BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #33 – Blogs of Note: Where the Boytoons Live!

Well gang, it’s Friday evening and it has been a really long and crazy week, so your humble host is pretty pooped! I’ve been at Press Checks all week, and let’s just say I am SUPER THRILLED that the weeken dis here at last!

This evening, I thought that instead of my usual shtick, it would be nice to talk a little about some of my favorite Blogs.

Blogs are a wonderful thing because they can help you discover new people, artists, music, etc… Anybody can have a Blog, and trust me, after running mine for over a month now, I know that they can be very addictive! LOL!

Ultimately, I like frequenting as many kinds of Blogs as I can, but my favorites tend to be the ones that talk about Boytoons and comics in general.

So here is a short list of 5 Blogs I personally find very fun! It isn’t all of the ones I check out and they are in no particular order, but you might find these fun to visit yourselves.

1 – Boytoons Junkie – Owned and operated by Manny, our friend and frequent commentator here at Boytoons Magazine. Manny’s new Blog is great fun because it is a great mix of mainstream Boytoons (and Girltoons – check out his postings on Wonder Woman) and erotic Boytoons. He has a knack for finding the most GORGEOUS artwork for his posts. It was he who found this wonderful image of Batman for today’s cover. He also throws in some good old fashioned smut and adult film erotica for good measure. A real treat to visit, Manny is always very funny and diverse in his postings!

2 – Carlo Fabrini – This marvelous Blog is owned and operated by a wonderful man who is a major fan or gay erotic art, and his Blog brings you closer to artists like GMan, Logan, Harry Bush and sometimes even, yours truly! There are some great images at this Blog and it is really worth going through the galleries and archives!

3 – Porn and Comics AND Spubba’s Live Journal – You got it! Both are run by Class’ own Spubba the mad! My favorite part of Spubba’s Live Journal is that I am constantly wetting my pants laughing! It is hilarious, and Spubba is an extremely gifted writer as well as an artist. I love the sarcasm here, and it is also a great thrill to see all of the art sneak peeks!

4 – Lust of Asmodeus – Owned and operated by the very talented Asmodeus, who is just starting to share his beautiful artwork with the world! This is one artist whose career I intend to follow verrrry closely! He also talks about other artist on his Blog and provides some wonderful links to great new sites. And though I personally found the Tomato posting somewhat scary (although Asmodeus’ comments on the subject were quite funny and to the point!), there was PLENTY MORE great stuff to look at! A very cool Blog run by a very cool artist!

5 – Man’s Adventure – Owned and operated by a Fellow Canadian artist named Bone. This man’s work is extremely beautiful, and for those of you who enjoy seeing Marvel studs drawn with a more erotic twist, this is the Blog for you. Bone is talented and he is a very lovely man. You will never see wee wees on his images, but they are certainly no less erotic because of it! A definite must for your faves folder!

I still have plenty more Blogs to talk about and share with you all in the near future! For now I leave you with these 5 greats, sure to provide you with hours of enjoyment and discoveries.

Good night dear friends! Much love to you all!
Patrick XOXOXO


  1. Heya Patrick!

    OOOOOHHHHH SHUCKS! Aren’t you a sweeheart, thankyou for giving me a little blurb on your Blog about my little Blog. I have so much fun doing it, and I really am enjoying my little postings of Bad Hair Days!

    I really enjoy surfing the net and sourcing artwork, wether it be gay ertoica or good old fashioned Superhero stuff. We have anabundance of truely amazing artists in this day and age, a day and age where so many horrible things happen in the world, terrorisim, war, sickness and George Bush, that these amazing people help us take our minds of all of that, and give us a chance to escape.

    When you think about it, most of our parents when or if they read comic books as children were reading them during the war, the depression and back then the fantastic artists who put these heroic colorful or humerous characters onto paper and in comic books gave every one a sense of hope and a knowing that things will get better. The good guy always won. Today’s artist (including yourself) make me feel that same sense that my parents felt when they fled their country of Malta as young children when the Germans invaded in WW2.

    I have hundreds of files on my hard drive of artwork form all over the place and just just go crazy when I look at them because I never know where to begin and who to choose when blogging.

