BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #44 – The Gorgeous Toons of FMX

Fallen Messiah X, or FMX for short… OR, the artist formerly known as Seiya is NOT an idiot! Rather the contrary, he is a supremely talented young artist whose superb Boytoons deserve to be adored and admired. Let me explain!

I came across the artwork of FMX (then known as Seiya) some few years back at a site called GYAM. Both he and I were posting some of our works there, along with several other artists. Many people there were very talented, but FMX’ work stood out to me as being particularly exciting and well executed.

His Manga-flavored men are a nice, playful blend of sexy muscular bods, thick dripping members and Sailormoon-esque eyes. They are a refreshing change form the oh-so-typically under-developed feminine-looking Manga males that one can too often run across in Japanese comics.

The GYAM site has closed (a real shame given the wealth of artists who had their work on display there), but I have tried to keep up with what FMX has been up to since. I am so pleased to see that he has a wicked new gallery of material at the Y!, and that he and 2 other great artists (The Savant and B.D) have teamed up to show off their awesome work at a site they have created called Muscle Workshop.

FMX has recently started up a Blog called FMX Underworld where one can read up on him and his thoughts, and hopefully see more of his work eventually. But I figured that this was the right time to write about this artist whose studs ALWAYS turn me on because of a posting he did on me at his Blog.

I do not think that FMX is an idiot. I have to confess that he is an artist whose artwork I adore discovering and coming across (no naughty pun intended!). And I am NOT just saying this to make him feel better. So FMX if you are reading this… well, there’s no need to fret, ‘cause all is well! I’ve always genuinely loved your work and am super excited to see where the future will take you and your amazing illustrations.

And so to you who are perhaps discovering this brilliant young talent for the very first time, I say head on over to the Y!, and to the Muscle Workshop and to the FMX Underworld and learn more about an artist whose career is definitely worth watching! The images I’ve posted here today are gorgeous and there are way more to love where these came from! I know I am certainly looking forward to more Boytoons from FMX… and who knows, maybe someday soon, we’ll even see his toons in comicbook format!


  1. Hey Patrick!

    I have perved on FMX’s work before, but in all honestly not paid much attention to it until I saw the link he provided on your previos post. Then I payed attention, reason being, is that like you said so much of that style is “feminine”

    I like FMX’s work very much now that I have payed attention to it. I do like looking at boys with beef on them (like my gym instructor – he’s a classic example of what happens when you “Feed The Man Meat”)

    But I am glad that you provided some other links to his work as I had problems locating the Y Gallery earlier.

    I hope FMX showcases more of his work in the future, I like it a lot and his style is teaching me something new about my drawings that I am keen to try out.

    Also FMX has a great Blog, I really hope he updates it again soon.

    Licks & Chews!

  2. Hey Patrick – hey manny,

    first of all, thank You so very much for posting that awesome stuff! I have never heard about him and I think it’s some of the most exciting stuff I have ever seen.
    And I think it’s a shame that he believes he cannot come across very well. It’s obvious that he’s an extremely gifted guy who maybe is just a little shy.

    So, FMX, if You ever read this: I absolutely LOVE Your stuff, it’s beyond awesome. The poses, the colors, the faces(!)… everything is very beautiful and full of soul.

    All the best and much love to y’all. Oh, and a bitchslap back to manny! :D just kidding.

  3. Ducked and missed – gotta be quicker than that Phrog my boy!!

    Big Hugs!!


  4. Why would someone think this artist is an idiot? Hes extremely talented with such clean perfect lineart and simple but effective colours.

    I especially like how he shows the human penis, and not in a dirty way. Its just pretty…ok, its in a dirty way also, but he is extremely talented. Im a bit confused by the comments within this post about people thinking him idiotic, someone has clearly been looking with their eyes firmly shut!

  5. One of my favorites on Y! Gallery, I had the pleasure of commissioning a pic from him, it turned out great.

    I recommend him highly if you would like a pic commissioned, if he is free. I had a good window of opportunity and took it.

    I like buff manga/anime guys but also like bishonen as well, and recommend Vanduran or Spiralsea on Y! Gallery for art that kind of bridges the gap of the two.

  6. Hey Nick!

    Carefeul when you say “Drop me a ring”

    Last time someone said that to me I sat on his face LOL


  7. MAnny….*Just dies* LOL

  8. I’ve followed him for a long time and especially like his sense of color. He’s got a very unique style. I’m going to commission him one of these days.

  9. Damian & Trent says

    Thanks, Patrick. Once again, we’re happy guys for seeing this new-to-us artist’s work. His men are powerful & vulnerable at the same time. The shy one needs buddies. We volunteer!

    Damian & Trent

  10. Manny, Phrog, Gavin, Nick, Charvolth, JC, Damian and Trent… Hello my friends!

    Wonderful to hear from all of you, and to see how much you enjoyed the wonderful FMX and his amazing artwork! Always a pleasure to discuss an artist who is so completely talented!

    Gavin, I just wanted to answer your question here about the whole “idiot” issue. No one here is calling FMX an idiot. In fact, everybody’s comments were very respectful.

    Essentially, I was attempting to illustrate the fact that I DO NOT THINK FMX IS AN IDIOT. On his Blog, FMX states “I think Patrick thinks I am a total idiot at this point. For some reason I always act like a fool when talking to the people I look up to. (I am not stupid…just a little slow)”.

    Part of my intention behind this post on him and his work was to basically put his fears to rest. I think he is amazing, and I think my posting reflects that!

    So do not worry, my friend! All is well here, and everyone seems to have enjoyed taking a closer look at this terrific artist!

    Meanwhile, after Manny’s comment to Nick, I feel as though there is really nothing more to say! LOL!!!!!

    Much love to each and every one of you!
    Patrick XOXOX

  11. Thanks for everyone saying such nice things about me! I am so excited to know people like my work so much. I still need alot of work to get better. (looking at the images Patrick posted…they are not too good to me any more)
    Thanks Patrick for showcasing my work on your profile! xoxoxo

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