considers himself a good Catholic boy. I wonder if he confesses about his drawings???

  8. Patrick,

    Oh how we Catholic Boys suffer!

    They try and bury all this guilt deep inside our psyches.

    Your drawing of characters like Deimos shows that for all that finger wagging from Nuns and disapproving Fire and Brimstone sermons from priests you have won and created something beautiful.

    Logan brings his raw masculine sensuality and power to a wonderful character.

    keep up the great work Patrick. And enjoy your break!

  9. I like Bob. Ahahaha! :)

    Anyway, heard about your account in Y. Ever noticed they like picking on the best artists around? I heard of two before you who got power tripped by the rules, too. Sigh.

  10. What I meant by TWO are “Two great artists” by the way. Yes, I know they power tip a lot of people in Y!

  11. Hiya gang…

    I just wanted to thank you all for your enthusiastic response to this posting. It was really great reading all your thoughts and impressions on Deimos. I think that sometimes I tend to focus a lot on the characters that I favor, and sadly, often neglect the others. Deimos, because of the baggage that seems to go along with him for me, is one of the characters that I often put off to the side. It really seems to me that the best way for him to thrive is through collaboration with other artists.

    It is so wonderful to read that you all seem to feel this is a great way to go about it. I can tell you without a doubt that you will NOT be disappointed when you see the Deimos projects that are currently in the works!

    Meanwhile, all you Bob fans out there will also be thrilled with how he, and all the other supporting Deimos cast members are depicted by Logan and Spubba!

    Thank you again, dear friends for your constant support. It is wonderful to be able to share this behind the scenes stuff with you. I really appreciate your comments and your opinions.

    Much love to you all,
    Patrick XOXOXOXO

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