Charvolth’s question: Where’s the rest of Locus?!

Hiya folks.

After posting Wave 1 of the TORSO wallpaper series, I received some really wonderful comments from a lot of you!

Charvolth was wondering if I’d ever shown the “rest” of the Locus image I used in one of the designs. Well, I have but only in parts! LOL!!!

I’ve used the image of Locus on my website on the “welcome” page. I also used the image in Rapture #1 as the frontispiece to the book. But not once have I shown the complete image!

I thought it would be nice to post it here this morning for all of you to enjoy… completely, and uncut! LOL!!!

Much love, my friends!
Patrick XOXO


  1. Charvolth says

    Thanks for posting the pic of Locus, I do remember it on the wlecome page now, but I am glad to see the rest of his lovely physique.

    Glad you could find some images of Kitten, hopefully in her prime. I wasn’t sure if you even heard of her since she is most famous for the films she did with Russ Meyer.

  2. Hi Patrick!

    This is a real treat – I have seen parts of this picture on your welcome page and often wondered what the rest of the image would look like.

    The more I see Locus, the more imagine how soft spoken and clam sounding his voice would be.

    Do you think that one day we might get a background glimpse in to Locus’s past and more about his origins and how he and Cam came to meet? That would be fun – unless you have already done something like that in the past and I may have missed it.

    Also just as an FYI – Locus has a resembelance to a character in the Superman comics called the “Celtic.” In a nutshell, when the original Supergirl (Kryptonian name: Kara, Earth name: Linda Lee) was killed, Superman buried her body inside an asteroid. The asteroid was watched over by “Celtic”, who looks like a shorter and fatter version of Locus, only clothed.

    Now if Locus was looking after an asteroid I had been buried in or stranded on, I know I wouldn’t mind having him as my guardian !!

    Thanks for sharing this with us, as always it’s very sexy!


  3. Flaming Freddy says

    Hi Patrick, I’ve just joined blogger because I’m a huge fan and I’ve been following Boytoons Magazine but have yet to join in on the fun! You are an amazing artist and an inspiration to me and my art.

    This is an amazing drawing of Locus and it’s so good to finally see the whole picture! He’s looking very seductive here! Did you or one of your colorists color it? It looks superb, as does the inking and drawing. This is quickly becoming one of my favorites of yours!

    I really appreciate the work you’ve done on Boytoons Magazine and interacting with the fans! We heart you! :)

  4. Hey Patrick, hey manny,

    first of all – Locus is such a beauty! Thanks for showing us the beautiful rest of him. Again, Your art is simply supergorgeous and awesome. I so love the way You draw the Your boys’ poses. Locus, to me, looks like he could use an intense kissing and licking!! Would anybody mind if I voluntered? =D =D

    Anyways – it’s extremely funny of You, manny, that You see “Celtic” in Locus because I just rewatched Shrek and Shrek 2 and I see a resemblence between Shrek and Locus hahahaha

    Sorry, Locus, please don’t be mad, I apologize =D

  5. Great Work!!!
    this is a good link you can refer Art Collection

  6. Hiya Folks…

    Thanks for all the great comments on the “whole Locus Picture!” This was one of the very first “modern” images of Locus I drew, so it’s nice to hear that it holds up! :o)

    Charvolth… Glad you like the Locus pic. As for Kitten, I had not heard of her before, but immediately saw the resemblance between here and Felicia when I looked her up on Google. I saw some early photos and what I gather are more recent pics. I assume you mean that Felicia reminds you of you the young Kitten! LOL!!!

    Manny… Thanks for the message. You can certainly look forward to seeing some of Locus’ past in well, the future. He is a character I adore and I eventually want to show how he and Cam met and the shenanigans they got up to after that!

    Meanwhile, I had never heard of “Celtic” before, so I will have to try and find pics of him. I could come up with nothing on Google, but I will keep trying to find stuff. I am very curious to see this! LOL!!!

    Flaming Freddy… Great to hear from you, and thanks so much for stopping by! I’m thrilled you enjoyed the Locus pic. My colorist Aline was the ones who did the colors on this image, and she did an exceptional job! She really fleshed him out! :o) Thanks for the kind words about the line art as well. It’s always nice to hear that people like my stuff!

    I’m really glad that you have fun here at Boytoons Magazine. It’s been great for me as well to have the opportunity to get to interact with everyone. Thanks again for taking the time to write! :o)

    Phrog… HA! HA! HA! Now the Shrek comparison is just TOO funny!!!! But you know what, I can totally see it! It’s in the antennae! LOL!!! But I would like to point out that I think Locus has slightly better hygiene than Shrek probably does! ;)

    And don’t worry! Locus still loves ya! HA! HA! HA!

    Much love to you all… and thanks again for writing! :o)
    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXO

    PS — Anjaka… Thanks for the link! I will be sure to check it out!

  7. Hey Patrick!

    Celtic made his only appereance in the “Panic In The Sky” series, Supergirl was killed off nearly 20 years ago or so. The new Supergirl, is a shapeshifter otherwise known as Matrix.

    Let me get my comics out of storage when I am at mothers place in the next few weeks and I will find a picture of him. I’ll scan it and send it through to you. DC comics don’t archive their books that far back that’s why you can’t find a picture of him on line.


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