Enter DEVILHOUND – My latest Boytoon!!!

Hiya Gang!

I hope everyone is having a great Monday so far! The weekend was very restful, and I am ready to tackle the work week with renewed energy and fervor! LOL!!!

I thought I would kick off the new week here at Boytoons Magazine by giving you a first look at my new character DEVILHOUND!!!! As you know, I created him while I was on my vacation visiting in Ontario with Fraser’s folks!

I couldn’t be happier with him. I think he has a pretty different look from my other Boytoons, despite the devil-ish elements which I seem to really like. I am really pleased with his sleeves. I was aiming for a latex-ish look, and I think I got it okay. Plus his hair makes me really happy!

I have really given myself a lot more work with him! LOL!!! His costume may prove to be a bitch to draw, but mostly, it’s his hairy legs that will take time (though I find such aspects to be really hot on my boys!).

I am currently working on SG #4 and I’ve been drawing Steven a lot, and his legs are hairy too, and OMG does inking 4 pages of that ever take a long time! So there you have it! The secret to why most of my boys are clean shaven! BODY HAIR IS A BITCH TO INK!!!! HA! HA! HA!

But seriously, I hope you all like DH! I have a brand new short story recounting his origin and explaining the character coming up in the August 2006 updates to my personal website. Look for that by the end of this week if all goes well!

So cheating hearts beware! Devilhound is on his way!!!

Hugz + Kisses
Patrick XOXOX


  1. He’s not that hot.

    And that ends my sarcastic comment of the day.


  2. Hello Patrick!

    Well what can I say…

    He is hot! As I have posted on my blog, I am a sucker for bad-ass characters like Deimos (my fav!) and now Devilhound has entered the fray.

    About the hairy legs, now that you mention it, I can fully understand that it must be seriously hard work to ink, and it makes me appreciate your work even more. It is worth it though, I like some hair on my men. Like that treisure on Deimos….

    *runs off to the toilet with a smile on my face*

    LOTS of LOVE
    Hiroke XOXOX

  3. Hey there everybody,

    beautiful! Just beautiful! It’s the little details like the hair on your bois that make them extraspecially hot! I love him already to death hehehe…

    That being said, I would damn love to see a scene with Cam shaving his legs or have his legs shaved by Lanor and/or Locus…

    YUM!!! Thanks for sharin!!!

  4. Charlie MJR says

    WWOoooooo! Another hot demon dude to entertain our deepest desires, lol.

    Very sexy Patrick, at first, I thought was was going to be one for the Deimos comics, but you say he’ll appear in SG, that means theres a devil boy in most of your titles now.

    Demons always make for great characters, and ones like Deimos, Diablos and Incubus, the devil aspect give then that dark edge.

    I think like you do, if I were a devout chrisitan, the concept of a demonic hero would be rediculous to me, but that gives in to a closed minded opinion of characters. In ancient japan, an Omni, which was thought to be the same as a demon, could be either good or bad, which makes more sense to me.

    There is a lot of this love of demon heroes all over today, Devil May Cry, Spawn, Hellboy… people just love those demon boys fighting back against the evil.

    Your work has such detailing to it Patrick, you really pay attention to the details, and in the end, the final result is something to be satisfied with. Its like Hayao Miyazaki’s movies, the artist pays more attention and thus makes a more beautiful peice that folks remember.

  5. Hey Patrick!

    WOW! This guy is hot!!!! You know how much I love devil boys and he is firm second place behind Incubus in my books.

    When I looked at him he reminded of something I saw a few years back. Back in 1999 Kylie Minogue performed at the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney, she sang “Better The Devil You Know”, and on stage with her she had 60 dancing boys all wearing red G-strings and red devil ears, if you were there Patrick, you would have loved it!

    Devilhound is going to be an interesting one to watch out for.

    I can understand what you mean by body fuzz being a bitch to draw, some people have down to a fine art form and some make it look like accupunture needles harpooning the subject in question. But you have done a great job on Devilhound and it’s good to see some of your boyz with body fuzz!

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of him and what scenarios he gets into!!! Time for a cold shower I think!!!!

    Licks & Chews!


  6. very cool, does he have powers like ‘Darkness’ or witchblade where the clothes are like a living armor/weapon?
    I’m not a fan of body hair so I snicker with glee, ha ha, my hang-up is difficult to ink, ha ha behold luscious, toned, smooth flesh if only my tongue could sample it.

