Retro Splash Wallpaper – Wave 2

Good Morning everybody!

I woke up in a very good mood today (which is REALLY Frikkin’ nice ’cause the past 2 weeks have sucked BIG ASS DONKEY BALLS!), and feeling quite creative. Maybe it’s because I love Fall. It’s my favorite season, really! I love Thanksgiving (which in Canada is this coming Monday – Hence a much needed long weekend over here!:o), Halloween and the scenery of the changing landscape and all that crap! (No I am not on drugs! ;) LOL!

So this morning, I figured I’d put together Wave 2 of the Retro Splash Wallpapers for ya! Here for your pleasure are Space Cadet, Deimos, Ghostboy, and Incubus. These are so much fun to put together, and I guarantee you there will be a Wave 3 very soon! LOL!!!

So I hope you enjoy this latest assortment, my friends! I wish you all a fabulous weekend! Gobble- Gobble!

Much Love,
Patrick XOXO

PS – Fraser thinks that it looks as though someone pissed all over Ghostboy! LOL!!! Me I think the colors are terribly 70’s and I love it – that big meanie! HA! HA! HA! :oD


  1. Charlie MJR says

    Hi Patrick.

    Firstly, happy thanksgiving on monday, I wish I could celebrate that, but we don’t have thanksgiving here in the u.k, and only 1 time of the year to eat turkey, lol.

    Secondly, Awesome new walls! I know Hiroke was looking forward to the Deimos one, which is hot, and so is the space cadet one.
    It made me laugh reading what Fraser said, about it looking like someone pissed all over ghostboy… not sure if GBs into that, but funny none the less.

    I like the creamy white splashes used for the background print, exacly how did you conceive the background? lol. I know one way!

  2. Ooooh I can get away with using ghostboy :D:D:D

    Thanks again Patrick. I’m another one from the UK, so we dont get thanksgiving, but me and my friends make a big deal out of halloween instead and give gifts etc.

    Its great :D

    This year I’m dressing up as pyramid head. Im not in as good a shape as him, and Im chubby to boot, but I reckon it’ll all look good in the end :D

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Greetings Mr. Fillion

    Let me also say happy thanksgiving. Autumn (or Fall) is certainly one of the prettiest seasons. All the yellows, browns and reds of the trees and fallen leaves. I’m glad you’re in a good mood. I’ve been in a bit of a groggy mood lately, I hate having a cold! Luckily these wallpapers has injected a little life into me.

    I really do love these funky retro wallpapers. Of course special mention must go to my favourite fallen Angel, Deimos. I just spent a few minutes licking the screen…

    Lots of LOVE
    Hiroke XOXOX

    PS. Gobble-Gobble!

  4. Space Cadet woot!!
    (Simple and short baby, simple and short)

  5. Hey Patrick!

    LOL at pissed all over G.B. Though I have never really been into water sports, it makes the matress smell!

    So, as you are going through change of color with seasons, we are going through an early summer, for some reason we have by passed spring all together.

    Another nice job on the wallpaper series and on a scale of 1 – 10 on the *BOING* factor, it sits well at a perfect 10! Incubus always does it for me!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving and Halloween, hope your next two weeks don’t suck as much as the past!


  6. I was reading your commentary and you were saying the colors were very 70’s and I thought, ‘you know the one color he was missing was a color I most associate with the 70’s, burnt orange, followed by pea soup green, or whatever color that is, and low and behold.’

  7. Hey Patrick!

    I have just had the wildest idea – remember it is only an idea and sometimes my ideas are just things that I get caught up with in the moment.

    After seeing the Splash Wallpaper, I thought that this would look so cool as gift wrapping, imagine it “Boytoons Giftwrapping” I mean wouldn’t it look cool to have a present under your christmas tree wrapped up in paper with N.J wearing a Santa’s cap, saying something along the lines off “Cum, sit on Santa’s knee at tell me how you want me for Christmas”

    Like I said this was just an idea and a thought I had while I was laying out in the sun, just my imagination in overdrive!


  8. Hey hey Patrick I got hit with another BTM idea for you to ponder on. Let’s maybe see your studio! =D That’d be neat.


  9. Damian & Trent says

    Great new images. Hot & cool at the same time. And those random gooey splatters! Wherever did they cum from. Thanks once more.

    (Gotta ask, even if we maybe we missed something from the past, but WHY do you “hate cilantro”?)

    Damian & Trent

  10. Hello there everybody!

    Patrick – this is so amazing! Thanks for these beautiful wallpapers! You know, I have a hard time (NO PUN!) chosing between them altogether, but it sure is a fun thing to do… switching between my favorites, that is.

    I seem to get more and more “in touch” with Ghostboy. He seems more and more vulnerable and gorgeous every time I get a glimpse of his beautiful physique…

    Cannot await the next wave!

    Greets! – P.

  11. Very cool!

    I think the Ghostboy one looks great, and the colours you used really do work for the picture. Incubus is growing on me more and more too. Thanks for the new desktop material!

  12. Hooray for Space Cadet! Cut boys represent! LOL

    That Incubus drawing is pretty hot too. Looks like its time for NJ to retire from my desktop…

  13. Morning folks!

    You are all so sweet! I am very pleased that you all enjoyed Wave 2 of my little Retro Splash Wallpapers! I know I haven’t been as present lately, but your comments mean the world to me and I am very touched by all the lovely things you have said here.

    I hope to have Wave 3 for you very soon! My sincere thanks to all of you!

    Much love, hugz + kisses
    Patrick XOXOXO

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