Hey Gang…

I promised I’d let you know when Naked Justice #1: The Color Edition would be available… well today is your lucky day! Felix is here and he is waiting for you! HA! HA! HA!

Check out the newly-updated Class Comics website for details. Meanwhile, here’s the back cover of this new version. I’ve always loved this image of NJ, and I think it is one of his fiiiiiiiinest angles! LOL! ;)

Hugz + Kisses
Patrick XOXO


  1. Lord Ice says

    NJ looks good from any angle, but he’s never looked more inviting than this pic. :) Definitely, need more of him like that. As if having the issue in color wasn’t enough of an incentive to get the book. lol

  2. Hey Patrick!

    This is going to look so HOT – I just made my order a few minutes ago, it’s going to be hard keeping my mother away from this one!

    I think NJ is her fave.

    BTW – She is wrapped in the fact that I am getting Incubus tattooed on my back in a few weeks, she is glad that it’s a tatt designed after an artist I respect! God bless her fluffy slippers!

    BTW – How long will the new Cam book be running for??


  3. Charvolth says

    didn’t waste much time, found about in my e-mail before checking the blod, purchasing it right now.

  4. You know I got mine ordered. ^_^ Can’t wait to see NJ in glorious color. *waits beside the mailbox*

  5. Gene Gray says

    Perfection!!! NJ is, well truth is I don’t have the words, but the man looks good! Awesome work, again and agian!! :)

  6. Well done Patrick! Another project comes to life. Just waiting for the postman now.

  7. Brilliant! Ordered it first think in the morning. NJ is looking hot as ever!


  8. I think I speak for everyone when I say that this image is DESKTOP-WORTHY!!

    Lately, the only images I’ve used as desktops have been Fillion’s work. And by “lately” I mean: several years now. :)

  9. I really love that picture of NJ.

    No credit card or anything unfortunately, so I’m just gonna have to hope a gay bookstore I know orders a few copies. That threesome’s just begging to be seen in colour!

  10. MJR Charlie says

    I Love that image of Felix too, it shows almost all his best features in one shot, even his super powered nipples just poking through.

    Problem is, I’ve got so many wonderful images of NJ, I don’t know which you choose from as a wallpaper… Argh!!! the Torment!


  12. Hey Patrick!

    Just wnated to touch base with you and check that your doing o.k.

    There was no posting today [unless my computer is sccrewed!!]

    Not that I am saying you must do one everyday.

    Just hope all is well with with 3 favorite Powder Puffs and that your all having a great day.

    Love Ya’s!


  13. Asmodeus says

    Hi Patrick! Long time, well, not really. Just five days.

    Just having a quick look here before my consciousness pulls me back to my plates.
    Oh my, I really missed a lot. My plates think they can keep me away from this… Hohoho, no way. I guess my libido overpowered my diligence – for now.

    So here’s everything I have to say – summarized:
    1. Love the new unlockable, Felicia. She was once my favorite character in dark stalkers. But Morrigan won over her eventually. How about your felicia?
    2. Its really cool to see other Asian artists doing this stuff. I always thought only Japan had the balls to do this kind of thing, you know, this. Cause I haven’t really seen other (erotic, gay) asian art forms before other than yaoi.
    3. Locus’ new fashion style looks deliciously perfect. Yum-my!
    4. About the pretty pictures, where do you see G-man’s more “upfront” artworks? (But you don’t have to answer that.)

    And last but not the least…

    5. Hot Damn! This butt angle of NJ is officially my favorite. Just look at that ass! And that hole! Haha! Who wouldn’t want to rim that? :)

    …Oh no, my unfinished plates are calling me. “Time to cram,” they say. “Time to cram.” Sigh. At least I got to visit here for awhile. (Can’t even update my own blog. Darn it!)

    Anyway, I really miss you, Patrick! I’ll come again soon. Promise. T-T-F-N.

  14. I definitely want to pick it up. I’m going to ask my bookstore to order it.

  15. Hello Patrick,

    I know You and everybody else won’t believe me, but: It’s his eyes that drive me crazy. Especially in that shot… I’m freaking out… He’s sooo supremely beautiful, I fail words.

    Oh, and his 2nd best assets are his… legs! =D Seriously, Patrick, You draw the most beautiful legs I’ve ever seen on any character.

    … see? I said You wouldn’t believe me! =((

  16. Hiya Gang…

    It was really cool to read how much you all seem to enjoy this image of NJ! I absolutely ADORE “booty” shots and this one in particular is a big fave of mine! The Printing on the comic REALLLLLLLY does it justice! :o)

    Anyhow, I just wanted to tell you all that your comments are supremely appreciated!

    Much love and hugz and kisses to each and every one of you!
    Patrick XOXOXO

    PS – Hiroke… about the G-Man images. We’ve been pals for years, and the two of us email each other our “latest stuff” every now and then! Hence I can share it with you guys! Glad you enjoyed all the latest postings, my friend! XOXO

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