BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #34 – Artists of Asia!

While researching some of my favorite Asian Artists, I happened upon a fantastic website called Jeune’s Asian Art. This site, presumably owned and operated by Jeune, is a fantastic online gallery of some of Asia’s most brilliant artists of Gay Erotic Art, and features an in-depth look at their works, their history and their motivation.

The site contains art by greats such as Hasegawa, Kimura, Bo, Funyama, Mishima, Hirano, Echigoya, Fujimoto, and many more. Most of the galleries are accompanied by a wonderful little retrospective text on the artist, a little bio if you will, and while some are more in depth than others, I was thrilled to learn some really great information that I did not previously know.

I am and have ALWAYS been a HUGE admirer and fan or artist Sadao Hasegawa. I believe he is one of Japan’s most gifted artists, but sadly, I always found it very difficult to find a comprehensive collection of his works. Any attempts at acquiring books with his work have failed due to titles being extremely rare or out of print. Jeune’s website rekindled my love affair with the brilliant Hasegawa and permitted me to once more re-discover his amazing work. The man was a GENIUS!

Another fantastic artist is Go Hirano. You can see many of his most erotic works scattered across dozens of websites, most of which do not credit him as the creator of the work they display. But his style is striking, and impossible to miss. In my opinion his depictions of sex between men are some of the most erotic and effective I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. And while they are completely virile, there is so much tenderness between his subjects. An almost indisputable love. His work is truly a feast for the eyes.

Of course the site is simply teeming with talent, and I encourage you to discover them all for yourselves. Many of the artists featured helm from Japan, though not exclusively.

I think what I like most about this site is that it is a very respectful look at some of Asia’s greatest artists. It is an on-line encyclopedia of sorts, intent on displaying these wonderful works and of educating the public on who these very important artists are and how significant their amazing work is.

Jeune states that the site is constantly being updated, so you will want to be sure to add it to your favorites folder. I think we can expect more wondrous depictions and a closer look at more of Gay Erotic Art’s most impressive Asian talents in the very near future.


  1. Hey There Patrick!

    So glad to see you have blogged again (blogged: it almost sounds like a treatment for constipation.)

    One thing I love about Asian artist’s is they way incoporate traditonal Asian clothing in their art ie: head peices, wrap arounds etc …

    I have always been a big fan of this kind of work because like all traditonal asian art, there is a story involved. It’s amazing what you can find when you do a google search on the word Kabuki.

    But it’s not just the artwork itself, the symbolic meaning of their backgrounds they choose to use as well and sometimes a few words they sometimes choose to include in their art bring a whole new dimension and meaning to their representation and almost makes you feel as though you are a part of the story they are telling. Very simialr to Australian Aboriginal art.

    It’s a language and history that relies on meaning, not just through painted form but in performance, dance and music. They are a very inspirational race of people and not only happy to celebrate their good times but express their sorrow in the bad.

    Beautiful blog, Patrick, I’m glad that you decided to do a peice on these remarkable artists.


  2. dreamerboy6 says

    Wow! This is great! Asian homoerotic art, particularly Japanese, is generally my favorite! I can’t wait to explore all this!

  3. What a great find! I have always been a BIG fan of Asian art, Japanese art especially, erotic art included of course.

    I once did a set of five Japanese erotic drawings in a similar style of those art prints from the Edo period. I did bring in my own twist by trying to make the art erotic with a hint of humor thrown in. One of the drawings had a couple passionately embracing each other, while in the background there was a panda doing pottery. I obviosly fell on my head when I was a baby… One of the five drawings did show some intamacy between two men. It was a brave decision, but it was worth it. My art teacher asked me if she could keep all of the drawings for future reference.

    I always had a fascination with Japanese art wich mainly started with my love of manga. A love that has not diminished. I have about 30 Japanese yaoi mangas hiding away in a box. Along with all my Class comics of course :-)


  4. Hiya Manny, Dreamerboy6 and Hiroke…

    I am so pleased you boys enjoyed my artists of Asia posting. There really is such a wealth of talent in Asia, and their approach is so different from what we see in the rest of the world. It is beautiful stuff.

    You are all quite right, the nuances and subtle details are often what makes their work so amazing. Hiroke, it was really nice of you to give your 5 Edo-era Japanese drawings to your teacher. I am sure they really appreciated it. Meanwhile, I am selfishly sad that you gave them away, as I would have loved to have seen scans of them! LOL!!! Do you have any copies or anything?

    Anyhow, thanks a bunch for dropping by my friends!

    Hugz + Kisses

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