BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #47 – Ismael’s Amazing End of Summer Update!

There are certain artist sites I watch like a hawk! LOL!!! What this means is that there are artists whose beautiful work simply moves me, and I never want to miss a single update. Sometimes, it can be a few months before new material is added, but lemme tell ya… when it’s updated… HO-BOY!!!! HA! HA! HA!

As you all know, Ismael Alvarez and I are pals from way back. I have always adored his exquisite work, and recently have had the pleasure of working with him on several Class Comics projects (just wait until you see the work Ismi’s been doing for the up-coming Guardians of the Cube Companion! WICKED STUFF!!)

You will be happy to know that Ismael has just finished updating his gorgeous website, in time for the end of the Summer. The updates are not only amazing, but they are abundant. His galleries are just brimming with new additions, and let me tell you, it is worth your while to head over there right now and admire the breathtaking new images this fine artist has created.

Ismael, if you are reading this, I think this is one of your finest updates yet! Your art is incredible, and you my friend, are a sweet and exceptionally talented artist! Thanks for the gorgeous work, and as always, I and everyone here, are looking forward to more!!

Hugz + Kisses
Patrick XOXOX


  1. Hello again Patrick!

    And if you are reading this, hello Ismi!

    I love Ismael’s art. The first time I saw his work was on y!Gallery. I sent him a private message, and to my surprise, he replied. Just like you, he is really a very sweet guy and seems that he genuinly appreciates feedback about his work. Oh yes…and he’s hot! Hehehe

    Hiroke XOXOX

  2. I would challenge anyone who said they didnt like ismaels work, his clean lines and sensitive colouring technique. Im intregued and excited to see his renditions of your characters. :D

    P.S. Hope you got my fanart :D

  3. Glad to see that his site was updated, especially such a healthy dose of new material.
    Though iut looks like when it comes to the equipment, you seem to be rubbing off on him Patrick.

  4. Hey Patrick!

    I’ve always enjoyed Ismael’s work, I came accross his site the day I discovered yours through the link you provided.

    I know I’ve said that his passion shows in his work before and I’ll say it again, and I would have to agree with Gavin on challenging anyone who didn’t like his work.

    His works always captures 3 things that stand out the most to me, playfulness, innocence and romantic.

    I hope that you and Ismael do more work together in the future, I love his pages in your comics, and his work stands out and apart from others, his technique is his indivuality and something he has perfected. He comes accross as being comfortable with his style and most impresingly, doesn’t try to copy anyone elses style. He can use a character for example Incubus, make the character his own and then release it where it belongs and it fits perfectly with the project he is working on.

    I must visit his site again very soon, the last time I looked the english version was still under construction. Truely an amazing gifted artist and one that I would be proud of showcasing his work in Australia (and you know who the other person is that I would do this for *wink*) During the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras festival.

    Ismael, if your reading this, don’t ever stop what your doing like Patrick your an inspiriation, inspirations become legends and legends are for life.

    Dribbles & Slurps!


  5. Hi Patrick.

    Ismael’s work always puts me in mind of something quite… eterial, so many multitudes of colours and contrasts in his work that it for some reason makes me imagine a sort of fairy tail story, much like the ones mum read when I was young.

    Of course theres certainly a very big difference between that and Ismael’s voluptuous boys.

    Its certainly great that you and he are friends and share a similer love of art and characters.

    sorry I’ve not said more, but its real late where I am here, and I’ve trouble writing this, lol.

    Bye for now Patrick and Everyone!

  6. oh, I dunno why, because their styles are completely different, but a guy on Deviantart always makes me think of Ismael.

  7. Go Ismael! I’m all aout that image of “Mikel!” Super hot! His racy self-portrait is also nothing to sneeze at.

  8. I’d like to add that I’m totally in awe of the way Ismael does body hair. It’s so realistic but at the same time, still rooted in that fantasy realm he creates with him pics.

    In general, I’ve always just really appreciated how his work is obviously based on reality but seemlessly taken into this super-hot perfect cartoon world.

    I dunno if I’m making sense.

  9. Hey Patrick, hey Ismael, hey manny, hey hiroke… ah come one: HEY EVERYBODY!

    I found out about Ismael via Y-hosting as well and I immediately fell in love with his art. It’s terrific and I especially love his knack for special poses – just like the one You posted in the first picture, Patrick.
    The lighting and the coloring are another thing but I will say this: Ismaels art should really be honored by modern art museums because it is jus outstandin and beautiful. Not only “beautiful” but just beyond awesome… Sorry, I fail words to describe it any better.

