BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #55 – My Work At Black Inches Magazines

This morning I thought it might be nice to talk about the very first gay on-going art contract I ever managed to get. To say it came around in the nick of time would be the understatement of the year. Truth be told, if it hadn’t happened, I might not be drawing at all today! I am referring to my on-going job as short fiction illustrator with Black Inches Magazine.

Not too long ago, I held a day job that I despised and that was slowly sucking the life from my body! Melodramatic maybe, but true nevertheless. I knew where I wanted to head in life, but had no clue how to get there. I had accepted work from a comic book company that treated me like dirt and that was basically working me to death, all for the sake of making a go at being a real comic book artist. Needless to say, I was not having the best time ever.

It took a call from my pal Glen Hanson to help me turn things around. I felt hopeful anew, and finally found the courage to put together a few submissions for gay magazines. I waited patiently for responses to arrive, and then one day, one did in the form of a telephone call.

I spoke to then Black Inches art director Eduardo Andino who seemed thrilled that I had sent my work his way. He offered me the opportunity I had been looking for and asked me to join his crew immediately. How could I refuse? Not only was this job going to give me the opportunity to draw guys for a living, but they were also going to be black guys, which I love! But best of all, it gave me the opportunity to sever all ties with previous employers, including the blood sucking comic company who once told me that artists were a dime a dozen!

The more I drew for Black inches magazine, the more I loved it, and the more work Eduardo sent my way. Soon I was on to Latin Inches magazine and the now defunct All-Man magazine. I was FINALLY able to make a living with my art, and best of all, I could draw men naked all day long! Plus, working for the magazines gave me the opportunity to work on my comics and focus on getting Class Comics together.

To say that life has always been peachy working for Black Inches is not exactly true. There have been many unrealistic deadlines, and on occasion, I have to illustrate stuff that feels a little dry. So the challenge thus becomes, where do I find my inspiration to pull this off? Mostly, the mere fact that I am drawing Black Men is enough to get the creative juices flowing.

Over the years of being with Black Inches, I’ve had the opportunity to become friends with artist Ray Schultz, who also worked for the magazine creating his infamous (and gorgeous) Black Giants.

In recent times, I’ve even been able to pull together some of my favorite illustrations form the magazine and put together “Hot Chocolate” which Bruno Gmunder published and released early this year.

I do not think I am the best illustrator of Black Men out there, far from it. Certainly, there are greater artists out there like the mighty Belasco, Ray Schultz and even Tom Of Finland whose depictions of Black Men are rather legendary.

Hell, I’m just a skinny white boy from Canada, but God knows that I do what I can to put all the love and admiration I have for the Black man into my drawings. If today I have become known as “that artist who REALLY likes to draw black guys”, well all I can say is that it makes me very proud.

Eduardo Andino passed away in 2005. He was a good friend, and someone who believed in me and my work enough to give me a chance. He is someone I will never forget.


  1. Hey Patrick!

    It’s funny how taking certain jobs leads us to where we are going. I mean whenI started work when I left school, I was packing boxes, 10 years after starting that job I was promoting some of the biggest names in the music industry, worked in cabel televesion, managed film studio’s and now in the early stages on starting my own production company and P.R Firm.

    It’s taken me almost 24 years to get to where I am today and I owe it all to a suck ass job that I hated when I first began doing it.

    I know what it’s like to have the life sucked outta me as you know from a recent expierence that I had with a particular Heavy Metal band in the U.S, but I saw it through and things worked out well.

    Doing things that your not particualy fond of helps in your “Life Training” You always carry that with you and when you look back you can see how intigal it was in helping you get to where you are today.

    But as for the art, I don’t think that anyone can ever draw the perfect white man, black man or what ever man. There are always leaders in their fields and you are one of them. Could you imagine how boring life would be if you were perfect in what you do? There would be no room for improvement, or to learn new skills.

    Regardless of whether your a “Skinny White Boy from Canada” {and a bitch slap for labeling yourself in such a way) has nothing to do with it. I’m going to tell you the same thing I told Tina in a recent post. All you have to remember is this. “I am Patrick Fillion and I do what I do because I can.”

    I have said this before I will say it again and never tire of saying so. Your work is going to out live all of us, you are a leader in your field, and like the many great super heroes we have grown to love all of our lives, there will always be someone there to carry the torch for you when your 101 years old and riddled with arthuritus that you can’t do as much as scrathch your left testicle!

    Now, isn’t that a scenario to look forward later in life???

    I am also sorry to hear about the passing of your friend. I know what it’s like, I think we all do. But doing what your doing today, in a way is still keeping him alive and with you.


  2. Your B.I. and L.I. work is some of my favorite stuff you’ve ever done, man. I mean, I like your comics and all but sometimes I like to be brought down to earth. The sheer realism in your pin-ups is totally hot.

