Locus in Blue…Magazine that is!

Australia’s BLUE MAGAZINE has made a selection of Locus images for publication in their issue #64, due out later this Summer. Naturally, I am totally thrilled about this development, and so is Locus, always hungry for more press, that little pre-Madonna! LOL!!!

The images selected are all rated PG-13… or is that NC-17?!? Hard to tell when you look like Locus! But I am so happy and proud of my Lean, Green, Sex Machine for his big Blue layout. It’s nice that a character that is predominantly alien and not very human looking can still be recognized as beautiful! Besides, I dare say there would be quite a line-up for this Boytoons’ bed if he were real!

Anyhow, here is a little pic of Locus that will NOT be in Blue. The cock sock tends to be a hard fashion sell, but on his home plant of Sekta, it’s all the rage! Perhaps I should try my hand at marketing this here on Earth!

I’d better not quit my day job! LOL!!!!


  1. Charvolth says

    Thanks for the pic, reminds me of an interesting genital pouch I saw in a john blackburn piece, except it was black leather and had studs on it, but essentially fastened on via a cockring, leaving the rest bare.

  2. Very nice pic indeed Patrick. I actually think Locus and Cams make a brilliant team and they go together very well. On the subject of genital pouches, my friends bought me one as a goodbye presnet when I left South Africa. It was yellow and in the shape of a banana. I tried it on once and never again, now I use it as a banana holder…

  3. Hey Patrick!

    This is one of the best pics of Locus you have posted to date. I love the feather floating down from his P.A.

    He always looks fantastic naked but he seems to take you on some erotic journey when he is clothed, like Cam it would be hot to see the both of them together wearing a pair of chaps on a Harley Davidson, actually Incubus in chaps on a Harley Davidson would look even better – ah! screw it just put them all in chaps and a Harley Davidson!

    And congratulations for getting a spread in BLUE, I know that it is hard getting something published in their magazine, they are very selective and only choose the best, but that only stands to reason why they choose you. If they didn’t I wouldn’t use their magazines to sit on my coffee table, I would use them as lining in the bottom of my kitty litter tray!

    Again, congratulations and beautiful portrait of Locus!


  4. Gene Gray says


    Locus looks GREAT!! I have to say SUPER WELL DONE!! ;) Congrats as well on being featured in the magazine.

  5. Hey Patrick!

    Here’s a thought I had while I was having a shower – How’s about a Picture of Cam & Locus wearing cowboy hats?

    You’ve got me going on cowboys, now they are the focus of my attention!!

    Time for another shower!


  6. Too bad that picture won’t be in the spread, it’s easily one of the hottest Locus pictures I’ve ever seen! That having been said, there’s still a huge selection of pics left to choose from so it’ll be interesting to see which ones they use. And the cock-pouch? HOT! When you look like Locus does, I don’t really think anything’s a hard sell.

  7. OH! The penny just dropped!

    Locus is wearing a pouch!

    I was wondering why his willy wang was a different color!

    “Hello Stoopid!”

    LOL @ myslef!


  8. Charvolth, Hiroke, Manny, Gene Gray and TJ… Good Morning guys…

    Sorry I have to keep my responses a bit shorter this morning. It’s only a few days until I take off and it’s fair to say I have not been this swamped in a good long while! OY!!!

    I wanted to thank all of your for your wonderful comments. It’s so exciting to see that Locus has such great fans! :o)

    I am pretty excited about the Blue Magazine Spread as well. You might also like to know that the art director is including a small image of Jetstream along with the Locus pics. That’s a pretty big deal for such a new character, and Mr. Stream is very excited about his inclusion in the magazine! HA! HA! HA!

    Anyhow, you guys are the best. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm!

    Much love,
    Patrick XOXOX

    PS – Hiroke… LOVED your anecdote about the yellow “cock sock” you now use as a banana holder! It was Hilarious! LOL!!!

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