BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #45 – Space Cadet Exposed!

It might interest you to know that Space Cadet was never intended to be a character in the Class Comics Universe.

I remember about 4 years ago getting a request from my then editor in chief at Black Inches magazine. She (yes, the editor of a gay male adult mag was indeed a SHE!!! LOL!) asked me to start drawing a special 1-dude pin-up each issue for a feature they would call “Black Hunks”.

I adored doing this for her, and at first I was erring on the side of caution with my designs. I would draw “regular” kinds of guys, nothing too far fetched. Eventually, I saw that she was okay with me pushing the envelope a little, so I started experimenting with the Hunks I drew for the feature.

I had this image in my head of a sexy, 1950’s Sci-Fi-ish astronaut sort of dude. I have always enjoyed the look of old Flash Gordon comics and movies, and thought it would be cool to draw upon some of that as inspiration. Eventually, I came up with what I thought was a very sexy, very unusual “Black Hunk” with bleached blonde hair, blue eyes, a slinky space suit and a cool laser pistol.

My editor loved him… and so did I. Immediately, I was able to see this “hunk” as a character in my comics. For some reason the name “Space Cadet” came to mind, and seemed to suit him. So, I immediately set out to create a background story for him, and decided to introduce him to my readers in the pages of Naked Justice #2.

Looking back at that issue of NJ, I have to laugh a little. It always sort of seemed to me that I devoted far more “screen time” to the supporting cast than to NJ himself. Ghostboy was a big part of that issue, King Cock-A-Tut sort of stole the scene in “Tomorrow’s Hero”, and then of course, Space Cadet made a huge splash in “Penis Envy!”

As characters go, Space Cadet has always been one that I adore. I have loved his look from day one, and I have always loved the idea of him. But it has taken me over 2 years to feel as though I have a true grasp on who he is and what direction he is headed into.

With the soon to be released Rapture #2, I feel as though I’ve made some real progress in establishing him a bit more firmly. Of course you can only take my word for this at the moment, but he is featured in that issue along with Naked Justice in a story I call “The Great Satyr Caper”.

Space Cadet also has the distinction of being one of the ONLY characters I have ever created whose parents are in the picture and actually support his trying to be a hero. I tend to go for melodrama in my comics, and parents always make good drama for their children…at least in comics! HA! HA! HA!

Recently, I posted Space Cadet’s bio on my personal website. As I typed up his history, I felt the muse singing in my ear! This led me to write a very long short story featuring SC called “First Adventure”. This will eventually be posted in the fiction section of my site. What I love most about this story is that it unveils his early origins as a hero, and actually paints him as being a very human character who has this un-ignorable drive to be a “good guy”. He is someone who desperately hates the state of the world and wants to take a more direct part in trying to fix it. Yet he is someone who has no powers. Nothing about him makes him remarkable or superhuman in any way. The story delves into his relationship with his father a little bit, who seems to be the one that can provide him with what he needs to “make a difference”.

Ultimately, I adore Space Cadet because he is so campy and at the same time he is a beautiful, strong and positive black character which I fully plan to continue developing and establishing as a major player in the Class Comics Universe. But also, I think he is a character which permits me to write out of my usual comfort zone, and to try things I might not normally do with characters like NJ or Cam.

I think his future holds a lot of promise, and at the very least, he is sooooooo much fun to draw and color. There is something so exotic about his chocolate skin combined with his blonde hair , and being a huge fan of Storm’s (as is Space Cadet incidentally; he calls her the Goddess), seeing him all colored up is always good for a little charge!

I know he isn’t the most well known of my characters yet, but I’d love to read your thoughts on him. It was very cool a few months back at the Class Comics website to see that he was quite high up in the “character I would most like to see in his own series” poll. So by all means, feel free to share your thoughts on him with me! I, as always, am all ears!

Space Cadet and all illustrations © Copyright and TM 2006, Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I always thought that Space Cadet was one of the more unusual characters you came up with, I guess he’s the costumed vigilante type, but with definitely a more tongue in cheek approach. Certainly an entertaining twist to the normally angst and trauma ridden variety.

  2. Hey Patrick!

    GAWD! I love an update!

