BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #53 – The Art of Photomanipulation!

As comic book fans, we love it when our favorite heroes are brought to life on the big screen. That leap from comic page to real life is a thrill we can’t help but get all woozy in the knees about! Sometimes the casting is inspired!

In my opinion, this was certainly the case with the dearly departed Christopher Reeve who so perfectly played Superman in the 80s. Or even Lynda Carter, who’s angelic features and Amazonian presence insured that she would forever be regarded as the “definitive” real life Wonder Woman.

Recently, the X-Men films have been a huge hit, and yes, Wolverine is terribly sexy on screen, portrayed by stud Hugh Jackman. And even though I would have preferred the statuesque Angela Bassett in the role of my beloved Storm from the very start, seeing how Halle Berry kicked ass in the third installment of the franchise didn’t suck!

So this is all fine and dandy for the heavy hitters. Most of the big shot characters from the major comic companies will undoubtedly end up making it into summer blockbusters. But what about the characters that are not guaranteed to be cast in real life? We don’t love them any less, or find them any less sexy! This is why I think photmanipulation pretty much ROCKS!

Photomanipulation can signify many things, but the specific aspects I want to talk about here are when an artist takes a photograph of a real live person, and then “transforms” them into super heroes by means of PhotoShop and other computer art programs.

Over the years I’ve come across some amazing photomanipulation artists. To be really good at it, I think it requires a lot of skill and subtlety. There seems to be a very fine line between what comes across as convincing and what just looks “off” somehow. Artists like Mondo Joe, XYZ Man, Mr.C, Mindsweeper, Hoopoe, Vanelli and Ravyn (the artist responsible for the GORGEOUS image of the Green Lantern on today’s cover) are a few exceptionally talented photomanipulation artists that I discovered a few years back. They have a way of capturing a character without making him (or her in some cases) look like someone they painted over. Subtleties are appreciated and examined. Folds in clothing are created, and sometimes the fabric of a heroes’ costume is even textured in such a way that you could almost believe it had been there to begin with.

I’ve even received some wonderful photomanipulation fan arts of some of my characters, and that is always a wonderful thrill because it permits me to see my Boytoons as they might appear in the flesh.

This issue is another one of those frustrating entries where I have few links to share with you. Quite simply, it sadly doesn’t seem that these talented people have their own sites. This is a real shame because I really feel that theirs is an art form worth taking note of and admiring.

All of this to say that if any of you knows of other photomanipultion artists of note, or if you yourself are one, I’d love to hear from you! Meanwhile, I have used some images in today’s post to which I do not know the artist responsible. If you are the artist who created these awesome visions, or if you know the name of the person who is, please let me know!


  1. Hi Patrick!

    I was only looking at all of the pictures the other day, being a big fan of D.C. Comics myself, but hit the same brick wall as you, names of the artist weren’t anywhere to be found. But CHILL, who has commented on your blog in the past maybe a good person to ask as he specializes in this area, and some of the work he has posted on his BLOG is pretty awesome.

    But to be honest with you, I think artists that do this kind of work don’t add their names or links for a reason, and it may fall under the banner of copyright laws, something I work with myself, lidigation in these cases can be very messy and usually 99% the artist who creates images like this don’t win the case. Though U.S. & Australian laws are different, I’m sure the blue print for these laws are pretty much the same. I mean D.C. Comics would flip if they saw something like this and would send a legal team the size of the Grand Canyaon after someone if they were able to track them down.

    But if I find out who they are I’ll email Alexis with the details.

    But as for the work itself, I really love it. I think it adds such a new dimesion to Superheroes, that I grew up with, Hawkeman, Green Lantern, Nightwing (who is Batman’s original Robin aka Dick Greyson, Robin # 2 was killed by the Joker blown up to be exact and good ole Bat’s is up to Robin #3)

    This form of art makes me ponder the question, is this the direction Comics maybe taking in the future?

    They are all great images you have posted, kind of makes you want to touch them on the wee wee and give it a suqeeze :o


  2. P.S.

    D.C. Comics would be too busy anyway producing comics to worry about this kind of art, if they saw it they’d probably think it’s better than theirs!


  3. hey Patrick-
    i see one of my old manips there! TOO funny!
    i did the Goliath vs. Cap one many years ago.
    Mondo Joe is one of my favorites. he used to have website of his work. a lot of manip artists can be found on fan groups of whatever super-hero it depicts. there are still a few yahoo groups that cater specifically to all manip art.
    i’ll try to dig up a few and share the links with you.