    Dude- I’ve heard you talk about your old job before but I never thought it was THAT bad. It was at eros comix right? Or are u even allowed to say that? Well, I just quit mine– it was pretty horrid.

    Man, you are totally living my dream. I dropped off a portfolio with them a few years ago (my day job at the time was surprisingly enough, around the corner.)

    What’s the process like? Do they send you a story and you just illustrate it? Or do they just say “draw this” and u draw something without ever reading the story/article?

    I’m still amazed that u keep all the rights to your pinups and can ublish them again anytime u want. But do they have that same right? Like, can they reprint an old illo from u?

    Sorry– this comment is all over the place. I am rambling.

  3. Charlie MJR says

    I picked up a copy of Hot Chocolate in a prowler store in london, and was blown away by the men of black inches you drew, with the same passion in your other projects, its so refreshing to see a great artists like yourself with many different styles of men, and needless to say, totally beautiful and arousing (I kept sneeking a look on the train coming home, thank god my sails dropped before I got to the station, lol)

    I know what you mean about crappy and mundaine work Patrick, and from the sounds of it it was chance that if you hadn’t been there, we might never have gotten to see your lovely men, but I’ve been in some really bad jobs I’d just as soon forget myself.

    Seriously, someone said to you that artists are dime a dozen, what kind of jackass would say crap like that, its the artists that makes a company what it is, not the other way round, I’ve favoured some really great comic artists in the past, Dwayne Turner, John Romiter Jr, Sean Chen, to name a few, and without great artists these J-holes wouldn’t have a company.

    I do like Belasso’s work a lot, his style of drawing black men has such an urban quaility about it, so much so he’s drawn it just alone for the black community, I’ve not seen any white men in any of his drawings, which makes it really feel like a black guys homoerotic fantasy.

    But don’t say your not the best illustrator of black men Patrick, your black guys are so hot to see and drawn to sexually, the title of hot chocolate seemed the perfect name for men who you would want as something smooth in the evening after a hard day.

    I’d love to see more of your sexy black guys merged in with your main universe, space cadet was a real sexual addition to your cast of characters.

    I’m also sorry to hear about your friend Eduardo Audino, its nice you mentioned him hear. All my best.


  4. seraphicreverie says

    hey patrick….
    i fell in love with your work when i first saw it. i saw one of your illustrations in black inches, and man it was gorgeous! theres other great artists out there, but they all lack something that you have. i cant put a name to it, but theres no other male erotica artist that i like as much as you.
    speaking of old work, i saw some of the straight sex you drew a while back. seeing as i am straight and i love men, well…you should post some more of the straight stuff you do. i know what everyone around here probably wants to see is just man on man, which you of course portray beautifully, but i would love to see some of your hardcore straight stuff. btw, i am oh so happy you made a y!gallery account! i cant get enough of your work.

  5. Wow…Doing a random blog search for “hot black men” and I stumble upon your kind mention of me in your blog! What are the odds? Thanks for your kudos, you’re the man, Patrick! I’m truly envious of what you’ve accomplished with your career and publishing ventures. While I’ve gotten a lot of exposure, due mainly to plethora of usergroups the boost my stuff…lol, I’ve always admired how you manage to do illustrations for the gay mags AND self-publish. AND live on it! Maybe I oughta quit my day job (unfortunately it’s not horrible like comics, but is artistically draining, hence my rather pitiful out put of late! ) Oh, and you’re so right about working in mainstream SUCKS! My rule is now, I don’t do comics without dicks in them. Anywho, from one artist to another, you’re faboo!

  6. Hey BELASCO! I LOVE BOO!! At one point I owned 2 copies of Brothers of New Essex. Someone got it for me as a gift not realizing I had it!

    checking out your blog now…

  7. Damian & Trent says

    These Afro-guys are great. Shower-guy is extra fine. Showers are FUN! As much as we like your terrific comic stories, your solo images are even hotter. We can’t wait for the next “Boytoons” book. Hope it’s full of, uh, … “snacks”.

    Damian & Trent

  8. Hello Mr. M, JC, Charlie, Ceraphicreverie, Damian and Trent… and a warm welcome to BELASCO, who dropped by for the first time! Wonderful to hear from ALL of you, as always. Your comments and kind words are muchly appreciated! :o)

    It is so nice to see that my work for Black Inches is appreciated. It really is one of my favorite gigs, and I am really pleased if my love of it comes through in the drawings.

    Belasco, you are an inspiration! I have always admired and appreciated your art, and the incredible sexiness of it. Your talent is astounding! :o) Like JC said, we ALL love Boo! The Brothers on New Essex was one of the first adult Gay comics collection I ever purchased. You truly inspired me, my friend, and continue to do so. And who knows, maybe someday we will have the opportunity to work together! ?

    Again, many thanks to all of you for dropping by and taking the time to comment! You are all MUCH appreciated!

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXOX

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