BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #37 – The Luxurious World of Matthew Stradling.

I have nothing but respect and admiration for artists who can paint with oils on canvas. Sadly, this is not a skill I ever learned, so I am constantly in awe of those who can do it…and few do it quite as well as the amazing Matthew Stradling, the British Fine Artist.

The man is a genius, and his work is so very rich and luxurious, it’s almost decadent. His figures are the picture of perfection in every detail, and the depth with which he paints is really engrossing.

A passage from Matthew’s website beautifully describes his work: “Much of Matthew’s work celebrates the sensuality of the human form – figures often luxuriating, nude, against lush decorative backgrounds or sometimes frozen, naked, into empty fields of muted colour. The textures of flesh are captured with the use of layers of delicate colour and the sensitive rendering of light. The paintings often seduce the viewer with a dream-like flow of imagery, a careful attention to detail and an intense use of colour. However they can also challenge us with their serious intent, questioning ideas of sexuality, desire, fear, mortality, and loss.”

I couldn’t have said it better!

Matthew’s paintings remind me of the exquisite works of the Baroque period. Every detail is curvaceous and supple, and each element contained therein is sensual and delicate. I also truly appreciate this man’s use of color and the subject matter which he chooses to depict of course. An artist who can make an anus into an irrefutable piece of fine art deserves our appreciation! See for yourself the subtle details in the flesh and then try to tell me that this isn’t a thing of beauty. Indeed, he strips away any sense of taboo from the human body, and represents it in all its true, glorious beauty.

This man is a true master, and I expect that his paintings will long be remembered as some of the finest works of our time, and not only for their erotic qualities, but also and maybe even more so, for their beautiful and honest look at the human form.

I encourage you all to dive into the Luxurious world of Matthew Stradling for a flavorful taste of some of the finest male art out there.


  1. Charvolth says

    His technique is excellent, you really see some natural looking skin texture. Also he must know some really gifted models or he isn’t afraid to go for a ‘shall we say’ more exagerrated ideal

  2. Hey Patrick!

    I love painting on canvases, this is something I learned when I was in high school (I think you call it senior years in your neck of the woods.) The first one I ever did was a 4″ tall by 4″ high of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome of Mel Gibson & Tina Turner, with Tina Turner being the focal point because of the big fag I am and the big hair she had in the movie. To this day that canvas is still hung in the libary of my old high school with my picture underneath it.

    I still work on canvasess, but I tend to use sponges, paint scrapers and other various tools from my work shed to get a different style and flow through the backgrounds that I do.

    Working on canvas is a real “trip” to coin a phrase, it takes you to a different place spiritually when you are working on them and I find that when I do work on them the music I play in the background is very etheral & chilled or I play music performed by the “The Gyuto Monks.” music that is almost 2500 years old that the Tibetan Monks still play today.

    I haven’t done a canvas for almost 2 years and very rarely do canvasess that feature the human body, but you have given me an idea and inspiration for me to do my next canvas with a technique I have have been toying with.

    I wish that I had pictures of the ones I have done in the past, as I have given the majority away as they were birthday or christmas presents to friends and the rest are in speacial storage so they don’t go mouldy or get damaged. Remember I am not an artist, just someone with a lot of time on my hands.

    I could really ramble on for days about canvases and wish I was there to teach you how to do them. They are fun and frustrating at times.

    But Mathew’s work is really remarkable. I have never seen his work before and really look forward to getting to explore his work further.

    Thankyou for introducing his work to me and us.


  3. T Anderson says


    I’m leaving the bar, fueled on Tanqueray and happiness. I just wanted to look over at a lovely man and say goodnight.

    Goodnight Patrick. Give Fraz a kiss for me. ~


  4. Hey Patrick!!

    A question for you if you don’t mind?

    What’s Tanqueray? We don’t have that in Australia, and if we do have it here, my ignorance must be excused as I don’t drink wines, spirits or beer.

    Gawd! I live a sheltered life in my old age!


  5. T Anderson says

    Manny: It’s ok… ^^

    Tanqueray is gin. Very good gin at that. In the states it’s rather popular due to it’s ad campaign featuring everyone’s favorite princess Tony Sinclaire.


