BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #32 – My Dream Game – Class VS Capcom!


I’ve talked a lot about my love of video games over the past month. I’ve dedicated entire postings to my two favorite games, both Capcom properties: Street Fighter and Resident Evil.

Since you have all been so receptive of my posts on this little love of mine, I thought I would put together a little surprise for you. JC Etheredge once asked me if I’d ever consider taking on a job at Capcom as a staff artist. After this, I kinda feel like I’ve done that!!! LOL!!! For the past week, I have been (doing NOTHING But — KIDDING!!! ;) creating a very special XBOX game: CLASS VS CAPCOM!

I based myself upon my new CAPCOM FIGHTING EVOLUTION game which just arrived in the mail last week. I selected 6 Capcom characters, Ryu, Chun Li, Demitri, Urien, Anakaris and Alex and 6 Class Comics

characters, Naked Justice, Camili-Cat, Jeanne Darque, Locus, Sethan and School Girl to make 12 players in all.

The artwork from the Capcom Fighting Evolution game is wonderfully striking and I found it very inspiring. I managed to find some great, large versions of each character on the net. I created my 6 Class Comics players and colored them in the Capcom character style in order to have a seamless match when using the Capcom art with my illustrations on this post.

So you might think I am insane, but this has been a terrific little project for me, and I have had a SHITLOAD of fun! As I was drawing, I would imagine how the fighting action would go. Some of you might find my choice of Class Comics characters an odd one, since I included Sethan and School Girl in the mix instead of very popular characters like Ghostboy or Incubus. The truth is that I tried to select characters that would have a nice variety of abilities. Besides, School Girl would make an AMAZING and CRAZY POWERFUL character to pit up against characters like Zangief or Bison. They may appear in Class VS Capcom 2! HA! HA! HA!

So in a perfect world, Capcom would realize that there are a good deal of Gay gamers out there who would love to get the chance to play at being Class Comics heroes and get to fire lighting from Naked Justice’s wee wee into Ryu’s face! Who knows, they may call me up tomorrow! LOL!!!

In the meantime, I have created 6 wallpaper designs for you all to enjoy. The Capcom character illustrations were created by Capcom, while I created all 6 Class Comics characters meself!

Just to get REALLY insane, I even provided a few win screens for you and thought I would give you a look at the player select screen as well. And so, to end it all off, I whipped up the actual Class VS Capcom XBOX game cartridge case.

Yes I am insane… but you guys bring this lovely quality out in me. I am LOVING sharing these little dreams and my artwork with you. I truly hope you enjoy my madness here and have fun with the wallpaper. And if anyone from Capcom is reading this, gimme a shout Baby! We’ll talk!


  1. Hey Patrick!!

    WOW! You have been a busy boy today, and what a fantastic hypothetical.

    Class vs Capcom!

    To be honest, I doubt there will be any losers in this game as I can see your Boytoons giving Capcom a good hard ass pounding that even they will be satisfied.

    I think the images look great and reminds me of the early eighties DC & Marvel crossover comics, where Superman would match up with Spiderman and Batman matches up with the Hulk, fight the bad guys together then whack the crap out of each other.

    But your scenario does make one wonder how the 2 parties would match up and how or if they will work with each other or against each other. And I gotta admitt, In this case I’m in School Girl’s corner on this one (even though she reminds me of amy former housemate Dingle!)Time to find that support group again….

    Also gotta mention that they all look great together, very sexy!


  2. Hey Patrick,

    That’d be the BEST. GAME. EVER!

    With all the videogames out there (especially fighting) with fully clothed male characters and chicks wearing next to nothing, I’ve always wondered if the videogame companies realise just how much they’re missing out on with the huge gay market.

    One of my favourite parts of your site were the Guardians game select screen you made, just because I can picture what the game would be like and how awesome it’d be.

    And even though School Girl doesn’t have many fans, every fighting game needs a couple of huge, slow powerhouses.

    Definitely needs a sequel though, so all the hotties that got left out of this one can take each other for a ride. And if anything like this ever does happen, don’t forget the PS2 owners ; )

  3. Hello Patrick,

    first of all – thank You so very much for Your comment on my art at Y!-hosting. I am usually pretty shy about my “drawings” but You and all the guys here made me feel comfortably enough to post it. Thank You very, very much.

