BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #35 – Pretty Pictures!

Sometimes, a picture truly is worth a thousand words, and since today has been especially long for me, I thought I would end the evening by simply sharing some beautiful works of art with all of you! I think these fantastic illustrations speak for themselves, so I will let them do the talking.

Enjoy, dear friends, and have a wonderful, dreamy night!

Hugz + Kisses
Patrick XOXOXO

1 – Boytoons Magazine #35 cover – Olive Oil – by G-Man! Yummmmmmy…AND Good for you!

2 – Candy is Dandy – By Harry Bush. You can see more of this incredible artist’s work here!

3 – Alien Probe – By the AMAZING Mike – Mike’s just updated his gorgeous website! Check out gallery #5! Meanwhile, this alien is so sexy! He and Locus and Cam SOOOO need to get together!

4 – Taxi – By Ismael…. Mmmm! Who’s your Daddy? LOL!!! Ismael’s site continues to ROCK!!!!

5 – Naru Shower – By MarteGod. More of this awesome artists’ work here!

6 – New bottle of Lube – By Neo123. Oh GOD YES! baby! I love this man’s style! Take a look at more of his work right here!


  1. Hey Patrick!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

    G-Man screams out “Party everyday” to me. His work is always soooooooo sexy. I would love to see how he would draw some of your Boytoons!

    I have his art book at home published by Bruno Grumnder it sits on my coffee table next to my Heroes artbook by someone who calls himself Patrick Fillion *wink*

    I fyou could point me in the right direction, I’d love to read an interview with him, or maybe you could interview him for us one day!!!

    Love Mikes work as always – and will have more fun exploring the site!

    The others are unknown to me and I will make sure I get to know them and have a venture and peek a boo on their sites, but as for now, time for dinner!


  2. Hello once again Patrick

    Thanks for sharing some great pictures. Ahhh yes, G-man, brilliant artist he is. And Ismael, I adore his art and he is such a friendly person.

    I think it’s great that there are so many good artists out there and enthusiasts like me so we all can share out passion for the male art form.


  3. Good morning Patrick,

    G-Man and Mike are beyond awesome. Their art is soooo sexy and gorgeous… and lickable hahaha =D =D =D Seriously, their boys are just terrific and I am so glad that You showcase their (and other great artists’ stuff as well!) on Your blog and I am excited about Your next showcases =D

    Btw, I find it extremely gorgeous that You help out other artists with Your blog here! Mint! =D

    All the best (as usual)!

  4. Charvolth says

    I’m glad you posted the links for Deftboys, I’ve been a fan of Harry Bush’s work for some time and deftboys is also supposed to have an a good variety of Willem Kok’s material, I always liked his less extreme stuff, and his expression, shading and detail always impressed me.

  5. Hiya Folks…

    So pleased you enjoyed the Pretty Pictures post. It was fun just to pick some of my favorite gay erotic illustrations and share them with you all.

    Manny, Hiroke and Phrog… You are quite correct. G-Man is truly an amazing talent! In fact all of the folks featured in this post are supreme gifted. Mike is such a tremendous talent, and his playfulness blends so well with the sexiness of his art. His work is pure genius! :o)

    And Charvolth, I am very happy you enjoyed my little glimpse at the great Harry Bush. I plan on talking about him more in a later post, and possibly even featuring the Deftboys site in one as well. As for Kok, he is equally brilliant, and will also merit his own issue of Boytoons Magazine! Stay Tooned! :o)

    Thanks for the terrific comments my friends!
    Much love,
    Patrick XOXO

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