A GIFT for you – Retro Splash Wallpaper – Wave 1

Hi Gang!

Hi again, folks… I am feeling a bit chatty this evening! LOL! Feels like I haven’t posted any goodies like this in quite some time, so I thought I would whip up a few new Wallpaper designs for you guys! It’s funny, but a few months back I put together some new designs for Cafépress that were very similar to these wallpapers.

Most of the time, bright colors can turn me off, but I dunno why, in this case I find them kind of fun. Naked Justice, Locus, Diablo and Cam are the first 4 of these I’ve whipped up… but I have afew others in the works! These are a pretty radical departure from the “Heroes in Peril” or “Torso” series I did a few months back, but I hope you guys will get a kick out of them anyway!

Enjoy dear friends!

Hugz + Kisses
Patrick XOXO

PS – I’ll get to answering all the comments you left on the Boytoons Magazine #53 very shortly! Thanks again everyone! Have a great weekend!


  1. I JUST KIDNAPPED DIABLO. MWA HAHAHA. (I just love that guy.) He take turns with David Nykl amusing me on my desktop.

    …Yes, I’m hard at work. Really. *slurps soda* Whaaaaat? I work at night! I get migraines from sun glare on my monitor, otherwise! XD

  2. Whoa, nice! All the guys look fantastic (and Cam’s pose looks especially fun) but Locus is easily my favourite out of this set. He always just looks so confident and sexual, and this pic’s no exception.

  3. Mr Fillion!

    Just as I am about to walk out the door for a pre Sleaze Ball party, your sexy boyz jump out infront of me flashing their bits like alley cats on heat! Well this was enough to make me sit down in the very painful outfit I am wearing tonight. More so painful because of what effect your boys had on me! I had a cod peice made out of chrome to wear with my chaps as well as chrome armbands that way ton! But I guess it serves a purpose, I mean naturally I don’t do things in a normal fashion no matter what the occasion so it’s almost expected of me. But the purpose being, people can look at my crotch and see just how shit faced they really are LOL and drag queens can check their make up.

    Patrick, you always come up with wonderful tantalising goodies that will warm the cockles of our tasteful little hearts. But also causes a minor dilema, WHAT DO I CHOOSE AS A DESKTOP?? This is as bad a wardrobe dilema.

    Again, your boys are sexy as usual and you give new meaning to the Pet Shop Boys “Go West” that I have blairing in the background.

    Well, it’s off to Sleaze Ball # 25 for me, I’ll sneak my camera into the party and get piccies for you all and tell Alexis that I’ll take some photo’s of the “Restrooms” for him, I know when he was here last time he was so fond of them!

    Big Hugz to you, The Sweedish Chef and my little Powder Puff Girl!


  4. Y’know, Mr. M, after reading that, I’m convinced you need to post photos, post haste.

  5. Spubba,

    I will post picies on my new blog for you – just as soon as I get all those buried faces outta my crotch!!

    P.S. My new Blog is all up and running, when you all get a chance swing by and give me your thoughts, I really would appreciate any feedback you may have.

    Gotta run, erection has subsided and mobility has kicked in LOL


  6. Very awesome wallpapers! Hey Patrick I had an idea for a Boytoon’s magazine, why don’t you try for a “Pencil Boytoons” and show penciled work. Or even some lil tutorial on how you work. That’s always fun.

  7. Oh Patrick, you made Manny get excited before he had to go to the party, LOL.

    These are awesome wallpaper pics. Well I love Diablo, Cam and Locus, NJ is forever in that speical place in my heart, and seeing him there in one of the hottest front pages you’ve made of him, well, thats going up as my wallpaper right now!

    Manny, I hoped you rubbed on enough lotion before going out, don’t want you getting red and sore down there my sweet, lol. Have a lovely time.

    And Patrick, two thumbs up, your boys never fail to raise the sails, lol.

  8. NJ’s up on my desktop now. I have a mac though and the apple default is to allign the icons to the right– which is really annoying cuz they are covering up my man!

    Oh well– it forces me to finally clean up my desktop.

  9. Love the variant Locus pic

  10. Hallo Patrick-san

    These are very nice indeed. I love the colours. It’s sort of…groovy.

    Oh and Manny, enjoy the night. *wink*

    Lots of LOVE
    Hiroke XOXOX

  11. I wish I could use these, but I share a computer with others who wouldnt appreciate giant cocks all over the wallpapers :(…

    at least not so obvious as those ones.

