BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #36 – Our First COVERGIRL: Felicia… Just one of the boys?

Female characters have always been EXTREMELY important to me. From the moment I first set eyes upon Storm on the cover of X-Men #160, strong heroines have always held a very special place in my heart. This is certainly no different for the heroines in my own comics.

Just because I write and draw erotic comics for a Gay male audience does not mean I skip over the female character. Quite the contrary! My women have always been an integral and important part of my stories. From Jeanne Darque, the powerful and not to be trifled with heroine and leader of the Guardians of the Cube, to today’s very first Boytoons Magazine COVERGIRL: The lovely Felicia, my women are always there to make the stories that much more compelling!

Felicia is a beautiful character, I would like to think inside as well as out. I created her back in 1992 for my series called Affinity. Hers was a minor role at the start, but like Locus, she spoke out and demanded more attention… which I was happy to give. She has stuck around all these years and I think that is because Felicia’s character is quite solid on her own, despite the fact that she always seems to be in Camili-Cat’s shadow.

It seems even other writers understand Felicia quite clearly. In Diplomatic Immunity, she once again shines as the voice of reason. The way that T. Anderson AKA Gynocrat portrayed her made me so proud, and in a way, demonstrated that this was a character that was so well established, she needed no explanation. That story will always be one of my favorite Felicia appearances.

Certainly, she is intelligent and extremely self possessed, very much aware of the goings on inside her head and heart. She is Cam’s moral compass, and often she is his brain (and thank God he has her, ‘cause sometimes that boy is pretty dumb!). She has bailed his hot buns out of the fire on several occasions, and served as a catalyst for his characters’ growth.

Yet, Felicia suffers, and to be perfectly truthful, because of this, she is more than just a little rooted in reality. She is, in some ways, the representation of the female friends many gay men have had who’ve been in love with the men they cannot have. Of course, Felicia is much, much more than that, but lately, she and Cam have walked upon very thin ice.

Felicia loves Cam with all her heart, and would do anything for him. Cam returns that love but given his disposition (and his fears of losing this friend that means more to him than anything in the world), he cannot bring himself to cross the line with her and give in to the feelings he has hidden deep within himself. So Felicia suffers, and is beginning to find that here association with Cam is causing her a great deal of harm, as we see in the Camili-Cat: 20th Anniversary Special.

But our fair lady is far from a victim. She is fully aware of the situation, and even as we speak, she is looking for ways to come to terms with her feelings for Cam. She plans to sort through them before their relationship is damaged beyond repair.

Ironically, I have received a number of requests from readers who want to see Cam and Felicia get together. This always surprises me because my audience is predominantly comprised of Gay Men. But what I find truly wonderful is that so many readers can look beyond the strictly sexual ramifications and see the romance that seems to be (like it or not) between she and Cam.

Meanwhile, I grapple with the idea of getting them together, because of the complications that will bring “the morning after”. Cam works best when he is, pardon my crudeness, “taking it up the ass”. And Felicia deserves to be loved entirely, in ways I’m not sure Cam is ultimately capable of.

So Felicia may be a character that until now has remained in the background of Cam’s stories, yet she has earned the love and respect of the readers, and her fans are quite numerous. After all, she is a true heroine: Noble, strong and empowered, lovely and intelligent. And then there is that HUGE heart of hers, which I think you can’t help but fall for.

Where my girl is concerned, I tread carefully. She is one of my favorite creations and I love her deeply. The last thing I want to do is to betray her and set her on a destructive course of action. One thing is for certain, she is a pleasure to draw and write. I don’t get the opportunity to draw women all that often, so I savor every time Felicia makes an appearance, and in return, she works very well with me.

She may be “just one of the boys”, but Felicia is all woman, and this
lady is going places. I just have to make certain they are the right ones!



  2. Hey Patrick!

    I am sooooo glad that you have done a posting on Felicia, just Jeanne Darque, Catnip & even Schoolg g g g g g gg girl (there I said it!)she is a very important person within your universe who is (to me) just as vital as NJ or GB.

    I really love the fact that you have included Girltoons in your comics as in real life, gay men do interact with Lesbians and straight women, this is also something I have noticed not a lot of other artists like yourself don’t do in their work and this is one of the amazing qualities that makes you extra special. If you were ever to decide to do a line of Girltoon comics, I know I would snap them up as much as the Boytoons as it goes to show the diversity you have as an artist.

