Some Wallpaper for you – The TORSO series – Wave #1

Hi Folks…

It’s been a really hectic time here at Class for me as I am getting ready to take a very much needed vacation (THANK GOD!!!). I’ve been drawing around the clock, and unfortunately that has left very little time for Blogging.

I will get to answering the past few days’ worth of comments tomorrow, and hopefully have a new issue of Boytoons Magazine for you to read…but in the meantime, I put together 3 new Wallpaper designs for ya.

I call this the “Torso series”, and wave #1 features Diablo, Locus and Ghostboy. I’ve always loved drawing the abs and pecs on my Boytoons, and I thought that these might make for some fun and elegant designs. All three designs are 1024 x 819. I hope you will enjoy them.

Good Night To You All, My Friends…
Hugz + Kisses
Patrick XOXO


  1. Hey Patrick,

    WOW! All three of these are incredible. Naturally the Ghostboy one’s my fave (I especially love the pubes for some reason), but Diablo’s pose is pretty much just the embodiment of sex. The arched back, the ass, the light treasure trail and chest hair and DEFINITELY the piercings.

    I think everyone understands that life gets in the way of posting and answering comments, so just relax, take your time and have fun on the upcoming vacation.

  2. Hey Patrick!

    I am glad that you are taking some time off and relaxing. You work so hard and give so much, that you need to put yourself first for a change.

    Kick back and relax, enjoy doing what the moment has to offer, and if that just means laying on the beach doing nothing, then so be it. One thing that I am sure you do at the end of everyday, but I will remind to do so anyway, and that is to be kind to yourself and treat yourself to something special. Fuck knows, you do it for us everyday.


  3. MJR Charlie says

    When your a busy artist like you are Patrick, its good to take a break. It’ll relax your mind as well as body.

    Love the torso images. all your boytoons have there own pecs and you can identify then easily by them.

    I enjoy the way you draw men’s nipples, more then just an aspect of the pecs, they almost are an extention of it. Unlike other comic artists who sometimes don’t even draw mens nipples, like they’ve been sand blasted off.

    That one of NJ tweaking his ones, I’ve got it as my wallpaper.

  4. Patrick, you’re THE MAN! Thanks yet again for the great work.

  5. Hello Patrick,

    thank You so very much for all Your efforts to give us fans what we desperately need =D The wallpapers are damn AWESOME – I just love the layout and I love the Locus-one the most. Don’t tell him, though, he’ll wear his nose even higher =D

    Thanks man – take care and have a great, relaxing and awesome vacation!

    All the best.

  6. One word: WOOF!

  7. Charvolth says

    very nice, just curious, have you shown all of the locus pic that the torso shot came from, I easily recognized the diablo and ghost boy ones

  8. There is nothing like a good torso I say! I can just imagine how water must run down those beautiful curves. Diablo’s torso, it’s just…just…so perfect. I want to run my hands up and down him. *sigh*

    When I created my character, Tsubasa, I wanted to give him a body so sexy with more curves than a Lamborghini Miura (oh dear, there the car talk comes in) but decided to make him a bit more chunky. Still, what’s great about these torso pics is that one can look at it and instantly recognise it as your work.

    I can understand that drawing around the clock (as opposed to in it) can get very tiring. I guess one doesn’t alwasy realise just how much work goes into producing Class Comics. Hell I draw two lines and a squigle and I need a little lie down, though that might partly be down to my laziness. So I hope you enjoy your well deserved rest

    Lots of love and a rice cake

  9. dreamerboy6 says

    Hey Patrick…! This might be a little unrelated, but I found some artists on y!gallery that I thought you might appreciate. It’s quite possible you’re already familiar with them, but it’s worth a shot.

    The first one is I was really blown away by the simple, clean lines he uses to create such beautiful and erotic images. Plus, a couple of his characters reminded me of Incubus. =)

    The second one is . Absolutbleu’s work is nothing short of gorgeous. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these! I know I have!

  10. Hiya Boys…

    Awww…thank you all so much for the warm wishes! It was really very sweet of all of you! It has been really crazy here of late, and I am just DYING for a little time off. I don’t want to sound like I am complaining with my belly full, but it really IS Murphy’s law…the minute you decide on Holidays, suddenly there are another 4 billion things that need to get done and are due, like, last week! HA! HA! HA!

    Still, I am keeping my head above water as much as possible, and I must admit reading your comments always brings a smile to my face! That helps a lot, you know! ;)

    I am really happy you all enjoyed WAVE 1 of my TORSO SERIES wallpaper! :o) I will be sure to have more for you very soon!

    Much love and thanks!
    Patrick XOXO

  11. Hiya Dreamerboy6…

    Thanks for the great links! :o) I’ve featured Absolutbleu’s work a couple times, but never in his own post to himself. I will have to remedy that, ‘cause you’re totally right! His work is WICKED!!!

    Meanwhile, I’ve never seen Melchiore’s! I may have to do a little posting on him at some point! It’s really lovely stuff! :o)

    Thanks for the awesome links! :o)
    Much love,
    Patrick XOXOX

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