  6. Tina,

    Thankyou for answering that one for me, at first I thought it was a form of soda containing jinseng!

    Too much of a sheltered life…..


  7. Charlie MJR says

    You now I saw I’ve seen that last image before somewhere. Isn’t that an art piece of Bobby Blake, the american blakc porn star?

    One other thing, hope this is alright Patrick, but I’ve start a blog of my own, its to do with Hard Heroes. Is it alright to post addresses here?

  8. Hi Gang!

    Glad you all enjoyed the wonderful work of Matthew Stradling!!!

    Manny… Glad you liked the post, my friend. You should totally consider painting on Canvas again! And I’d love to see some of your work! Maybe someday, you’ll take to it again and you can send me some pics of your art!

    Tina… That was such the sweetest message! I am blushing! :o) LOL!!! Fraz thanks you for the kiss, and I thank you for the really lovely compliment! You are the best, dear friend! Kisses right back atcha! XOXOX

    By the way, I LOVE your new Avatar. It’s a very lovely picture of you! :o)

    Charlie… I don’t actually know if that painting is a representation of Bobby Blake. The website didn’t say as much, but it is certainly very possible. I can see the resemblance!

    Meanwhile, congrats on your new Blog! :o) I’m very excited for you! I think it is going to be great fun and I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Thanks again for the post my friend!

    Much love to you all, dear friends!
    BIG BIG BIG Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXOXO

  9. Charlie MJR says

    Thanks Patrick. I’m just figuring out the best way to advertise my blog to people.
    Any ideas?

    P.S. I don’t want to get in trouble by the people the run blogger, so I need to make sure I’ve got the flag button the right way. I presume when it says Flag, that its safe, and unflag means its for all to see on blogger… I don’t want some underaged preteen seeing the sort of things I’m showing.

  10. Hey Patrick,

    Thanks for the encouragment. I am starting on a new canvas and I KNOW YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!

    I won’t be giving to much away by telling you what it’s about but over the next 12 months expect me to be spitting these babies out like a cult leader with 26 wives.

    But when the first is completed, you will be the first to see it. They take me few months to complete unless I am on a roll because I don’t how to correct a mistake if I make one, so slow is the key word here.

    Love Ya !

    P.S. Tina, I love your blog, your a very funny writter and I love the story you told about making dirty word with alphabet soup. I also love your profile and to me – you ARE a somebody!


  11. T Anderson says

    Oh goodness. 0_0. Thanks! Read my books, [[Class Publishes one of them!]]


    Wait…that’s not Bobby Blake?

  12. Bobby Blake??

  13. Charlie MJR says

    Yep, Bobby Blake is an Afro-American gay porn star. He comes off as hard as nails, but there’s no confusion that he likes men and only men.
    His partner, who’s also a black gay porn star, Flex Deon Blake (I’m assuming they may of had a union as to why they have the same last name) is one of my fav porn stars.

  14. T Anderson says

    O RLY? Wow. Flex Deon? I can’t get past all the piercings…but more power to Bobby if that’s his thang.

    Wow, I just came off so Cruella DeVille there, my apologies.

  15. Charlie MJR says

    I kind of find his piercings sexy, the way they gingle about when he’s screwing a guy, not a lot of guys can pull it off, but he can.

  16. Body jewlery – hmmm! It looks good on people but I have seen to many nipples get pulled of by accident in clubs and parties OUCH!

    I only have my ear peirced, that will do for me.

    Besides I think a man doing me over with a P.A will hurt my tender tooshie LOL

  17. PEEK-A-BOO!

    Just wanted to drop a line to anyone out there and say hello.

    Gawd! I miss Patrick, the internet has become such a boring place for the moment until he comes back from holidays.

    I haven’t eaten so much chocholate in my whole life as I have in the past few days, well I might hit the gym. It’s hard work maintaining a 28″ waist.

    I hope all the regular bloggers are doing well and keeping safe.


  18. Hallo manny

    I miss Patrick too. I hope he is enjoying his holiday, he really deserves it.

    Every day I am thinking of things to post on my blog. So far I have only posted 2 new posts. I don’t want to post every day in fear that I might run out of things to say, haha!.

    Take care everyone!


