BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #39 – At last… The Homecoming!

As much as I love traveling, I love coming home even more. Nothing beats sleeping in your own bed and being in your own habitat again. Plus – and you will probably laugh at me here – I am very fragile! HA! HA! HA! My body does not take kindly to being displaced… Sort of like how my favorite Canaidan Super Heroine, Snowbird of Alpha Flight would shrivel up whenever she would leave Canada… my system starts to go all crazy, and I attribute this to varying eating habits, jetlag and different climates. Still, when a break is needed, there really is nothing like taking off for a while in order to recharge your batteries.

Honestly, I adored the opportunity to rediscover this beautiful country that is Canada. It’s so true what they say that you sometimes take your own backyard for granted, and this trip made me realize what a glorious place Fraser and I live in. We traveled from British Columbia, to Quebec and Ontario, and back to BC again, seeing amazingly beautiful sights. We toured the Vieux Quebec and felt ourselves immersed in the rich French Canadian culture. In Ontario, we learned about the city of Sudbury and it’s important role in the world’s economy. I even got to

go underground to tour a real Nickel mine. Plus we saw our friends and family, and even got some down time through it all. ‘Course we saw and did a heck of a lot more stuff as well, but this is a Blog on erotic male art…not my personal travels! LOL!!!

All of this to say that it was a fabulous Holiday, and made me very proud to be Canadian. I invite you all to come and see Canada and discover all it has to offer! I am certain you would have an amazing time.

Meanwhile, travel of any kind is kinda tiring to me… and I HATE flying. The waiting and sitting still in a teeny tiny little space for hours is not my favorite thing. I get that it is a necessary evil though, so in the end, I bear it and grin!

So I am FINALLY home now… and Fraser and I have decided that as much fun as we had on our family vacation, 3 weeks is a long bloody time to be away. I will not even get into just how much work and emails were waiting for us when we got back to the studio this morning. Oy! Vacations come at a high price! LOL!!!

I am very pleased to be back to work, and I have a little surprise coming up for you guys! As you know, I took Orko, my laptop on vacation with me, and I wrote up a storm. For sometime I have been tinkering with the idea of a fresh new character in the back of my brain, but never had the chance to do anything about it. While in Ontario, Fraser and I stayed at his folk’s

cottage by a beautiful lake. It was a very inspirational setting, and when I was not busy swimming, canoeing or sunbathing, I whipped Orko out and started hammering away at my keyboard.

The result was a completed origin short story for my newest creation: Devilhound!!! I won’t tell you any more than that ‘cause I want it all to be a surprise. Devilhound will most likely debut with his first short story on my personal website in August and I will hopefully get busy drawing him this week if time permits. There is so much to catch up on, I honestly don’t know how the week will go. Suffice it to say, DH holds much promise in my humble esteem, and I can’t wait to get to drawing him! LOL!!!!

I also want to thank you all for keeping this Blog alive in my absence. I will try to get to answering comments as soon as possible, so I hope you will all bear with me while I try to get caught up!

I hope you are all doing well and that you are enjoying the lovely month of August! I’ll have more for you all very, very soon!

Much love to you all!
Patrick XOXOXO

PS – For the cover of today’s issue, I chose an image I recently drew for Black Inches magazine of a runner catching his breath and cooling down. It’s kind of appropriate for how I tend to feel after traveling. WHEW!!! LOL!!!:o)



    Hey and welcome back home, Patrick – it’s obvious You and Fraser had such a great time, I totally enjoyed reading Your travel-report.
    On the subject of flying, well, I got used to it and honestly, I even kinda enjoy it by now. Yeah, I’m a nerd through and through =D

    Anyways, it’s great to have You back here with us on the wonderful planet of Internet! I love Your new postings and I honestly cannot await Your new ventures!

    I wish You all the very best in the world and thanks for being supremely cool and rocking! =D

    All the best

  2. So good to see you are back Patrick!

    I love going away on holidays, but it’s always nice to return to one’s abode. As the saying goes, home is where the heart is. I’m glad you had a great time, thanks for sharing with us all.

    Devilhound hey? Sounds intruiging! Looking forward to hearing (and seeing) more about him in the future.

    I feel I must congratulate you on a brilliant blog. During the time you were gone I really missed your regular updates. I have only updated my blog 2 times now, and so I aplaud you for updating Boytoons Magazine so often.

    Take care!

    Lots of Love and a ricecake!

  3. Damian & Trent says

    Good that you both had fun in the more easterly provinces & that you’re safely back in BC. When we go east, we also enjoy, but there’s no place like the Pacific Northwest. (We live on the Oregon/Washington border.) We agree that flying is annoying. At least westward jet lag is easier to deal with than eastward. Welcome back.

    Damian & Trent

  4. Charvolth says

    Glad to see you had a fun vacation, I’ve wanted to see more of Canada, but have only been to Toronto a few times. Welcome back to routine life.