    I’ve always liked Space Cadet. Maybe it’s because he has no superhuman powers and relies solemly on wit and combat skills.

    This is something I have noticed in a lot of lines of comic books, more so through out the DC Comics Universe. Batman, Robin, Green Arrow to name a few don’t posses the super human strength of others that have. Therefore they investigate before charging in.

    In Space Cadet’s situation charging in to a nice piece off ass, seems the appropriate thing to do, but either way he is a nice balance in to Boytoons Universe.

    He is of course very sexy and to a certain extent reminds me very much of Grace Jones’s twin brother (whom I might add has a dick of death and a body to die for, I’m sure a baby elephant is missing a trunk somewhere in the wild!)

    I think he is going to be a fun character to have around and I’m looking forward to seeing more of him. You did a great job in creating him, he is one of your sexiest Boytoons but I still have a thing for my boy in red with wings and a tail!

    Dribbles & Slurps!


  3. Hey Patrick!

    Check this out:



  4. Hello there everybody,

    Space Cadet is a fun-character. To me at least. I read the story about the boy-rapist in the “Mighty Males”-Gmünder-book and he struck me as a great addition to Your whole universe. Why? Because he’s completely different. I know, I shouldn’t say this, but: He’s black, and it’s always a great idea to have a little skincolor-variety in Your universe. 2nd, he’s got the wits (look above postings for a better description) to really add some humor to dangerous situations.

    It’s awesome to watch Your universe grow into “Gay Marvel”-universe dimensions :D
    … that being said, Cam and Lanor still are my favorites… tee-hee… :D :D

  5. Nice choice for the cover pic – the grip Space Cadet has on his dick looks really hot, and he definitely rocks as a character too. I’ve always really loved that Penis Envy scene with him and Ghost Boy pretty much tearing each other’s costumes off during the confrontation. My only regeret’s not getting to see their little 4some with NJ and the giant dildo at the end of the scene.

  6. AWESOME post! Mark me down as a BIG fan of Space Cadet’s. His gee-whiz, old-school sci-fi look makes him a great change-of-pace character.

  7. Brief comment this time, but mainly, you got to admire a beautiful black man.

    But then I Admire all your men, reguardless of skin colour, theyre all sooooo pretty.

  8. Hey Patrick~
    You know what’s funny? I think Space Cadet’s been one of my favorites of yours. Visually stunning like all of them and very original looking. I went to your site once and saw the BEAUTIFUL pin up you did of him (The last image on this blog entry) and about had a fit about how beautiful it looked. Did you draw and ink him on paper first? I’d love to see that! I love to see black and white versions of stuff. An odd little artist tweak I guess you could say I have. Gorgeous work as always Patrick.


  9. And a silly question for you Patrick! What size paper do you draw your comics on?

  10. Traa Laa Laa Laa!

  11. SpiritRaptor says

    Heya dude ^^ Its always nice to hear about where such characters came from and where they are heading. A few of my characters still need a little more back story..
    but thats what spare time is for i guess ^^

    Also I wanted to show you the Work In Progress on that gift pic im doing for you :) Theres still a few bits and bobs that need to be changed, plus that being the first time i have drawn a serious human type face, it needs some more working hehe. Link to picture here:

    Anyway, Take Care dude, stay well :)


  12. The cover pic is the hottest I’ve ever seen SC. I like him without the helmet. Had no idea he came from a BlackInches pin-up though! That’s cool! I guess it goes without saying that you retain the copyrights to any character you draw for magazines, eh?

    That last pic you posted of him– the really realistic one– looks like my latest crush Robert Ri’chard.

    So yeah, keep him in mind when u start casting yer Boytoons movie! heehee =)

  13. Space Cadet is a wonderful character. The space suit and his overall look does sport something very camp, but from what you’ve said about him Patrick, he clearly has a lot of depth to him that your wanting to expose for all the world to see.

    He’s almost like the batman of the this group of super friends, no powers but wit and skill to back him up. He also has a lot of confidense that he takes into battle with him.

    The thing I like about Space Cadet also is, through NJ’s pain of losing ghostboy, as its shown in Rapture #1, well NJ and GB have a very deep bond, NJ clearly feels for SC, and I’m willing to bet GB might as well… which suits perfectly.

