BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #43 – Pretty Pictures 2

Good evenin’ dear friends…

I hope you all had a terrific day! I thought I would do another 10 pretty pictures postings on today’s issue of Boytoons Magazine. I figured these gorgeous pieces of art would speak for themselves. I discovered most of these images at the Y!Gallery, and took the liberty of listing the name of the piece and of the artist who created it on each image. That way you can all look up these amazingly talented folks during your next visit to the Y!

So sit back and enjoy ten gorgeous images, as well as today’s OH SO FREAKIN’ HOT cover illustration by the fantastic Dollboy!

I’ll have more goodies for all of you verrrrry soon!
Patrick XOXOX


  1. Hi Patrick!

    2 fantastic postings on my Birthday!!
    There’s a lot of fantsastic peices here and all are very good. I REALLY love Brandon Routh as Superman *Grin*

    It’s also nice to see Spubba’s work in color – BTW I checked out Spubba’s drawing of Hard Gay FUUUUUUUUUUU! It is fantstic!

    I’m almost finished doing a drawing myself, it takes me days to complete one as I want to get things done right all will be revealed in a few days my young Jedi!!

    Again, your eye for fantstic artwork has done you and the artist’s you have chosen to post very well.

    Biggest Licks & Chews!


  2. Hey manny,

    sorry: I forgot Your birthday! Shame on meh! Nevertheless: All the best matey! I wish You a very awesome birthday!!!


    the pictures that You picked are beyond awesome. Some of my favorites, actually. I found so many gifted artists at the Y!-hosting gallery, my profile is bursting with friends :D For example: absolutebleu is incredible, yahi leaves me speechless, Spubba, and many, many more… I could go on forever about this special website. I love it and I wish You’d post some stuff there as well, Patrick :D :D :D

    All the best to You all, much love and hugs!

  3. You showed a coupleo f artists from the Y! gallery that I really like such as absolutbleu and martegod, but I could not find craig hamilton or the infernus pic, but then the search feature on that sight tends to be buggy, and overworked.

  4. Hey Phrog!

    You are forgiven!



    Had a great b’day thanks, an as always, I got up to my usual ….. festivities, shall we say!


  5. Nice selection there. They’re all great pictures but Dollboy’s stuff especially rocks. There isn’t a single thing about the MythMen picture I don’t love. The Merman’s great but it’s the lifeguard I just can’t stop staring at – Perfect cock, really hot bush, nice tight speedo and a really awesome facial expression.

  6. OMG!!! There’s a new Cam-strip at the adult-section!!! It’s goooorgeously beautiful!!! :D :D :D Go over there, immediately folks!!! :D

  7. congratulations on the new cam strip Patrick, you officially crossed over to ‘Kevin J. Taylor’ scale with that one LOL

  8. Hello everyone…

    So good to hear from ya! Glad to see that Pretty Pictures 2 made an impression. Yes, I too ADORE Dollboy’s gorgeous work. He only has a handful of pieces currently posted in his gallery at the Y! but I am hoping he will add more soon! :o)

    Meanwhile, the artists you could not fin at the Y! are Craig Hamilton and Matt, I believe. For more of Craig’s beautiful work, you can check out his profile at the PRISM website:

    As for Matt… I am not aware of any official website, but if anyone knows of one, please feel free to let me know. You can however find some of his work scattered throughout the internet. Unfortunately, that’s the best I can offer on this fantastic artist at this time.

    As for the new Cam strip on the site, it’s wonderful to hear you guys enjoyed it. I was going to post a little blurb on the new site updates as soon as they were all completed, but you guys beat me to the punch…at least with the Pump strip. I do have a few more goodies to announce shortly, so stay toned!

    Much love and kisses
    Patrick XOXO

  9. That Matt guy is a total recluse. He had a site years ago and I absolutely loved his work so I e-mailed him and he replied, “don’t ever contact me again.”

    I was upset but will not deny his work is some of the best online by far. I’ve also seen his stuff in the gay porn mags like Honcho and Inches.

    I’ve just did a few searches and came up with nothing– so he probably took his site down. If anyone else wants to look some other search criteria that may prove useful is “wrestling for gay guys,” a book he illustrated a while back. Also, a lot of his images deal with guys in singlets.

    He’s a prolific artist– just wish he was more accessible.

  10. Hey JC…

    Thanks fo the info. I’ll keep looking out for more of Matt’s stuff.

    Meanwhile, it’s a shame he wasn’t more “receptive” to your email. Good for you for taking the high road! :o)

    Thanks my friend!
    Patrick XOXO

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