    Felicia (in my opinion) has certain “campiness” about her, and also demonstrates being a very strong woman, and also a kind of mother & sister figure quality towards Cam. Now let’s be honest, where would the majority of us be with out our mothers love and support?

    I hope that in the future you will do a post on your Girltoons as I love them just as much as your Boytoons.

    Licks & Chews!


  3. Charvolth says

    Loved the post, and thanks for the great pics of Felicia. She is definitely the sensible one of the lot, someone has to be. It would be itneresting to see a story or even one page strip centered around her.
    She also has a body that kind of reminds me of a young ‘Kitten Natividad’ (I didn’t think about the name till after I typed it), which is also quite nice, kind of a positive and more realistic (in some ways) depiction of the female form.

  4. Hello Patrick

    I think it is great that you include female characters in your comics, even better when they have important roles and are not just a supporting cast. I must also say that Felicia especially is very sensuous. That lovely flowing hair and beautiful curvaceous body. And not only does she have good looks, but she is a character with real substance. Like manny said, she is a very strong character and as we saw in Camili-Cat 20th Anniversary she really cares for Cam and shows true emotion. She’s great!


  5. Hey Patrick,

    oooh thank You so very much!! I just adore Felicia, she’s so tough, beautiful and gorgeous. She’s Cam’s better side and I love her to death for it!!! =D =D =D

    … Oh, and thanks again for the new Felinoids-cover, for NJ being colored and for being the greatest artist EVER!!

    All the best!

  6. I’m definitely a Felicia fan and love the images you’ve posted of her here, Patrick. :)

    While I’ve been one of those who’ve wished for Cam & Felicia’s relationship to become physical (BTW, that image of Felicia taking a strap-on to Cam is one of the most erotic things I’ve ever seen!), I’ve also been keenly aware of the “morning after” difficulties you mentioned. How would they remain friends after an experience like that? Also, it might prove to be a bit like “jumping the shark,” short-circuiting the interior drama created by the not-acted-upon sexual tension between them.

    In the end, Patrick, you have to do what you think is best for your characters, not let a vocal minority of your fanbase (myself included) dictate the course of your stories. :)

  7. Hey Patrick (pt.2),

    what g-man said: I also like Cam as insatiable bottom (YUMMY!!!) more than being the active part, BUT: He is Your creation and he is best where You consider he is best.

    And also what g-man said: The picture with Felicia giving it to Cam and especially the look on his face there… Oh. My. God…. This is just tooooo sexy, please more of that action!! =D =D

    All I wanna say is, I’m in love with Cam and I’m in love with Felicia and I feel You’re taking the right direction, whatever the course might be. Thanks for listening to this lengthy bla from me =D

  8. Charvolth says

    Much has been said about the possible ‘morning after’ if Cam and Felicia hook-up. But in said same 20th anniversary issue she is also coming acrossed as frustrated, why is she hanging out with this guy she loves but because of a mutual agreement to no longer get intimate. I think the situation would have to be resolved eventually that they either do the deed, which could ruin their relationship or let feelings remain buried.
    At the rate of comic output you could draw this situation out several issues. When I suggested that they do get together, I thought being inebriated would work better, you could write it off as weakened inhibitions and make them not as responisble as if they had conciously decided to get physical. It would still be awkward, but you can always blame the booze.
    Also it depends on how you define sex, does Felicia see it as just a pure expression of love, or just having a good time with hormones, or both. It seems from previous issues she takes it more seriously, of course I never read the earlier comics when you did depict them as intimate.

  9. *agrees with g-man about the strap-on panel being ridiculously hot.

    Dude, Felicia is absolutely one of the most gorgeous characters in comix. I dunno what it is about gay men being able to draw really hot women.

    I have to say I am definetely FOR Cam and Felicia hooking up– at least once– just to see how it would affect the characters and their relationship. I predict it could have a volitile outcome– but that makes for exciting comic reads, eh? Or maybe I’m just saying that becasue I want to see you draw Felicia angry. I’m a big fan of angry beautiful-but-bitchy divas! hahaha.

  10. T Anderson says

    Felicia! You know I’ve always loved her…and given my love of strap-ons, the 20th Ani story was like an unexpected gift!

    I think Felicia will always love him, but she’s more that just Cam’s ‘Grace Adler’, she’s plays a vital role in his life–and since Cam’s life is all about ‘vitals’ I say, let the good times roll. Who cares about lingering emo issues…this is comics! ^_^ Leave the soul searching need for explanation to the talking heads who have the nerve to read erotica only to review it! LOL!