    Love all of them so much though patrick. Sorry I havent been commenting, restarted at university and its been a hectic couple of weeks, including an impromptue visit to london to see the Wicked Musical.


    But yes, love love love all of these wallpapers. I shall be sure to keep them handy incase I get the chance to use them.


  12. Posting like a fool today/last night. I wanted to let you know I’m working on that Space Cadet drawing I mentioned. ~_^


  13. Damian & Trent says

    Four very hot images of four very cool guys. One thing. On the way from Vancouver to here, the images gathered lots o’ white stuff splattered all over. Wonder what all that stuff is.

    Damian & Trent

  14. LOL – This page page has the biggest rant happening like a pack of old women at chook raffle!

    Last night was a scream! I snuck my camera in but forgot to turn on the flash, that’s what happens when your to busy watching other people flash! So, there won’t be any trips down memory lane for Alexis, I do apologise for that. And also I am proud to say I was the only person amongst god knows how many thousands of people who had a cod piece made from chrome!

    The pics we took were crap so I’ll do some new ones and post them on my blog for ya! I wish you had been there Subba, you would have loved it!

    Time for bed!


  15. P.S – Patrick, are there any Boytoon Screensavers that we can download of your website in the pipe line? They would be soooooooooo cool!


  16. Djam'L & his fabulous crew says

    very nice and exciting blog…I like it a lot ! God work, Patrick !
    And thanks !!!

    I’ve uptdated my blog with your link…I hope U’ll be agree.
    Check out my link : http://painandpleasurediary.blogspot.com


    -Djam’L from BookOvPleasure

  17. Hi Patrick, hi manny, hi spubba, hi tj, hi hiroke… well, hi everybody…

    After a long time of hectic schedules, after a nervous breakdown (kinda), after relationship-troubles, I finally find the time to check out my favorite blog for all eternity again.
    And what do I find? The most awesome wallpaper-artwork I ever had the fortune to lay my eyes upon.

    My favorite? Locus and Cam! Cam is so feline, so beautiful, so sexy, so gorgeous – I’m a nerd-fanboi, I know. Locus? He’s just… very athletic, very beautiful, full of himself and just plain and flat out gorgeous! I’d love to see them together as a couple :D

    Well, that’s my (small) contribution for today. I promise I’ll invest more time in the near future. Thanks for caring, thanks for reading, thanks for listening.

    All the best to y’all.

  18. Hi Patrick,

    LOVE the new wallpaper illustrations! I especially like the one of Camili-Cat. What an excellent raunchy pose!

    Hot! Hot! Hot!

  19. seraphicreverie says

    hey patrick, its me! i made a blog for the sole purpose of commenting on your blog :) i love the new wallpapers, and as weird as it is for me as a girl, im such an ass person so i especially like the cam one ;) as always your work is absolutely hott and gorgeous!

  20. Hey Patrick!

    AWESOME new look on CLASS COMICS website, it’s just like reading a comic!

    I love it!


  21. duuude Patrick. I went and got X3 at midnight. Mwahahaha.


  22. Hey everybody!

    HOLY CRAP! I really have to make you guys wallpaper more often! LOL!!! I never expected such a wonderful reaction to them! You guys rock!

    SPUBBA… you little devil! Thanks for stopping by! I am certain that Diablo is in great hands with you! Besides, he’s a bit of a night owl too! HA! HA! HA! Glad you enjoyed the post, and I completely understand the whole monitor glare = migraines thing! It’s nasty! Go night owls, GO! LOL!!!

    TJ… Glad you enjoyed the wallpaper. I was afraid Cam’s pose might be a little overboard, especially since he looks, uhm, shall we say, freshly plowed… but I figured what the Hell! Meanwhile, the Locus is actually a dress up doll illustration I whipped up a little while back… but always loved how he looked naked. I like his confidence in this image. That boy is just TOO full of himself!

    MR. M… now you realize Spubba’s right! We’re all going to expect photos of this Sleaze Ball getup of yours over at your new Blog (which ROCKS by the way!) LOL!!! Man, your outfit actually sounds painful! I hope you got through the evening okay! LOL!!!

    Meanwhile, I am so sorry to have given you a headache with the selection! HA! HA! HA! Maybe you can just rotate through the images every four days! Trust me, that’s what I do! I am a wallpaper WHORE!!! LOL!