  4. You should check out the IMIJ Factory stuff. He’s AMAZINGly talented.

  5. Hello Have been an admirer of your work for a while, but as you’ve today done a bit on Superhero erotica thought I’d comment. I’ve admired this kind of art for a while; both gay and straight. Mainly the former becuase I think there’s far too much superheroine erotica that male-hero erotica. I do draw male-hero erotica myself, not necessarilly for a gay audience. Some of my art is at my Yahoo Group I specialize in computer rendered art combining line drawings with a techinique I’ve developed using Photoshop. I prefer Marvel heroes and yes artists like the Imij Factory, Iceman, to name but two have inspired me. My favourite is Nova, hence my handle but I’ve drawn other chracters over time. Feel free to look in on my group anytime. For comments e.mail

  6. Oh, forgot. Started my own blog at blogger and posted a bit of my art. Novadaz3333

  7. YAY! Sleaze Ball today


  8. novadaz3333 says

    Hi again. Please note I’ve deleted my yahoo group as I intend to keep to my blog only. Will repost some work from the former in the next week or so.

  9. Good morning folks…

    Great to hear from all of you! It’s cool to see that my little posting of the wicked art of Photo Manipulation was so appreciated!

    Mr. M… Lovely to hear form you! I agree with you that this form of art is wonderful, and that sometimes it can be frustrating not having more leads on where to find it, and the artists who create it. Theirs is a very cool craft and I would love to know more about it.

    Meanwhile, I think that this sort of art all falls under the category of Fan Art. Although you may be right that the Big Comic Companies probably do not love the thought of homoerotic depictions of their characters, they just have to deal with the fact that those very characters are a piece of Pop Culture. They can no more control the way their fans show appreciation of those characters than they could control the spread of said depictions over the internet. And like you said, they are probably too busy making comics anyways!

    I think so long as fan art is intended simply for that purpose, to show ones appreciation of a character they love and admire, the big companies should just be content that the characters they have created are admired and love… and to such a degree that fans want to honor them by creating renditions of their favorite heroes (or villains!)

    Fantastic comment my friend! Thanks so much for this food for thought! :o)

    Stan… AWESOME to hear from you! I have always loved your image of Goliath VS Cap. So well done, and sexy, AND very funny! Needless to say, I would LOVE to see more of your art! You managed to make the image completely seamless, which is so wonderful! I have also taken the liberty of adding a credit to the image… now that I know you are the artist responsible for it!

    As for Mondo Joe and others like he and yourself, I will certainly investigate groups that might include your works. I am a big fan of photomanipulation, and love the look of it. It is so fun to see reality meet fantasy in this way. Any links you can provide would be fantastic.

    It was so great to hear from you. Thank you so much for taking the time to post your comment! It was much appreciated! I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful works! :o)

    Gymtwin… Hey Buddy! Long time no see! Great to hear from you! And thanks for the IMIJ Factory tip! I managed to find a few links on him and a yahoo group as well. Still waiting for approval though! LOL!!! But his work is beautiful! I can’t wait to discover more of it! Thanks again for the info! Hope all is well, dude! :o)

    Novadaz3333… Welcome to my little corner of the Blogging universe. So wonderful of you to stop by and tell us about your FANTASTIC Art! Your style is so cool and unique. I love your depictions of Nova, and would love to see more of your stuff. I checked out your Blog and will do so regularly. Fantastic work, my friend! Shame about your Yahoo Group, but I totally understand how much work it can be to keep a Blog, a yahoo group AND a job and life all at the same time! LOL!!! So no worries!

    IO look forward to seeing more of your stuff! You ROCK!!! Thanks again for dropping by and for introducing me to your stuff! :o)

    Thanks again for all the terrific comments everyone!
    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXO

  10. novadaz3333 says

    Thanks for the comments Patrick, greatly appreciated. I’ll be posting a few bits and pieces on a semi-regular basis to my blog in-between things. For the record my art is actually computer generated, no painting or inking involved though my techinique is I think unique. Maybe if I get time I’ll try and do one of your chracters in my style; Locus perhaps as I’d like to see you do a Nova piece! Time permitting of course!!

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  12. Ingenious non? says

    hey does anyone have any of MJ’s images left cos his website is gone and i had just fond them and :( they are soo cool especially the batman and robin one with batman puting his arm around robins front and i wnat them!!! if you do have any could you email them to thanks!!!

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