  7. dreamerboy6 says

    So that’s why Dane is never hairy anymore! I remember one comic in which he was hairy chested and then some clients forcibly shaved him. It was kinda hot, actually! Sadly, I don’t recall him every being hairy again. *sniff* I should actually mention how wonderfully you do body hair. It always looks SO hot! =P~

    I really like the hairy legs on DH… almost as much as chest hair! I also love all the red and black in his costume! That’s one of my two favorite color combinations. Still, I’ve gotta say… I was a little surprised that he didn’t look more “hound-like”. ^_^; Seriously nice work though! All the comments are spot on, especially Charlie Mjr’s! It’s your attention to detail that makes your work so memorable, makes it stand out! Awesome!

  8. Niiiice. His costume is awesome. Really like the rendering on the arms. Is he going to be a hero or villian?


    You make us foreskin-less Americans jealous!

    LOL– just kidding. I made sure I nabbed myself an uncut man!

  9. Damn, this guy is HOT!

    I was really looking forward to Devilhound’s unveiling, but I honestly didn’t expect to like him *this much*. He’s already one of my faves, and chances are he’ll only move up on the list once we actually see him in action.

    The hair looks awesome and as always his cock’s perfect, but that costume just looks incredible. I really love the way the costume’s coming off his right leg like it’s actually alive or something – so cool!

    And this might be a really weird thing to mention, but I can’t stop looking at his hands, lol! The clawlike fingers just look totally awesome. Can’t wait to see him put those babies to good use.

    The leg hair might be a bitch to ink, but it’s definitely worth it. The hair on his legs and balls is reeeeeaaaally hot, and definitely a nice touch.

    Great work, looks like you’ve got a new classic Class character.

  10. Flaming Freddy says

    Wow, Patrick! Devilhound is even cooler than I imagined! I love his design! The hair, the costume, the cock! Haha… What can I say that hasn’t already been said. Oh, I know! His looks seems to be a little inspired by KISS, but better, lol!

    I’m also curious as to what book he’ll appear in and whether he’s good or bad.

    Again, great work and thanks for unveiling him to us!

  11. Hello Again!

    Well, what a day that was! I’m glad to say that it’s almost over, I started my new program at the gym today – what the hell have I gotten myself into now??

    Klay – my new instructor, whom I adore, I’m sure was Nazzi in a former life put me through the most greulling workout I ever had in my life, his way of pushing me harder was by saying, “Manny, I wanna hear your body talk!” Mt response was, “My body is saying, Fuck you!” But needless to say I pushed through it all and made it through within an inch of my life!

    So I came home and began to fluff around in Boytoons and started to read all the postings and replies from day 1 until today. I gotta say, we sure have spoken about a lot of things. We all pretty much started out as strangers and as I was reading through the postings, I saw how we all became friends.

    But also reading the replies I found I was rolling on the floor with laughter at some of the things that have been said, I’ve lost count as to how many times I have bitch slapped Phrog and how we have referred to penises as wee wee’s, hell we have even spoken about cum splatters!

    This is going to a very fun blog to look back on in another 2 months and read everything again.

    Licks & Chews!


  12. Naked Justice and Diablo were already sharing the top spot for my favourite boytoon, but now there’s a new contender.

    Holy hell, hes the shmex. :D

  13. Hey Patrick! Sorry I’ve been silent latley on your blogging, glad you had a wonderful trop with Frasier. =D I like DevilHoud alot! Very unique costume design!
    I was checking him out again tonight and I think I spotted an extra bit of work you did, doe she have a bit of a 6 o’clock shadow going on? =P


  14. Damian & Trent says

    Devilhound seems to be saying, “Gimme a hand with this thing, will ya?”

    And the sane reply from us would be, “How ’bout FOUR hands!”


    Damian & Trent

  15. Just finished the devilhound short story, it was a fun read, good pacing

  16. Yeah, I really liked the short story too. Just from the name and look I kind of assumed Devilhound was gonna be some sort of demon, but he’s turning out to be a lot more than that. I definitely feel for the poor guy, and the way he got his powers was really cool and different.

    From the story he kind of reminds me of a darker Anya, and being the Buffy fanatic I am that’s a really good thing.

    But I’m pretty curious now, the story mentions his tail being firmly planted in his asshole. Does that mean he can’t take it up the ass, cause that’d be a damn shame, lol!