    NICK! Great suggestion my friend! I will get the wheels turning on a posting featuring my pencils for you guys! I think that would be fun, especially since a dear friend of mine keeps telling me that the pencils are his favorite part of the process. I guess a lot of people feel that way too! Glad you enjoyed the Wallpapers!

    CHARLIE! LOL!!! Glad that my Boytoons Wallpaper could raise your sails my friend! ;) Thanks so much for the terrific comment! LOL!!! I love that expression!

    JC! Hey dude! Glad you like the wallpaper. Sorry to hear that NJ gets a little buried under your icons! Methinks it’s time for a cleaning! LOL!!! Trust me, I get the same problem CONSTANTLY!!!! HA! HA! HA!

    CHARVOLTH! Great to hear you like Locus’ image! I will have to post that paper doll of him for all of you guys now! I will keep you posted! Cheers my friend!

    HIROKE! Glad you enjoyed the colors, my friend! To be perfectly honest, I was afraid they might induce seizures or something! LOL!!! I never expected that people would enjoy them so! It was a lovely surprise! Oh and wave 2 will have a Deimos! ;)
    GAVIN! Sorry to hear about your communal computer woes! SUCKS! But hey, you can always save the wallpaper for when the day comes that you can use it for yourself. Or you could also consider creating different user accounts on the computer, so that when you log into yours, you have all your settings AND the wallpaper of your choice. That way when your pals are using their accounts, they could have their own settings and wallpapers too! Just a thought! Glad you enjoyed the posting though! :o)

    NICK! Well, as you know by now, I received your Space Cadet illustration and just LOVE IT!!!! Something else I shall have to post here for all to see…! Thank you again so very much for the terrific image! He is really beautiful! :o)

    Meanwhile, Fraz and I savored X-Men 3 on DVD last night! Aaaaaaahhhh1 I needed a cigarette after that! LOL!!! I LOVE IT despite all the Ratner bashers out there! It’s great fun, has lots of cool action, and surprisingly deep character development from time to time! What more could we ask for? Well, more Angel topless maybe! LOL!

    DAMIAN & TRENT! BWAH! HA! HA! HA! You boys are just too much! Great comment! :D Enjoy the wallpapers… Oh wait… sounds like you already have! LOL!

    MR.M! We are NOT letting you off the hook! WE DEMAND PHOTOS! HA! HA! HA! Meanwhile, I have never created screensavers, but will have to look into that! Great idea, Manny…er… Mr. M! ;) And hey, thanks for the compliments on the new Class Comics website look. It is far from completed, and we still have big plans and lots of work to do on it, but I am really happy with the way it is coming along. It’s much more fun than the previous look. Glad you enjoy it! :o)

    DJAM’L! Thanks so much for stopping by! Of course I have no problem with the link! It’s very kind of you! :o) Loved your Blog by the way! I’ve added it to my faves! Cheers!

    PHROG! Great o hear from you, dear friend! WHOA! Someone’s had a busy time of late! Just you make sure you take good care of yourself and don’t let it all run you down! :o)

    I’m really happy you enjoyed the wallpapers! It was really sweet of you to say all those nice things about them, and as always, your kind words are much appreciated! Much love, my friend!

    DAVE ERB! Hello dear friend! So pleased you enjoyed the wallpaper, AND the Cam pose. As I said earlier, I was a bit worried that it might be too over the top… but then I figured, we LOVE over the top! HA! HA! HA! Much love to you! XOXO

    SERAPHICREVERIE! Hello sweetie! You are a doll, you know that! :o) And I really appreciate you going through all that and saying hello like this! I think you are waaaay talented as you know, and it is always a pleasure to hear form my fellow artist here at BTM! I am so pleased you enjoyed the wallpaper, and hey no worries… I am a bit of a Butt lover myself! Hence the somewhat RAW Camili-Cat! LOL!!! Always great to hear from you! Hugz + Kisses! :o)

    Thanks again everyone for the awesome comments! I will be sure to post Wave 2 of the Retro Splash wallpapers really soon! Meanwhile, I hope you all have a fantastic day!

    Hugz and Kisses
    Patrick XOXOX

  23. Hey Patrick!

    O.k – you win photo’s of Sleaze Ball HAVE been posted on my blog!



  24. manny!!!

    I’m so sorry I didn’t get to write You the promised e-mail! I was so damn busy as of lately that I really didn’t find the time. SCUSI!

    And don’t dare every change Your name again! EVER! :D just kidding..

  25. wahooo~ diablo and locus ^.~ and off i go (with ´em)

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