    Today’s artists through their work all have one thing in common – Beauty, Respect and Hope, wether it be Ismael, G – Man, Spubba, JC Etheridge or Michael Breyette and yourself all give us hope that one day there will be a cure for AIDS and other illnesses, famine and war and people who think that homosexuality is dirty and cursed and of course George Bush. Every artist represents a better world in way form or another where one day we can all exsist in true peace and always helping the little guy out.


  2. Hey manny,

    I am a frequent visitor to Your blog and I especially enjoyed Your “Bad hair” and “Wonder Woman”-posts.
    To me, John Byrne made Wonder Woman look really modern and muscular. The cover that You picked was always one of my faves. Along with the Adam Hughes-covers which I just cannot help but buy every time they are on my comic dealer’s shelves.

    That and the Michael Turner-run on Batman/Superman/Supergirl. I’m such a sucker for beautiful images. hehehe =D =D =D

    Anyways, I love Your writing style manny: It is highly enjoyable to know that there’s another gorgeous person “down under” who is as excited about boytoons and comics in general as I am myself.

    All the best man, Australia ROCKS!

  3. – I apologize for that double-post, but I just “found out” about Logan’s blog as well. It’s awesome but unfortunately it’s in French and my French is… rusty, to say the least.

    Anyways, Logans blog can be found here:

    He’s such an awesome artist, his story telling reminds me of Serpieri at times.

  4. Greetings Patrick

    Thanks for the links. Just like I said about Y!Gallery, all these blogs are like treasure chests full of goodies.

    I actually thought of starting my own blog, but then I don’t have anything to post. I might still start a blog. Between the occasional tumbleweed that will be rolling by there will be nothing to read…

    Then I had a great idea. I will post something I do everyday, it will be a great way to impress people. So you will be able to learn that on Wednesday, 7PM I gave the cat food, Thurdsay morning I brushed my teeth and on Friday I tied my shoelaces. Everyone will think I am busy as all hell.

    Take care

  5. Asmodeus says

    Awww, Patrick…

    Oh, gosh, you shouldn’t have.
    You honor me with your words.

    Thanks a bunch. This means so much. Anyway, off to check out the blogs. ^_^

    (Probably one of the shortest comments of mine. Speechless, huh?)

  6. MJR Charlie says

    Hi Patrick, Wow, like I said when you told us about your radio interview, your so nice for giving such credit to other artists. I’ve known artists who don’t give that kind of credit, which is a shame cause it really speaks to a persons character if you can acknowlegde other great works.

    Hi Hiroke! Hows it going?
    You raise such a good point, it be worth considering doing a blog… but I’m not sure if I could think fo something fresh each or every other day… I think I get ‘slow news’ days, so at least your’s would always have something intresting on it.
    BTW, did you get my last e-mail?

  7. Hiya Boys…

    Great to hear from all of you, and I am thrilled you enjoyed my posting on Blogs of Note! I love Blogs, and it’s really fun to share that love! I hope you have had the chance to visit them all and that they made an impression. I will be sure to do a follow-up article and post more links in the near future.

    Manny, you are most welcome. I truly love what you have going at your Blog, and the Bad Hair Days are simply BRILLIANT! You are very funny and informative all at once, and those are qualities I appreciate very much! Congrats to you on a job well done!

    Hiya Phrog… I also adore Logan’s Blog. I did not mention it this time around because it is strictly in French, but I do plan to mention it in my next Blogs of note posting. But you are right…it is wicked, and there is sooooooo much cool art in it. I just love Logan and it is always a real thrill to get a sneak peek at his latest projects.

    Hello Hiroke… LOL!!! I loved your comment. But honestly, I am CERTAIN You could make a fantastic Blog, and it would be far more interesting than you seem to think! Something to consider further methinks! ;) Thanks again fro your comment.

    Hiya Asmodeus. You are most welcome…and you are rather speechless today, aren’t you?! HA! HA! HA! My friend, I was glad to have the opportunity to mention you. I hope the article brings more people to see what a great job you have done, AND also to discover your fantastic talent as an illustrator. All the very best to you!

    Hi Charlie… Thanks for the kind words. You know I really do try to make sure every piece of art that is not my own that ends up on this Blog is properly credited. It is important to me as an artist that my stuff gets proper credit, so I like to return the favor. It was sweet of you to notice! :o) Thanks again for the comment!

    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXO

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