    I really hope for more Class characters drawn by Ismael – maybe a Locus + Cam-story in the near future? tee-hee =D

    Thanks for posting, thanks for listening and thanks for being ultracool again.

    All the best!

  10. Hey Phrog!

    I’ve missed you little buddy, I was thinking about you today and wondering what the hell you’ve been up to.

    Glad that your doing well and swing by and say hello to me some time!


  11. It’s the little things about an artist’s work that impresses me. In the case of Patrick and Ismael, it’s the attention they pay to, say, a character’s bum — in particular the anus. So naturalistic. Mmmm.

    Also, the jock motif never fails to get my juices flowing. ;)

  12. Hey G-Man!

    Now that you have mentioned it, they bot do draw really good asses, anus, tooshie, buns, singing sphintka whatever you want to call it. If you look at the picture of Incubus on his charachter profile, his butt reminds me of a red jellybean.

    Well makes no matter, jellybeans are fun to chew on from time to time!


  13. Amen, Manny. :)

  14. Hello me boyos!

    Looks like I am not the only one who adores Ismael’s beautiful work! LOL!!! It was lovely reading from all of you and seeing all the wonderful things you said about Ismi’s art!

    Hiroke… Yes, Ismael is a very personable guy, and he does love the chance to hear from his fans! I have always appreciated that about him. There are artists out there who are very stand offish and even kind of condescending to people who admire their work… which I have NEVER understood! Stooped pre-madonnas! To me it seems like you are only as good as the people who like your work. Ismi loves to share his stuff and he is very open about his work with his fans! That’s very classy in my book!

    Gavin… Thanks for the comment, my friend. I did indeed get your GORGEOUS fan art! I sent you a little email with big sloppy kisses attached! HA! HA! HA! Again, my sincere thanks for the beautifully colored drawing of Deimos!!

    Meanwhile, you are completely right about Ismael’s art. His clean lines and his coloring are fantastic, and always add such a touch of realism to his work! Glad you enjoyed this posting!

    Charvolth… HA! HA! HA! That’s funny, my friend! I don’t know if I am rubbing off on Ismael, but you are right that lately the wee wee’s he’s been drawing have been getting bigger! Being a size queen, I am quite okay with that! ;)

    Manny… it was very sweet what you said about Ismael. You’re completely correct about him being comfortable in his style, and I think that this is what makes a good artist. He has found a technique and a way of doing things that totally works for him. His art is so effective because he has really mastered his craft. I encourage you to get in touch with him and tell him how much you love his work. I’m sure he would love to hear from you! :o)

    Charlie…thanks for stopping by, my friend! And at such a late hour! LOL!!! I really appreciated your comments on this posting, and I am sure Ismael would to! I have always enjoyed the relationship I have with Ismi because it is very cool to have another artist with similar interests to bounce things off of! It makes you feel a lot less isolated, especially in this kind of work. Sure there are a lot of artists out there, but we don’t all have the same interests. Ismi and I have always enjoyed working together, and I think we will continue to do so for a very long time!

    Gavin… Hey my friend! Thanks for the link to Dronio’s work…which is beautiful by the way! I think he and Ismi share that same passion for their work, which is possibly what you recognized in both their art! Lovely stuff!!! Glad you enjoyed the posting!

    JC… You’re making perfect sense, my friend! Ismael’s work works so well because he has managed to blend reality with fantasy in a very effective way. It’s a great blend! And you are very right about how he does body hair! It’s awesome. Speaking as someone who HATES to draw it, I wish I had half his patience and skill at doing it! LOL!!!

    Phrog… Hunny, I think you’ll be thrilled to know Ismael’s working on a Lanor image for Class Comics! LOL!!! I couldn’t agree more with you. The man is a master at lighting. It is always so subtle and just right… it blows my mind! I think he has also developed a love for my favorite poses! HA! HA! HA! Which again, is juuuuuuuust fine by me! As always, my friend…great to hear from you!

    G-Man…Details are very important. I think it is what helps to make an artist succeed in his or her work. I look at some mainstream comic artists sometimes who don’t even bother to draw nipples on men, and I can’t help but wonder what that is all about? Hell, I think I even lose a little bit of appreciation for their work. Not because I like nipples per se, but because they are a very real detail and part of the anatomy that they just completely overlook. I figure if you’re gonna bother to do it, do it right, and go all the way! So yeah, bum holes are very important, and let’s face it, a pleasure to draw! LOL!!! It’s nice to read that you guys appreciate that we put in those little details!

    Much love to all of you! You guys ROCK!
    Patrick XOXOXO

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