  5. Patrick,
    We have all missed you. Pleased that you and Fraser had a great time. And you are so right. Canada is a beautiful country and I recommend it to all to go and visit.

  6. Charlie MJR says


    Oh God its so good to have you back. We’ve missed you so much!!
    I know what you mean about going on holiday, it relaxes both body and mind to get away from the stress and strain and try something new.

    Hay, look at you Dr Evil, heehee, keep going the way you are and I’m sure your have the world in your grasp soon.

    Its just so good to see you back, and I hope you and Fraser had a wonderful time!

  7. Charlie MJR says

    Also, I agree, Canada looks like such a great place. You know it pisses me off how you often get amricans slagging off Canada for some reason, but as I see it from here in the u.k, Canada is such a laid back and open country, unlike corperate america which is high strung, I’d love to see it some day… I’ve now put it above my top places to visit thanks to you Patrick

  8. hope you enjoyed your holiday…stumbled upon your site and blog — very awesome drawings!


  9. Flaming Freddy says

    Welcome back, Patrick! We missed you! I’m glad to hear you had a wonderful vacation and are feeling refreshed and relaxed.

    The news of Devilhound is really exciting; I can’t wait until we see a picture of him!

    Charlie mjr, I think we Americans are just jealous of Canada. From what I’ve heard, Canada seems like a much nicer place to be than here. I’d sure like to go there someday.

  10. Hey Patrick & Fraz!

    It’s so good to have you back and I am so glad that you had an awesome vacation.

    I gotta tell kiddo! It’s been hard keeping people amused while you have been away, I for some reason have done the most zaniest of updates on my blog (one of them is for your viewing)

    But you & Fraz look so well rested and I for one and glad that you are back for our daily chats!

    I’ve really missed you like everyone else and really look forward to seeing whatr you have installed over the next few weeks and months.

    Missed you heaps!


  11. Oh – BTW! I have a question.

    Seeing as though Canada & Australia fall under the banner of her highnie “The Queen” I was thinking of paying a visit.

    Also as Australians are allowed to work in Canada, I was thinking of a bar job while I was over there to help with extra spending money, any suggestions?

    Rememeber, my years as a Go Go Dancer are well and truely over, so no Go Go Bars for me LOL.(Well, for a warm bed and bath I’d consider it!)

    Also – ask Alexis (my liitle powder puff) to check his email.

    Licks & Chews!

  12. This one is for Fraz,

    If you like insects do a Google search on Australian Insects and set the search for images only. You’ll get to see some truely amazing creepy crawlies.


  13. dreamerboy6 says

    So cute, plotting world domination! Aww! ^_^

  14. Hey Patrick, welcome back!

    You were definitely missed the last few weeks, but it’s nice to hear you had a good time while you were away.
    And yeah, Canada rocks. It really does sound like an awesome place.

    I don’t think anyone’s been let down yet by any of your characters so it’ll be pretty sweet to see Devilhound when you do the unveiling, and that Boytoons cover’s one of the hottest pics I’ver seen.

    Nice work on the first post back, can’t wait to see more!

  15. Good morning, Gang!

    It sure is great to be home and to read from all of you again! I’m sorry to have to keep this pretty short! I am really realizing that going away for so long comes at a price…and I have yet to conquer the mountain of work that piled up while I was gone.

    I wanted to tell you all that I truly appreciate that you kept Boytoons Magazine alive while I was gone, and that you did not give up on it! :o) A part of me was a little worried that I would come back to no interested readers any longer! LOL!!!

    It was awesome to read from folks I knew AND to read from new people who have come to the Blog. So a great big welcome back to all of you and a great big welcome for the first time to all you guys who have just discovered this place!

    I am so stoked that you are all excited about the unveiling of Devilhound… I am pretty jived about this character, and I think he is a cool departure from characters I’ve created in the past! I can’t wait to share him with all of you!

    So… Phrog, Hiroke, Damian & Trent, Charvolth, Timldn, Charlie, Jimmy, Flaming Freddy, Manny, Dreamerboy6 and TJ… I truly appreciated your comments! Big, HUGE hugz to each and every one of you…and thanks again for hanging in there! :o)

    Much love, dear friends…
    Patrick XOXO

    PS — Glad you all liked the pics! In fact, Fraser got to hold a whole TON of creepy crawlies while at Science North, most of them from Australia and Africa. You know, they didn’t seem as creepy at that size…more like little animals than bugs actually! It was pretty cool… but not cool enough for yours truly to hold any! LOL!!! Although I did get to pet the walking stick! ;) Smooches! XOXO

  16. PS, TJ…

    Thanks so much for the lovely compliments regarding my black runner boy on this issue’s cover. I wasn’t sure if he had worked out or not, so you made my day with your comment! Glad you liked him!

    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXOX

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