  19. Hi Hiroke!

    Well I had a great day at the gym today, I was doing squats next to a sexy man for about five minutes, well until he squatted to hard and bit of air escaped his bottom. Needeles to say I fled with my arms flailing in the air like a big girl.

    I thought he was going to be the answer to my string of dateless friday nights HUH!

    So here I sit in Sydney Australia, in the 120 year old house I live in. It’s the middle of winter and it has been raining for almost 1 week non stop and it’s really cold.

    I’m in front of my fire place ready to watch Ren & Stimpy DVD’s and my 2 cats Miss Pooh’s & Miss Fluffy curled up on my gigantic sofa and mohair wool blanket.

    Hard to think I’m a mad raving Leather Queen! LOL

    I hope Patrick’s having a blast and the best fun, he really deserves it.

    I’ll drop by your blog in the next day and have a peek a boo.


  20. Charlie MJR says

    Hi Hiroke and Manny.

    I hope Patrick has taken everyone advice to enjoy himself, and your right Manny, it does seem weird not reading anything new from him every other day… still, he’ll be all the more relaxed and refreshed when he returns.

    BTW Manny, I looked at that artist Tromso you told me about and gave a good mention of him on my blog.

    I now need to do another hard hero, so I’m working on a list of ones to carry on through.

    I’d love some feedback from you guys on how my one looks.

    Catch you all soon.


  21. Gene Gray says

    Hello all, and Patrick!!

    Hope you are enjoying your vacation!! I’ve been really busy myself and log on to find lotsa messages and some really nice art! The paintings are so erotic and elegant at the same time. Also I’ll agree with Patrick, Manny, keep up the painting!! Oh so many things posted to reply to…Bobby Blake and Flex Deon…YUMMY, they are two of my favorites!! And a new blog, will definitely need to check it out. Well like all here, I miss the daily updates and insights of our fave artist!! Hope all is well for everyone.

  22. Hey Patrick!

    I know your on holidays, but wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I got Naked Justice #1 today in the mail. He looks sooooooooooo good in color and the extra one page posters in there are really WOOF!

    You did a great job on this one.

    Miss you heaps.


  23. Hey Patrick, hey manny, hey charvolth… hey EVERYBODY…

    I miss new stuff here too, but I totally understand Patrick’s need for a good vacation. The Comic business with its deadlines is a terrible place for creative guys/gals. Nice contradiction here, eh? :D

    Anyways, I just needed to drop a line in this wonderful blog! All the best, guys and gals!

    Be wild, but don’t hurt Yourselves

  24. Oh Patrick, Patrick!

    Where fore art though Patrick!

  25. Hey y’all,

    I said re-read the supersexy story that Patrick posted in the adult section of his website, called “The Truth”. I love it: It’s filled with Camili-Cat gorgeousness, beauty and sexiness. He’s so pure and gorgeous that I really miss reading about him on a daily basis on this very blog…

    Which reminds me – I shouldn’t be so selfish and put up pressure for Patrick. But what manny said: We MIIIIISS You, Patrick and cannot await Your news :D

    All the best, take care!

  26. Hey Phrog!

    How’s things going? I really mis Patrick as well. It’s funny how we have just been leaving messages on here for each other, maybe Patrick should get a Boytoons Chatroom happening when he gets back.

    I just did un update on my blog, the first in almost 2 weeks. Ive been about as busy as a cat trying to bury it’s shit in cement these past 2 weeks. Drop by and say hello.

    Big Bear Hugz!

  27. Hey manny,

    yeah, I also thought about that last night when I read the whole blog (again) in order to get my fix :D
    A forum and/or a chat would definitely be in order ;)

    On the absence of Patrick – I sooo miss him. No only because of his boiis, but also because he’s just a gorgeous person. Damn, I hate vacations! Oops… did I just say that out loud?

    Seriously, Patrick, if You read this: Take it with a grain of salt. We’re just fans who miss their favorite artist. I/We definitely do NOT want to put up any pressure and I guess we’re just totally spoilt because You posted on a daily basis ever since You started this blog. Sorry, man You rock! :D

    All the best to Y’all!
    manny – Aussies ROOOOCK!!! :D

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