    I got this impression from what you said that your evolve you characters very deeply in your fan fictions… does it seem that you can express your characters more in the written word when in a comic form.. I know its the best way to create a character to write about them on paper, and a comic only gives you so many pages to develop them in.
    Have you considered writing a book of stories with all your boytoons in it, something different… I’d love to sit up in bed and read a written story by you with a hot chocolate next to me, lol.

  14. Flaming Freddy says

    Quick post, but yay for Space Cadet! Definately, one of my fav Boytoons. I love them all so much, though!

  15. Hey Patrick!

    OH! I just love Springtime, the weather is getting warmer in Sydney the trees are getting green and the birds are singing tweetie tweet tweet!

    And Spring could not have come any sooner, my testicles were hidden so far up inside me this winter my ball bag looked like dried up chicken skin and hung there like the skin on an old ladies neck! It’s nice to see Benny & The Jets (Benny being the name of my wee wee and The Jets being the name of my gonads)back in their normal glory again. As a matter of fact it’s like carrying a spare tire around at the moment.

    For instance, this morning I woke up and pulled Benny & The Jets outta my eye and I said to myself, “How much do these things weigh?” So I weighed them. I got a mail scale, you know the kind they weigh postage and cocaine on, I won’t tell you how much they weighed but they would’ve cost me $97.50 to send them from Sydney to Brazil. And that was third class!

    I have no idea why I wanted to share this with you or to the other comentators in Boytoon Blog Land, perhaps it’s to put a smile on people’s faces and give them a laugh, or maybe it’s my ode to Springtime. Or maybe I should not use my computer and jump on the internet 20 minutes after having a cup of Turkish coffee, have you ever tried it? I guarantee, it will make your buns so tight you’ll start bouncing of the walls!

    Actually, now to think of it, I do know why I came on here, I wanted to ask you a question. Have you thought about putting avatar (I think I spelt it right, but hey I’m having a caffine fix of grand proportions so who cares about my spelling!) pictures of your Boytoons up on your website? The reason I’m asking is so we can download them and use them as avatar’s (there’s that word again)on your Blog!! Have I had to much coffee, or have I had to much coffee? I’m never drinking coffee again. I have this sudden urge to put an oil fire out with my tongue right about now!

    Signed “Going insane quietly” Manny.

  16. WOW! Thanks for taking the time to write such wicked comments on Space Cadet! I gotta tell you , it meant so much to read what you had to say!

    Charvolth… Thanks for stopping by, my friend! It was cool to read that you think Space Cadet is a nice change from the usual melodrama. Tells me I’m doing something right! LOL!!! It’s my plan to keep him going in that direction!

    Manny… I like how you compare Space Cadet to a bunch of DC heroes. I think you make a really valid point. He kind of is just a regular shmoe with no powers, but a lot of devices. But I think that that makes a character almost more interesting sometimes. If a character is full of powers, then there is maybe less of a struggle to be heroic. It tends to come more naturally. With a regular person that only has devices and good intentions to rely on, then I think that the struggle is very rewarding.

    Meanwhile, I don’t think I have ever seen Grace’s twin brother. Given how gorgeous she is, I can only imagine what a babe he must be! I will have to search the internet for pics! LOL!!!

    Phrog…as always, your comments are much appreciated! I agree with you that it is important to have strong characters of different ethnic backgrounds and nationalities. It seems to me that this helps to make comics feel more realistic, and certainly more interesting. I love that Space Cadet is a strong character, and if the fact that he is Black adds to his appeal, then that is very cool by me! :o)

    TJ… Hey my friend, it was cool to hear that you liked the cover pic! I had a blast drawing that! I just love those “in your face” shots, and I’d like to think that Space Cadet wears it well! HA! HA! HA! I’m glad you enjoyed that scene with Ghostboy and Space Cadet “pulling each other’s hair”! I am sorry that I never showed the scene with the boys having fun with Jack the stripper’s dildo…but I promise there is plenty of Naked Justice and Space Cadet having fun with each other in the up-coming Rapture #2! And who knows, maybe someday I will revisit that Jack the Stripper story and add the missing scene! LOL!!!

