BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #41 – The Sensual World Of Douglas Simonson.

I love art…that goes without saying. I can appreciate art in many shapes and forms. For example, I think that there are some artists of abstract art that are simply genius! The way they can create depth and light and shadow simply by mixing colors and shapes is just amazing to me.

Of course, we all know that my favorite type of art is erotica, and though I tend to be a major fan of gay male erotica in the comic book format, there are several artists who paint the male nude on canvas that I truly admire. One such artist is the infinitely talented Douglas Simonson.

His website states that “Douglas Simonson lives and works in Honolulu and has been painting professionally for over 25 years. His art hangs in collections in over 70 countries. His focus is the male figure, but he also paints portraits, landscapes, and abstracts.

You can tell Mr. Simonson is deeply inspired by his home. There is a very “tropical” flavor to some of his work, which makes you hear the ocean and feel the warm breeze on your skin. In my opinion, art always works best when it transports you to someplace wonderful. This is something Mr. Simonson’s work excels at!

Here is a man with an exceptional eye, and an amazing ability to create canvases of immeasurable beauty. Mr. Simonson’ work can be extremely varied, and while his technique can vary from piece to piece, his works featuring the male figure are always incredibly potent. Some of his paintings are created in a more realistic and lifelike style, capturing the male nude in all of its honesty, while others are more abstract, almost cubist in nature. But then, this is the mark of this fantastic artist: his ability to create beauty and even sensuality, always recognizable as man, in a myriad of styles and techniques.

Douglas Simonson is a true artist, one whose beautiful work deserves to be hung in the most elegant of art galleries. His paintings are bold and honest, and yet their subjects are quite vulnerable in their innocence. Art collectors will love that Mr. Simonson sells his beautiful works through his website. Indeed these are pieces that would greatly enrich any collection.

Of course his website contains a whole lot of goodies. Amongst other things, you will also find the artist’s “diary”, which will permit you to get to know him a little better.

Whenever I come across an artist of this caliber and talent, I always feel a little intimidated by their awesome talent. I mean, I am very proud of what I can do, but I have always looked up to artists who have elevated the male nude to the status of High Art. Men are beautiful things, and the masculine form is indeed something that deserves to be depicted, even immortalized through art. Douglas Simonson does this incredibly well, with so much class and style, and makes it all seem completely effortless. His work is filled with love of his art, and that is a love I think you will find completely infectious when perusing his body of work.

Paintings used to illustrate this issue of Boytoons Magazine are © Copyright 2006, Douglas Simonson. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Hello Patrick

    I really have to start painting again. The last time I painted was more than a year ago. A simple black and red painting of Roger Moore, it’s here somewhere in my room. I love painting but sometimes it takes a while for me to get into the groove.

    About you saying feeling intimidated at times. I know exactly what you mean. I’m not good at art, alright I’m terrible, and I remember in school how having a walk around in my art class watching how the other students made great works of art always made me feel inferior, and that is still very much true today. But once I start painting and get into that groove, It’s as if I am in my own little world, and all is well…

    LOTS of LOVE

  2. Damian & Trent says

    Hawai’i is unique in many ways, including its powerfully sensuous beauty. We’ve been there about ten times. It’s a pleasure to see work of Hawaiian artists while there, Doug Simonson being one of the best. Thanks for this brief virtual return to a place we dream about a lot.

    Damian & Trent

  3. Hey Patrick!

    Hawaii, a very interesting place. And understandably so why artist’s as such use the islands as a backdrop for their work.

    Hawwian men are some of the most beautiful exoctic men in the world and it comes as no surprise as to why Douglas Sinonson uses this beautiful part of the world to base his works on. Looking at his works makes you think of coconut scented insence, sensual men catering to your every whim, almost warrior like in appearence.

    As a matter of fact, the land that was used to film the Jurrasic Park movies, though a national park is all owned by Bette Midler, herself being born in the country. She has kept the land as a national park that is open to the public and preserved so people can expirence the natural beauty of the land.

    But back to the artist himself, it’s nice to see a artist featured who see’s the male body in the natural form.

    And Patrick, you should never feel intimidated by other artist’s work. You are a very young and talented artist yourself, you have covered more ground in the past five years than most people cover in their whole lives, use this feeling of “intimidation” to further yourself and excel, you know you can do it, you have Fraz, Alexis, myself and countless others always behind you and giving you a gentle nudge and that wink of the eye of support.

    Intimidation is a great source of taking that step and conquering your fears, when this has been done you will look back at your intimidation and wonder what the hell you were intimidated by!

    Trust me on this one young Jedi – I have been there and done it!

    Big Hugz & Kisses!


  4. Hey Patrick (and – of course – everybody else (manny!)),

    thanks again for posting this awesome artist at Your weblog. I have never ever heard about Douglas Simonson and I really adore his style. The last picture in the feature is – imho – the very best! I love the expression on his faces and the poses are very, highly “natural” (if You know what I mean…)

    But – as manny said: Patrick, You shouldn’t (and by that I mean You are not allowed to) feel intimidated. Take that as a compliment of the highest order, please – I never looked at homoerotic art. That changed after I kinda “discovered” Your books and Your style. Now, I’m a daily reader at Your weblog, I try to collect ALL Your books and I am deeply in love with Your felinoids (did I ever mention that I totally adore and love Cam and Lanor??!!! =D)

    Your art is absolutely awesome, perfect and supremely beautiful. I love Your writing (“The Truth” is a perfect example of Your daft grip on a gorgeous character, such as Cam) and I love Your drawings even more. There’s humor, supersexy and beautiful bois and the production values (I own the Gmuender-books) are beyond belief.

