CLASS vs CAPCOM – Hidden Character #1 – Capcom Felicia!

Hiya Gang…

I am just blown away at the response that my Class VS Capcom posting got from all of you! I am really touched you all loved it so, and wanted to say a great big thanks to all of you!

I have a little surprise. The first hidden character/unlockable character from the game is here. Sweet, adorable little Capcom Felicia! I know she has a great many fans, and Johnny M of Johnny Sugar in particular was sad to see she had not been included. So this one is for you Johnny, and for all of you who have enjoyed the Class VS Capcom posting, and the wallpaper I created for it.

So it’s a “Cam VS Felicia”1024 X 819 wallpaper…although I don’t really imagine those two would fight. I think they are far more likely to become fast friends and just hang out together! After all, they have much in common.

Enjoy my friends!
Much Love… Patrick XOXO


  1. dreamerboy6 says

    Fantastic! Felicia is my favorite fighting game character ever! Plus, by now it’s probably apparent how much I love/lust Cam. BLESS YOU! ^_^

  2. Good morning Patrick,
    good morning dreamerboy6,

    hehehe… Cam is just so lovely and such a babe, You just have to love him! =D =D =D

    I adore that wallpaper, especially the coloring is more than awesome and it fits perfectly. The whole style You captured is dead-on and I love it to death!!

    Who knows, maybe put some Class characters in a fight against each other? Lanor vs. Cam? Kissing and licking?? Sorry, I had to get that one off =D =D

    All the best in the world!

  3. Hey Patrick!

    I think Cam would be asking her about hair do’s and hair dont’s!

    Cam is so LOVED!


  4. Hello manny,

    I just wanted to thank You for Your comment from the other thread – I feel bearhugged although You’re from Australia! =D =D =D

    Thanks man, Aussies rooooock!!! =D

  5. Charvolth says

    Perhaps a little playful kitty wrestling, that leads to other things would be entertaining, Felicia has such a playful expression.

  6. Hey Phrog!

    Thanks for what you said about my Wonder Woman post. I am unsure of who the artists are as 9 out o10 times they are never credited, that really drives me insane.

    Anyway – leave a note on my blog and I will look into things for you if you want to know something and I’ll get back to you. As for Adam Hughes – I love the teaser poster for the Wonder Woman movie he created.


    P.S – I’m glad you enjoyed my bear hug!

  7. DAMN Patrick. My twin brother is visiting in one week and this will be the FIRST thing he sees!

  8. Hey Patrick,

    Nice! Cam looks incredible as always, and the post on the whole is just really cool. The most exciting thing for me about videogames were always the secret characters and hidden unlockables, which just seem to be missing from the current gen games. Either that or they’re just not all that exciting anymore. A game like this could really go back to the classic days in terms of secret characters cause there’s so damn much to squeeze in.

  9. Hey Patrick!!


    What a day, what a day. I got a bang (get your minds outta the gutter!) on my front door with the postman holding an A4 size yellow envelope. (No it wasn’t a supina either) My Satisfaction Guarenteed # 3 and my Bottom Deck trading cards arrived in the mail. Oh! I tell you, it was like scene from Ren & Stimpy “Happy Happy Joy Joy!”

    And thanks heaps for the Huge Cam card and the little note you wrote on the back, it really is so sweet of you.

    The trading cards are beautiful and will getting framed in a few days so they can hang in my office. And the sexy book mark, well he just may have to under my pillow everynight so I can have “sweet” dreams.

    I really hope you do a second series of the bottom deck cards, they are soooooooo cool!!!



    Love ya!


  10. Hey Gang! Hope you are all having a terrific Tuesday! :o)

    Dreamerboy6… I am so pleased I could whip up a Class VS Capcom wallpaper featuring your fave Capcom fighter. Felicia is such a lovely character, inside and out I find. I loved her portrayal in the Udon “Darkstalkers” comics. She is very sweet. And I am really happy to see that it looks like I chose the right Class player to team up with her. Enjoy my friend! :o)

    Hello Phrog… Mmmmm. Cam VS Lanor could potentially be verrrrrry hot. How about a match where the objective is to strip your opponent? Or maybe, they could wrestle in hot oil… or something sweet… like chocolate syrup! Then you could lick all you like! Mmmmm…. So many possibilities for the sequel! LOL!!! Thanks for the comment my friend!

    HA! HA! HA! Manny! Maybe Capcom Felicia should get her own posting on your Blog – Bad Hair Day #6?!?! Hee! Hee! Hee!

    Also, I am so happy you received your goodies. And I was very pleased to write you a little note! I am very glad the extras made you so happy! I aim to please you know! LOL!!! Thanks for the kind words my friend! ;)

    Charvolth… THAT is also a verrrrry nice idea. God knows Cam wouldn’t be opposed to it. But I think it is more likely we will see this sort of thing happen between an Class Felicia! LOL!!! Stay toned! ;)

    But you are right! This particular image of Felicia is very playful and fun! I just LOVE Capcom. They have really created some wonderful , memorable characters over the years!

    Gymtwin… I can’t wait to hear from your brother. I am so happy you’ve enjoyed this whole Class VS Capcom saga! And it sounds like you are happy about the first hidden character! Keep smiling dear friend! :oD

    TJ, my boy… You NAILED it on the head! The 2-D beat-em-ups were so much fun because there was so much to unlock and discover in them. For God’s sake, Marvel VS Capcom 2 had me “Shopping” for unlockable characters and colors for hours and hours! LOL!!!

    Part of what I wanted to accomplish with Class VS Capcom was to recapture what it is about the 2-D fighter games that so appealed to me! I am thrilled you feel I succeeded! Thanks so much for the comment, my friend! :o)

    Thanks again for the wonderful comments, boys! Talk to you soon!
    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXOX

  11. How on Earth did I not see this up till now??? XD

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