  17. Hey Patrick!

    I just had a good read of the Devilhound Story also.

    Fantastic introduction to a new character. I can see the he’s going to be one of those fun characters that will just spring out of nowhere at anytime. He’s kind of like Gateway Cities version of the Batman, lurcking around and keeping a watchful eye on the unfaithful.

    He is going to give a few people a big run for their money and it’s going to be very intersting to see how he blends in with the established characters we already know, nothing like throwing a cat amongst the pigeons for a good story.

    I love it!!!

    Licks & Chews!

  18. Good Morning Folks…

    So great to hear that you all really like Devilhound…at least so far! It’s always really cool to know that you’ve put together a character that people are interested in. I mean I often think to myself “just because this works for me, will it work for the fans?” LOL!!! Keeps me on my toes I guess!

    I also REALLY appreciated the comments regarding the Devilhound fiction I wrote and posted on my site. I really LOVE writing the fiction, and although someday I will have an editor go through each one of my stories and refine them, I just love sharing them with you. It’s also such a great way to “expand” my little universe of characters, and in a manner that doesn’t take quite as long as a 24-page comic. It’s (almost) immediate gratification.

    You’ve all written such wonderful comments on this new character and I just want you to know how much I appreciate all you wrote.

    I did want to apologize for accidentally misleading everyone though. Devilhound isn’t actually going to be in Satisfaction Guaranteed #4. When I mentioned that I was drawing Steven for SG#4 and that HIS legs were hairy and took a long time to ink, it was simply to make a comparison between Devilhound and Steven from SG. Reading back now though, it sort of sounded like I was saying Devilhound’s real name was Steven (which by now if you’ve read the Devilhound fic on my site, you know it’s actually Blaine), thus creating the confusion as to his involvement in SG. My sincere apologies for all that!

    As for where Devilhound will appear and whether he will be a hero or villain… the way I see it, DH has a very precise agenda. Some will view him as a hero, while others will see him as a villain. I am not planning a Devilhound book or anything, but I would like to have him interact with NJ at some point or possibly feature him in his own RAPTURE short. Time will tell. For now, it is just soooooo helpful to read that you guys like him and that you wouldn’t mind seeing more of him!

    Gymtwin… HA! HA! HA! Love the comment! It was very funny…and I like your sarcasm! :o)

    Hiroke… I only hope you’re not running to the toilet to throw up or anything like that! LOL!!!! Seriously, thank you so much for the comment! Glad Devilhound could give Deimos a little competition in your eyes! ;) Also, great to hear you like the hairy legs.

    Phrog… Thanks for the comment, you great big Cam/Lanor lover-you! Cam shaving his legs? Hmmm… More likely that we will see our boy shaving his chest, and maybe even his crotch first! LOL!!!! Glad you enjoyed DH!

    Charlie… Thanks for what you said. It really falls in line with how I envision Devilhound: neither good or bad, really, but with having a true dark edge to him. I have yet to exspose the truth behind his “powers” as well as their true nature, but suffice it to say that what I have in mind does sound a lot like the idea behind the OMNI!

    Manny… Oh my God! I am waaaay too sheltered. I can’t believe I never saw Kylie’s devilboys in action! LOL!!! You’ve just given me something to look up on the net, dear friend! Glad you enjoyed DH!

    Charvolth… LOL!!! Glad my inking hang-up suits you just fine, my friend! As for DH’s powers, well, by now you’ve read the fic on my site and know a little more about him… but his powers will continue to evolve and expand as I write and draw him more. As Sydney’s mom once told her on Alias, “Truth takes time!” HA! HA! HA! Thanks for the lovely words my friend!

    Dreamerboy6… Yup! You’ve found me out. This is the truth behind Dane getting all his body hair shaved off! HA! HA! HA! But don’t worry, there’s hope. I still have his parts of SG #4 to draw, and I my well bring back his body fuzz juuuuuuuust for you fellas who enjoy those little details! ;) And again, many thanks for your kind words on my new Boytoon!

