Hail to the new Queen of Wakanda – my illustration of STORM!!!!

Evenin’ folks!

I have been hard at work catching up on, well, work since getting back from my vacation, and today I decided to take a break and draw a little something for fun! As you all know, Storm is my favorite comic book character, like, EVER… and I am just so tickled pink that she and the GORGEOUS Black Panther have gotten married! Storm deserves to be a queen!

I’ve been meaning to draw a new image of her for a while now, and even started one of her in her 90’s outfit, but never got around to completing it, and subsequently scrapped it. I figured today was the day that I would properly pay my respects to the new Queen of Wakanda!

Soooooo… here is my very own illustration of the most beautiful Mutant in all the Marvel Universe: Storm in her classic (and according to yours truly, her very best) costume!


I posted the colored version as well as the inked for your viewing pleasure! The lightning was a blast to color and the “light” layers are pretty indulgent, but effective, I would like to think. Still, I am an ink whore, and really like how the inked version of this piece turned out. Anyhoo, whatever version you prefer, I thought you’d enjoy seeing both.

Much love to you all, dear friends. And don’t worry… I will have more Boytoons for you all verrrrrry shortly!

Good night, and don’t let the bedbugs bite!

Hugz + Kisses
Patrick XOXOX

Illustration by Patrick Fillion.
Storm is © Copyright and TM 2006, Marvel Characters Inc. All rights reserved.


  1. cool, liked the effect with the lighning and the cape billowing, and ‘very’ nice anatomy.

  2. Flaming Freddy says

    Beautiful picture, Patrick! That’s a really iconic picture of Storm. I think the best part of it is her face. Thanks so much for sharing that with us!

    Her classic costume would be my second favorite. I really like her current one best. What did you think of her wedding outfit, though? I thought it was stunning! I, too, think it’s cool that she and BP got married. I’m interested to see where it takes her as a character.


  3. Hey Patrick!

    This is one of the things that I love the most about you. No matter how busy you are, you always find the time to draw a picture of someone not related to the Boytoons family,in this case Storm.

    I know what you mean by loving a character so much, in my case it’s Superman as you know. I too have done a lot of drawings of Superman, one day I will put them on my Blog.

    It’s funny how our favorite comic book characters or superheroes, take us to a special place within ourselves, kind of like our own secret garden, where we are kids again and life is free from resposnsibilities and worry.

    Though I am not much of an X Men follower, I do appreciate the fact that they are around and a part of comic history. I also understand that “Storm” takes you to place in your life when you saw & bought your first comic, perhaps she is one of the key factors as to why you became an artist in the first place.

    Thanks for sharing “Storm” with us today, you always floor me when you show us something like this, hence why I love looking in your galleries on your website on a regular basis.

    Licks & Chews!


  4. Nice! The cape and the lightning effects look incredible, but I love the background as well – definitely fitting.

    This costume’s probably my second favourite for Storm. Being introduced to comics through the old animated series definitely left me with a soft spot for the all-white 90’s look, but overall I think Storm’s been pretty lucky with all of her costumes.

  5. BEAUTIFUL! I really like the lighting– very dramatic. Nice rack on her too– haha!

    I was having an argument with my friend recently– he said something like, “yeah, this marrigae is so gonna bump Storm up on the marvel totem pole.” And I was like, “dude, please, if anything, it’s gonna bump Black Panther up! Storm is the most popular Marvel female PERIOD!

  6. I love Storm, and think they failed to do her justice in the movies, but your picture is a wonderful addition to her fandom in my opinion.

    But speaking of her dear husband, did you read the Storm mini series? It was so frustrating everytime they almost showed him naked. I wanna see the treats hes giving her!

  7. RealityCln says

    Patrick, I wanted to leave a note and thank you for such a lovely picture. I’ve always admired her charachter. Oddly enough, I’d always thought that her and Kurt would make a really wonderful couple. (And there’s a few really wonderful interaction scenes in the Nightcrawler mini-series between the two).

    Thanks for stunning image.

  8. Hello there everybody,

    what a gorgeous image, thanks for that Patrick! Storm is simply beautiful and I so love the strength that she is (mostly) depicted with. She has a rare trait as a comic character – she’s totally unique. There’s not too many strong female characters in comics today – Felicia and Storm are two of them. Rainmaker is another one =D

    Thanks again for that beautiful rendering!! Cannot await Your next, new stuff hehehehe :D :D :D

    All the best to y’all!

  9. Hey Gang…

    Great to hear from all of you! Glad you enjoyed the Storm pic! She really was a blast to draw and I was really pleased to share her with you all!

    Charvolth… Thanks for the compliment! I am pleased you enjoy the anatomy. I really debated placing her in a more “dynamic” pose, but in the end I decided to go with the more “posed” look in order to illustrate her calm demeanor. This way I kinda felt that she stood out as being in complete control of her powers, which I just love! ?

    Flaming Freddy… thanks so much for dropping by! I’m so pleased you liked my Storm. And thank you so much for the compliment on her face. I was really trying to depict her as beautiful and strong as I could, and I’d like to think a lot of that has to do with the expression on her face.

    Her current costume is also very nice, but I have never liked the “spiky” cloak. I think that a combo of the classic cloak and the new outfit would look superb!!!! Maybe I’ll try that in a later image of her!