    So, all in all: I love Your style, it brought me a whole new world to me, since I never looked at homoerotic art before. Thanks for that, Patrick, You are awesome!!

  5. Hey Patrick,

    Simonson’s work really is great, but like everyone else’s already said you’ve got no need to be intimidated. Aside from the fact that you’re an incredible artist, I really do think you’re the first name that pops into most people’s minds when they think of gay erotic art, and I can definitely understand why. Hell, I don’t exactly live in the most gay-friendly area and the first time I ever worked up the balls to actually walk into a gay store it was to buy Mighty Males.

    You’ve got a massive following, so don’t sell yourself short.

  6. I love your appreciation of all kinds of art. It’s great you promote yourself too, but you don’t shy away from introducing us to all kinds of great visual art, even if you didn’t do it.

  7. Sixpencenotthewiser says

    “Men are beautiful things, and the masculine form is indeed something that deserves to be depicted, even immortalized through art.”
    And that’s what you do,too. In a country where everything is sexualized but everything sexualized is deemed ‘bad’ artists like you and Simonson give a refreshing view to the most natural thing: the human body. By merely tracing and drawing you atomize their narrowmindedness. Keep doing your thing. You’re my hero.

  8. Charlie MJR says

    Hi Patrick.

    Intresting art here. It gives a strong sense of colour and formation but in a natural enviroment. When you see such beautiful colour in nature, you just want to sit back, draw and colour them. Normally I’d take photos just to remember.

    What you say about abstract artists is very true, form and function, a picture that makes you think. Its the same as reading a book, it doesn’t always have to be a linier thing, just something the grabs the viewers attention.

    Me, I’m an old fasioned art lover most of the time, but I love the human form, especially the nude male form, seeing so many different artists in how they see such works.

    Thanks what I love about the internet, that freedom of expression, it allows those wonderuous things held in the human mind to come out and be seen by the world. (Of course, some have a perverted sense of what it beautiful, but lets not talk about them).

    When it comes to what I define as perfect beauty, it would have to be a man, one who’s mature, older then 27, with a solid form, some body hair, and long, wavy hair, something that blows in the wind, or looks great when wet.

    In fact, I’ll talk about that on my blog, thats an idea.

    One more thing, Hiroke, You really should not put down your art, I’ve seen it, its very good. Once you get stuck into it, you have loads of things to draw! Just go crazy!

    And as Manny says Patrick, there are loads of other artists, but never feel thratened by them. I’m sure everyone here and beyond will agree that we look up to you.

    Yours is a style today as great as Tom of Finlands was decades ago. I only wish I could get a t-shirt here in the u.k with one of your boytoons on it… naked justce… Camili, maybe Deimos (Wait, Thats Hiroke’s, LOL).

  9. Hello fellas…

    Great to hear from all of you, as always! I am glad you enjoyed discovering (or re-discovering as the case may be) the exquisite art of Douglas Simonson. It’s always so fun to be able to talk about an artist who is so talented. Plus as I said, his art totally transports me! You gotta love that!

    You boys are all very sweet to me! Your comments that I should not feel intimidated were all very kind and generous! ? TJ and Phrog, I promise I am not trying to rake myself over the coals or anything when I talk about feeling a little intimidated by another artist’s work. I think it’s just a given for most artists, unless you are arrogant or completely self-assured. You always seem to compare your work to that of your peers, and in some ways I think this is what keeps you striving to continually better your craft. I think it is a very healthy thing.

    I am so flattered that you all seem to regard my work so highly, and I truly do appreciate that. I am very pleased with what I have accomplished, but I like to think that there is a great deal more to learn and do! Besides, I am really just getting started! LOL!!!

    So I should probably curtail such comments unless I want Manny to reach over the internet and bitchslap me in the same way he has Phrog so very often! HA! HA! HA!

    But seriously, I really appreciate your sweet words!

    Hiroke, I have to agree with Charlie that you should not put down your art. I’ve seen some of your work and you have a wonderful style and are very talented! I want you to be nicer to yourself from now on! LOL!!!

    Damian and Trent… Glad you boys enjoyed our little vacation to Hawaii together! LOL!!! Always happy to oblige! ?

    Manny, you’re a real gentlemen, and it is wonderful to read that you think I’ve done a lot of good stuff since setting out to make a go of being an artist. Thank you so much!

    Sixpencenotthewiser… welcome to my little corner of the internet! I wanted to say hello personally as I think this was the first time I’ve read from you! I appreciate your comments very much, and I am glad that you enjoy my work! Thanks again for dropping by!

    Gymtwin… I am really pleased you are having fun reading my thoughts on various other artist’s works. Part of the problem today is that so many people view others in their field as a threat. I prefer to see other artists as a welcome part of the gay erotic art community. I think it is very important for us to stick together and share each other’s work! It’s cool that you dig that too! :o)

    Charlie… thanks for the lovely compliment about my work being today what Tom of Finlands’ was decades ago! That is a huge, very sweet compliment! You are a doll!

    Big wet kisses to each and every one of you, my friends!
    Patrick XOXOXO

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