    JC… thanks for the great comments, dude! LOL!!! I do tend to make my guys uncut a lot, but I am trying to even things out a bit. Steven in SG #4 is cut. My beloved Space Cadet is cut, and of course Ghostboy is cut. But…. I think that might be it! Oy! You may be right that I need to add a few cut characters to my list! HA! HA! HA! Meanwhile, it sounds like you are quite happy with the boy you are with yourself, so you know that uncut can be lots of fun too! ;) XOXO

    TJ… you are a doll! Thanks so much for the wonderful comment. I am so pleased you like his costume and claws so much. I especially wanted the claws to be really menacing. I like the idea of having such a gorgeous guy having some really frightening aspects. The claws will come into play a lot, don’t you worry! Also very nice to read that you enjoyed his hair. I was very pleased with that feature as well, so it’s nice to see that you think it works! All in all, I am pleased I could, well, please you and at least meet your expectations in the designing of characters department. Love the Anya comparison by the way! I’m a Big Buffy fan, so that was really cool of you to say! :o) Thanks again so much for the comments!

    Flaming Freddy… You know, I never really thought of the KISS resemblance, but you are definitely right. It’s in the makeup on his face mostly I think! Although, to be perfectly honest, my inspiration for that sort of face make-up is generally Marvel’s classic look for Dazzler! YIKES! That’s dating myself! LOL!!! I am thrilled you enjoyed the character unveiling! I hope my little blurb at the start of this response will help to shed more light on my intentions for Devilhound. Again my friend, my sincere thanks for the lovely comments!

    Manny… It is so great o hear that you feel my Blog will be worth revisiting and re reading. I try to put as much interesting stuff into it as I can, but I do firmly believe that it is also the comments that are left by the readers that help to enrich the Blog. It’s so wonderful to know that you guys enjoy BTM, and that all the work I put into it is appreciated as it is!

    Meanwhile, I hope you survive the Gym! LOL!!! But GOOD for you for sticking with it!

    Gavin… great to hear from ya, and I am glad I could give NJ and Diablo a little competition in your eyes, my friend! Thanks for the post! ?

    Nick… no need to apologize for not writing every time I post something, my friend. I know how life gets and unfortunately for most people, that tends to be busy, busy, busy! But I really appreciate your kind words on Devilhound and it means a lot that you took the time to comment on him. Being that he is a new character, it’s always so great for me to get feedback. So thanks :P

    And thanks for noticing the 6 o’clock shadow on him. It’s a new “thing” I had meaning to try when coloring, and on DH it seems to work well. I know what it is like to have dark hair, and I figure the shadow is a cool “realistic” touch on him! Thanks again for the great comments!

    Damian and Trent… hi boys! Glad you enjoyed Devilhound. You’re welcome to give him 4 hands any day! LOL!!! Much love to you both! ?

    Well, it’s great to read that you all seem to feel that I am off to a good start with this new Boytoon. Hopefully, he will not disappoint!

    Much love to you all, and thanks again soooooooo much for taking the time to share your thoughts on this new character with me! You are all much appreciated!

    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXOX

  19. Flaming Freddy says

    Ok, first, since it’s August 26 right now, I wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PATRICK!!! Hope it’s a great one!

    Also, I want to tell you how nice it is of you to respond to everyone when you post. I’m sure we all appreciate it.

    I really enjoyed your Devilhound story. It’s such a cool character concept. You said you might be interested in refining your stories a little? Well, while I was reading it, I had a few corrections I would have made. Would you mind me saying them?

  20. Hello Flaming Freddy! Great to hear from you, my friend! :o)

    Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes! That was very thoughtful!

    I am really happy to read that you enjoyed the Devilhound story. Of course I would love to hear your comments and suggestions. You can email me what you think at service@classcomics.com and then I can have a look at what you’ve got! I am always open to making these things that much better, so fire away (providing it’s strictly grammar and/or text editing kinda stuff. I can’t use creative and story ideas for legal reasons… but anything else is cool)!

    Thanks for the kind words regarding the answering of comments. It can sometimes take me a while to get to them, but generally I really do like to devote some time to everyone’s notes. I figure it is a great way to keep in touch with the fans and to get the conversation going!

    Talk to you soon!
    Patrick XOXO

  21. masterbiceps says

    Hey Patrick:

    I would love to see Deimos and Devilhound round up some beefy guys at a gym and turn the gym into a dungeon of powerful transformations. Leather, Latex, and candles might make some musclegod fans of yours treasure your imagination all the more …

  22. Good Morning Masterbiceps! Great of you to stop by! I am so pleased you like Devilhound, and I really got a kick out of your suggestion regarding he and Deimos! Stranger things have happened! LOL!!!

    Have a great day, and thanks again for the comment!

    Hugz + kisses
    Patrick XOXO

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