    The wedding outfit was really beautiful and I thought it was unfortunate that we did not get to see her in it for very long. But it certainly made an impression. As for her and the Black Panther, well, she’s a verrrrrry lucky gal! I’ll be curious what this ends up meaning for both of these characters, as long as she doesn’t just end up being “his little wife”! I want to see Storm in action for many years to come! Kids could be interesting though! Little Storm and Panther juniors could be a great future for the Marvel Universe!

    Thank you also for calling my image “iconic”! That was such a lovely compliment and really made my day! ?

    Manny… First of all… HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend!!!! I hope you’re out partying it up and having a great time! LOL!!!

    Secondly, thanks for the lovely compliments. You are totally right, Storm is THE character that transports me to a really great place when I read her in comics! I’ve never dragged in real life, but I ALWAYS play Storm in all the video games she’s featured in. I guess it’s my way of role playing! LOL!!! I have just always loved the character and who she is. She seems so noble to me and for someone with so much power, she is in complete control of her abilities and has a terrific moral compass. She just rocks! Glad you enjoyed the pic!

    TJ… thanks for the great comment! I also have a soft spot for Storm’s 90’s costume. The all-white look is extremely elegant and suits her wonderfully. My friend, you have just inspired me to complete my image of her in that costume. LOL!!! ?

    Glad you enjoyed this image of her and that you liked the lightning! I had a blast drawing that part of the image!

    JC…great to hear from ya my friend! I am so pleased you like my Storm pic! And the rack compliment… HA! HA! HA! What can I say? I exaggerate both my men AND women I guess! LOL!!!

    Meanwhile, you can tell your friend that the BIGGEST Storm fan in the world says that he agrees with you! Storm is probably the most well-recognized and popular Marvel Universe Heroine, period… I think recently Elektra is giving her a run for her money, and Ms. Nachos seems to be popping up in just about every new Marvel-based video game out there… but Storm is definitely the Queen of Marvel and Elektra may be cool, but Storm will ALWAYS be the very best!

    I think the Black Panther is the one who is about to shoot up the Marvel Totem pole thanks to his high-profile bride. All I can say is that Marvel had better not relegate Storm to the position of second banana in the BP series, or I will have to freakin’ kill someone!

    Thanks for the comment my friend! :o)

    Gavin… thanks for dropping by! I agree with you that Storm was not all she could have been in the X-Men movies. Halle Berry is a beautiful woman, but she is not statuesque the way one might imagine Storm should be. I REALLY REALLY wish Angela Bassett had accepted the role! Now THAT would have been inspired casting.

    To Ms. Berry’s credit however, she certainly looked awesome kicking Calisto’s ass in the third film, and at least had a little more to do in that one! I was really happy to see her have more screen time even if she wasn’t my number one choice for the role. It was still cool to see Storm come to life on the big screen!

    Meanwhile, T’Challa really did show a whole lot of skin in the latest Storm series… but I agree…more is always better! LOL!!! Thanks for the wonderful comment!

    Realitycln… welcome to my little corner of the Blogging world! Thanks so much for the great comments! I have also always felt that she and Kurt have a wonderful relationship that could have blossomed into real romantic love. Their flirtation was always so much fun to watch, and you are very right that they shared some really nice moments in Kurt’s series.

    I guess it was just not meant to be, and despite how nice it would have been to see she and Kurt get together, I think Storm did quite nicely in the Husband department. Plus she’s a Queen now, which I have to admit still gives me shivers! LOL!!!

    Glad you liked my illustration of her! XOXO

    Phrog…great to hear from ya my friend! I am so thrilled you appreciated my Storm image. I agree with you, Storm is truly unique and she is pretty unparalleled by any other character. Certainly, in the Marvel Universe she really stands out as being extremely revered. I loved the comments that the Invisible Woman made about how Storm is always so gorgeous and always has amazing costumes and that she really knabbed herself a hottie of a husband. To me that was a real indication that this was a truly Iconic character and that her marriage to the Black Panther was one of the most important moments in the modern Marvel Universe.

    Again, my sincere thanks for the lovely compliments, dear friends. It is always so much fun to share my love of comics and these illustrations with all of you!

    Much love to each and every one of you!
    Patrick XOXOXOX

  10. It’s just breath-taking. You reminded me why I love her character so much. So soft and feminine, yet drop dead gorgeous and powerful. And classic nonetheless. She’s a ICON in comic books and your drawing lives up to that statis.

  11. She is beautiful Patrick!! I agree with you totally, Storm is the bomb!! She’s a tie with Wondy for me. ;) You do tremendous justice to the character in this piece, amazing work!!

  12. Hiya Gymtwin…

    Thanks for the lovely words! I am so pleased you enjoyed my rendition of Storm! You are totally right that she is a perfect mixture of power and femininity! I adore strong female characters and Storm is at the top of my list! Thanks again for stopping by, my friend! ?

    Hello Gene Gray! Thanks so much for the compliments, my friend! Storm and Wonder Woman are, in my opinion, true Heroines, not only in how powerful and how beautiful they are, but in the passion and humanity they possess. They rock!

    Much love to you both!
    Patrick XOXOX

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    She’s my ultimate favorite Marvel character too.

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