  11. Hello Patrick,

    okay – I’ve reread and reread and reread Your posting on Felicia and I’ve saved the panel when she does Cam a kazillion times on my terabyte harddrives. Now, they’re completely full with the same picture, but: It’s definitely worth it!!! (Did You know that writing more than one exclamation mark makes one look insane???!!!)

    Anyways and seriously, I enjoy Felicias and Cams “special friendship” intensely. To me, Felicia is headstronger, more concerned about her surroundings and more conscious about her friends while Cam is more naive, not really depending on his beauty, but rather on his wits and his charmes that he spreads unknowingly. He’s like a… well, a young tiger (forgive me for being cliché) who is trying out different things and who is simply supercurious about everything.

    To me, he’s one of the most amazing creations in comicdom (seriously) and I love him as gay/bi bottom (see my post above). But as I said: That’s just MY opinion which shouldn’t bother You in the least.
    I’m just expressing my strong feelings for Cam since I feel so connected to him.

    And again, I feel like a superfanboi and a nerd++!

  12. Hey Phrog!

    **Bitch Slap!**


  13. I must say that it’s good to hear from those who love Felicia as much as I do (she is super-hot, isn’t she?) and also like the idea of she and Cam hooking up, even if only temporarily. I particularly liked Charvolth’s blame-the-booze scenario.

    More broadly, I think Charvolth and JC make good points regarding how having them hook up could lead to good drama in terms of seeing them hash out their emotions and try to work through what the experience really meant to them and their relationship. Ah, the tortured angst could work marvelously from a script-writing standpoint!

    P.S. I gotta give a shout-out to Gynocrat. Strap-ons are HAWWWT!

  14. Hiya Folks…

    Thanks to you all for the great Felicia comments! I am thrilled you all enjoyed the strap on pic again! I really had fun drawing that scene, and it’s great to hear that you all feel it works well! :o)

    Chill… LOVED the Locus and Cam pics you created! Thanks so much for doing them! Would it be okay if I posted them in the fan art section of my site? I think they’re fantastic! :oD

    Manny… It’s such a pleasure to read how you appreciate my female characters. You’re very right when you say that as Gay Men, we certainly appreciate the women in our lives, and that they mean a great deal to us.

    Felicia may be my first Girltoon post, but she certainly will not my last! Thanks again, my friend! :o)

    Charvolth, I LOVED your comparison of Felicia to Kitten Natividad!!! I looked up photographs of Kitten on Google, and you are definitely right! There are real similarities! Meanwhile, I loved your booze comment! LOL!!! I think that the Booze idea is really fun, and it is certainly possible that they could get together and that some similar Sci-Fi element could explain it all away!

    As for A Felicia strip, I do plan on giving her a few one-pagers in the near future. She is a character that deserves to be explored!

    Hiroke… Glad you enjoyed the post, my friend. Felicia does seem to add a certain depth to the stories she actively participates in. She was pretty integral in the Cam 20th anniversary book. We will see the results of that involvement in future stories!

    Phrog…wonderful to hear from you! Glad Felicia has such fantastic fans! And I’m really thrilled you enjoy the latest NJ and Felinoids releases!

    Also, your description of Cam seemed really very accurate to me! He is kinda young and naïve in many ways, isn’t he? Young, dumb and full of cum! LOL!!! Thank goodness he has Felicia to keep him in line!

    G-Man…Thanks so much for the comment! If they do get pelvic, I really do think it would motivate really cool character development for both Felicia and Cam. That’s pretty tempting…not to mention how HOT it would be to put them together again!

    I’ve been turning ideas around in my head for a little while regarding those two, and I definitely plan on exploring their relationship a little further. I promise that when I do it, I will make sure I do it properly! :o)

    And thanks for the kind words on the strap-on scene! :oD

    Hiya JC… Thanks for the sweet words my friend! You know, I just love drawing Felicia, and always try to put a little something special into her.

    You’re probably right that the fallout of she and Cam hooking up could get pretty volatile. Back in the Affinity series, Felicia used to get pretty bitchy when provoked, so I would happily channel a bit of that again!

    Gynocrat… I loved your “to Hell with it” comment! LOL!!! You are right in a way…maybe we are agonizing over the whole thing a bit too much! It may just be that Felicia and Cam need to hit the sheets and get it out of their systems! LOL!!!

    Whatever the case, I think it would make for a pretty hot scene!!! Thanks for the great comment, dear friend! XOXO

    Thanks again for the great posts, and all your fantastic insight, you guys!

    Much love,
    Patrick XOXOX

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