On the issue of Comments…

Hiya Gang…

Well, after reading all of your latest comments on the whole “me answering your comments” issue, I have decided you are much kinder to me than I am. It warms my heart to see that you are all so understanding and I really appreciate that.

The bottom line is I do read everything you write, and I value your comments very, very much. In a perfect world, each day would have a billion hours in it, and answering each comment one at a time would be no problem. Unfortunately, each day only has 24 hours in it, and I find myself swamped to the teeth lately. So, I appreciate your patience in awaiting new updates to BTM, and thank you so very much in advance for understanding that I may not always be able respond to every comment. As I said, that does not mean I do not read and value each one.

Much love and thanks dear friends!
Patrick XOXOX


  1. Hey Patrick,

    I am sure we all understand that You have a real life, a real job and a real obligation to Class Comics, to Your partner, well… to “real life”. Don’t be worried, man, there’s no need since we all love Your art, we love You as a person and we appreciate every second that You put into Your craft/art and whatever it is that You want to do.

    Because we all are human beings and the world is wonderful.

    That was my cheesy moment for today :D

    Thanks for listening and seriously, don’t worry too much about not being able to get back to everyone. We are Your loyal fanbois.
    Count on us.


  2. Oh, honestly Patrick, you dont have to say a thing.

    I might be relatively new to this blog compared to some of your older friends here, but I do understand that essentially this is a HOBBY for you. An enjoyable one that allows you to talk to fans and friends yes, but still a hobby. As with all hobbies, I also understand that sometimes they have to fall by the wayside for a while, till real life stops getting in the way.

    Congrats on opening a Y! hosting account by the way, and seriously, dont worry about replying to all our comments.

    Just the fact we can give you direct feedback is enough, for me anyway.


  3. Hey Patrick!

    You talk to much!


  4. Patrick, You don’t need to say anything. The huge crowd of fans of this web site and blog truly appreciate all your time and effort you put into it. Thank you for that. We love you!

  5. Charlie MJR says

    You know Patrick, your one of the few artists who actully make an effort to show your fans how you appreicate them. There’s been artists who I’ve wrote to before about there work and never gotten a reply, may their to busy, maybe they have to many to reply to, but I know your one of those who do, and this blog is such a great means for us to tell you how much we love your work and share our thoughts together.

    Besides, after hearing you on the radio interview you did, it became obvious your were a genuinly nice guy with a lot of passion.

  6. Hi Gang…

    All I can say is a great big THANK YOU very much for your support and understanding! It really means a lot!

    Much love to you all…
    Patrick XOXOX

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