    G-Man… Thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed the Space Cadet posting, and that you like the look and feel of the character!

    Gavin… I couldn’t agree more, my friend! I am a sucker for a sexy black dude, and Space Cadet is right up there in my esteem! LOL!!! But I really appreciate that you think all my Boytoons are sexy! Always great to hear! :o)

    Nick… Great to hear from you! It’s cool to read that Space Cadet has always been one of your faves. Until just recently he hadn’t really had much “on screen” time, so I was afraid that it might affect how people perceived him. Of course, I am in the midst of remedying this, and my goal is to establish him firmly as one of the major players in the Class Comics universe of characters!

    As for the image of him you really like, it is based on one of my favorite Black Inches models. I did the pencils and inks first on 11X17 inches art paper. Then scanned them into the computer at 400 DPI and colored the image in PhotoShop. This particular coloring technique is pretty time consuming though, because I am trying to emulate real skin tones and colors.

    I only ended up doing 3 characters in that style: Naked Justice, Ghostboy and Space Cadet. Very few people liked the look, and the Space Cadet is regarded by any as the only image from that set that turned out nicely! What can you do? LOL!!! I like them all and had fun doing all 3, and I guess that counts for something. Besides if you never try new things, you will never know if they work or if they are fun to do!

    All that to say it was lovely to read that you enjoyed the image! Thank you again so much for taking the time to write!

    Spiritraptor… Great to hear from you, my friend, and great to see your lovely Cam fan art in progress! You are doing very nicely with it and I can’t wait to see the finished result! I am certain it will be wonderful! :o) Thank you soooooooo very much for the very sweet sneak peek!

    Also, I am thrilled to read that you enjoyed learning of Space Cadet’s origins as a character!

    JC… How are ya, my friend! Thanks for stopping by! I am thrilled you enjoyed the cover pic of Space Cadet. As I mentioned to TJ, drawing that image of him was particularly fun! ;)

    Also glad that you enjoyed finding out about his origins as a character. Yup, one of the great things about the Black Inches work is that I do retain all copyrights to my work. That is pretty much how my Heroes and Hot Chocolate books were possible. A lot of the contents of those are from work I did for various mags like Black Inches and All-Man.

    And thanks for the Robert Ri’chard pics! WHOA!!! That boy is DAMN HOT!!!! You can be sure if I ever cast a Boytoons film, he will get a call for the Space Cadet role! Wonder what he would look like with blonde hair? LOL!!!!

    Hey, also wanted to tell you that your Darkstalkers pics are FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!! Oh my God were they a blast to discover! You rally draw those characters beautiful, and I loved your “pairings”! Your stuff ROCKS, JC! Your He-Man image was also super hot! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next! And I am still DYING to read Anti-heroes #3… but no pressure though! I know what it is like working on a series! You sometimes need a break for sanity’s sake! HA! HA! HA!

    Charlie… Good to hear form you, dear friend! I always appreciate your comments! Always thoughtful and insightful! :o)

    It was lovely to read you think so highly of Space Cadet and his standing as a character in my comics. I also really liked your comment about the way I write short stories. In answer to your question, yes! The short stories are a great way to delve deeper into the characters and to further develop their stories in a way that the comics don’t readily permit. If my books were monthly, then I would have the opportunity to do all of this in the series, but since they are not, I kinda have to find a way to explore my characters in another manner.

    I LOVE writing, and you nailed it on the head. Fraser and I are planning the release of a Boytoons novel at some point down the road. It would feature most of the stories I’ve written to date, as well as a bunch of new ones. I think that there is a decent market for that out there as there are a lot of readers like you who enjoy the character development as well as the sex in my comics. I will be sure to keep ya posted on this! Again my friend, thanks for the terrific comments!

    Flaming Freddy… Great to hear from ya! It was really nice reading that Space Cadet has always been one of your faves! I promise you’ll be seeing much more of him in the very near future! :o)

    Dear Manny…what do you mean…GOING insane? LOL!!! And here I thought you were already there, my friend! HA! HA! HA!

    Much love to you all, guys! Your insight is always appreciated and cherished!
    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXOXOX

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