RAPTURE #2 is OUT — and other general news of interest!

Hi Gang…

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve updated, and I have yet to get to all your recent comments. It’s been that kind of week I’m afraid. YIKES! LOL!!!

But I have happy news! RAPTURE #2 is now available! Wow! I feel like this one has been a while in the making, but I couldn’t be happier with the result. Spubba the Mad fans rejoice because this is the issue in which Spubba’s art debuts at Class Comics with a super hot Incubus story!

I am especially pleased that Locus has his first solo tale in this issue… and I’m really excited to introduce you to 3 new characters I’ve created! Captain Jung (my first Korean character!), Disco and Flamer all make their debut in this book as well.

So there’s all that and more in store in this book! Check it out when you have a moment!

Also out this month is RAINBOW COUNTRY #1! I talked a little bit about this title and its creator, artist Max’ in a previous post! The book looks great and is realllllllly sexy! You won’t want to miss this one either!

And last but not least, Fraz, Alexis and I have just updated my personal website, as well as the Class Comics website (the updates there are still ongoing!). We are still looking for a new gallery system so that we can update the Fan Art section of my site more often, so please bear with us as we try to figure all that out. Meanwhile, have a look at what is there… including the very first ZAHN comic strip ever!

So there you have it, my friends. I promise to try and get to the answering comments very shortly! Once my head stops spinning I think! HA! HA! HA!

More from me shortly! Much love to you all!
Patrick XOXO


  1. Loved the Zahn strip, sword and sorcery is a favorite genre of mine. Also very entertaining with the satirical take on the basic Sword and Sorcery story formula. I definitely look forward to more of Zahn.
    Also cool monster, touched on some Lovecraftian elements with the appearrance.

  2. P.S., looking forward to the new issue of Rapture and Rainbow Country, in particular Locus’s solo adventure.

  3. Hello Patrick

    This is great. I ordered both titles first thing this morning. I looked at the preview pages, both look great, as per usual class comics standards. I noticed the colours of Rainbow Country, all the colours jumping out at you, it’s extremely vibrant. Rapture #2 I’m really looking forward to. I love your new characters.

    Thanks for your hard work and dedication to create these new characters and bringing out more great comics. You are much apreciated.

    Lots of LOVE
    Hiroke XOXOX

  4. Damian & Trent says

    We have a pal, Kevin, who’s already ordered the two new issues. So we’ll see ’em soon. We ourselves like to buy from our best bookstore, to support that indy shop. So it’ll prob be a while before the issues get stocked there. Thanks for your cool work.

    Damian & Trent

  5. Hey Patrick!

    Well you know me being the typical “I gotta Hhave it NOW” person I am, made my order for Rapture #2 yesterday.

    Was a little shocked at the preview page with N.J & S.C, (I won’t give to much away incase people haven’t seen it!) But word of note : Next time N.J. should remove the glove, it makes for easier insertion!!!!!!!!! *my lips are sealed*

    Beautiful work as always on the website and as I already mentioned to you, the new Class Comics site is fantastic. Really looking forward to seeing Spuba’s work, pity it takes almost 2 weeks for delivery to Australia! Makes no matter, makes the wait all the more worthwhile.

    Gotta go – I have 3 photo shoots happening at my house today and another tomorrow, the place looks like the set of a porn movie, but on the upside, my 2 pussies being female are enjoying the attention and being the only 2 females surrounded by fuck knows how men at the moment!!

    Big hugs!

  6. Hey again Patrick!

    Just wanted to let you know and I feel safe in saying I speak for everyone who comments on your blog. We all know that you are a busy person and don’t stress out about not replying to the comments we have left for you. We all know that you will get back to us when you have the chance and even if that takes a month to do so none of us will feel that your ignoring us.

    Take your time and deal with the matters at hand and that is getting your books out there and perfecting your art & websites as they are the frontline of your work.

    You, Fraz & Alexis, do such a wonderful job putting things together and it must be a real stretch for you at times when you have other artists on board, different lines of comics that you have placed under your umbrella, and focusing on your work plan at the same time.

    We will always be here, and it just makes the wait all the more worth while when you do respond because it gives us all something new to talk about when you do get back to us.

    So from all of us to you, Fraz & Alexis, I am proud to give you all the award for “Fucking Excellent Effort!”

    Love to you all, my favorite 3 litte chockettes on the break front of life!


  7. OMG I love Locus so much, there’s something about green men. And blue men actually, why don’t you have Locus and Sethan team up for some blue on green action? It’d be like the world looking like something…*thinks about Bette*

  8. Hey Patrick,

    Congratulations on getting Rapture 2 out, it looks awesome from the preview pages. I also noticed the stuff you posted over at y!gallery – all awesome pictures, but the cyclist and the two raver guys (especially the hottie in the green shirt) are incredible! The picture of Dominion you’ve got up at the news section in your site looks fantastic too – I already love the guy after 1 picture.

    Thanks for the updates, and there’s no need to apologise for not replying to comments. Considering how long it usually takes me to get a single comment out, I can imagine how hard it’d be to reply to everything that gets posted here.

  9. Damian & Trent says

    We should add to what a few others said about you responding to everybody. Not necessary. You’re cool in wanting to, but it’s not necessary. It’s like with your original articles. We don’t always feel we have something to say about them, even tho we read them. Likewise, we know you read our comments, but you don’t have to respond to every one.

    There’re several of us, & only one of you. Too bad, that. What if there were MANY of you! Whoa!

    No. There can be only one Patrick Fillion.

    Damian & Trent

  10. Charlie MJR says

    my orders been made… oh man Patrick, if I were 14 I’d be having wet dreams over thinking about this comic… so thank god I’m 25.

    Been looking forward to rapture 2 for a long time, and that story with these 3 new guys of yours. Also, isn’t it in this one that those saydur characters from NJ#1 come after NJ again for revenge, and it shows NJ and space cadet walking down the hallway together. Looking forward to this!

    Also, Rainbow country looks SO HOT!! The first page reminds me of something from GTA vice city, an almost roughness to the characters but drawn with real colour in mind. His is very sexy work.

    Can;t wait till they arrive!


  11. Hello Gang…

    Thanks so much for your enthusiasm regarding these two new books, and all the kind words you wrote!

    I will confess something here! Part of my recent stress has been that we at Class Comics have recently left our previous printers. They were wonderful people, and we left on the very best of terms, but as businesses grow and evolve, so too must the way you do things.

    The new people we are dealing with are very nice, and they have done a BRILLIANT job on these two new books. Everything looks so beautiful and crisp and I am MUCH RELIEVED!!! But I must tell you, the STRESS I FELT over this past month, trying to get used to the new printers’ way of working, and how they needed the files prepared and allllllllll the other stuff in between was… well it was a little bit overwhelming. As you can probably tell, I don’t much care for “change”!!! LOL!

    See, in a perfect world, all I would do is draw pretty pictures… but in this world, in the REAL WORLD, I have to do way more than that! LOL!!! I guess it is all part of running Class Comics. All I can say is THANK GOD for Fraser and Alexis! ?

    In any event, I have bitched enough. I just wanted to share with you all how relieved I am that the books are beautifully printed!

    I look forward to hearing what you will all think of them when they arrive at your door!

    Again, my sincerest thanks to all of you for your wonderful understanding and continued support! It always really, REALLY helps!

    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXOX

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