    About Your new Game: Actually, I think You’d be a highly appreciated game artist because Your screenshots look marvelous. I am currently working on a (non-sexual, unfortunately) little game myself and I’ll post some stuff as soon as I got something to post. Along with some new pictures of my catboi =D

    Anyways, I love the idea of Capcom vs. the boytoons. Actually, I truly believe the Capcoms wouldn’t stand a chance, because:

    1. Cam: He’s agile, bendable, strong and very youthful. His only weakness is him being naive.
    2. Ghostboy: He’s like Spider-Man, also very agile and resourceful. He is very modest and a great fighter.
    3. NJ: His powers cannot be matched – one erection and the whole Capcom-staff will faint… not only because of the erupted lightnings =D
    4. Locus: He’s a very seasoned fighter. He knows practically every dirty trick in the book and by Rapture No. 2, he’ll also become a bottom, so he knows what’s in for him if he loses!
    5. Felicia: What a babe! Her best “asset” is her wits and her charme. She looks gorgeous and her perfect body is a distraction. She can land a finishing blow (no pun intended) easily.
    6. Lanor: He’s just… an awesome babe, especially when he tag-teams with Cam. Both Catbois can win any tournament. Fighting is their life! And they are yummy!! =D =D =D
    7. Sethan: Lol… You must be kidding, he’s a DEMON for chrissakes. He just CANNOT lose against mere mortals!
    8. Deimos: Well… see No. 7… He’s even more powerful (imho) than Sethan, so no contestant here.
    9. Schoolgirl: Impossibly to win against. Sorry, but there’s also simply no computer screen big enough to make her fit onto it.
    10. Darque: Also – yummy++. She’s a babe, she’s resourceful and she’s used to fighting and leading a group into a fight. What could possibly happen to her? Get her shirt ripped off? I damn hope so!

    All the best! And: FINISH THEM! =D

  4. Gene Gray says


    Patrick…I’ve only played like the Mortal Kombat style X-Men games and like Pac=Man on PS2 but you’ve definitely got me interested in this game…oh the possibilites!!

    Beautiful work!!

  5. Hello again Patrick!

    I LOVE games and have always been a Resident Evil fan. In fact, I have a figure of Leon from RE4 standing next to my Metal Gear Solid figures. I don’t play fighting games that much because I am rubbish at them though I have bought Tekken 5, partly to ogle at the hot bodies of the men, Lee and Kin especially…I have a sad life… Class VS Capcom, now there’s an idea, I think I’ll pick NJ, haha! Looking forward to a sequel, I hope Demios will be in there, he’s my favourite. :-)

    Take care!

  6. Hey Patrick!

    I just thought of something – How about a game with your Boytoons and JC Etheridge’s Anti Heroes? Now that would be fun.

    Speaking of fun, I have just updated my blog 5 times today, Cowboys, Bad Hair Days and a 2 part blog on Wonder Woman check it out when you have a chance


  7. dreamerboy6 says

    This is flat-out the coolest post ever. See, I’m a fanatical gamer, (member of the Sony Gamer Advisory Panel) and creator of a Dallas group called G3 (Gay Gamers’ Guild). I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve fantasized about adult versions of some of my favorite games. The idea of having Class Comic themed video games would be a dream come true. I actually thought for a while it would be fun to have an adult themed console called “SexBox”. It’s actually my dream to create some of the video games that live in my head.

    The fact that you actually CREATED video game art using NJ and other Class Comics is awesome! It’s kind of a fantasy come true. Now I just need to make a Felinoid costume for Halloween! ^_^

  8. Semi-related sidenote: My partner’s 12 yr. old cousin from Poland came over yesterday to play some videogames and he brought crap like Tony Hawk and Grand Theft Auto. I’m like, “Hey, wanna try one of my games– Street Fighter… Darkstalkers… Marvel vs. Capcom?” And he’s all, “those games look old.”

    I wanted to commit child abuse but instead I just played Tony Hawk.

    On to your post– Patrick, I’m so glad that you’ve done this. That drawing of Cam is too hot. I love coming up with awesome fighting games capcom should make! I really like designing the character select screens.

    Of course, in your game, my team would be NJ and Demitri– just so I can imagine they’re screwing between each match– haha.

    To TJ– you are totally right about the double standard when it comes to the characters’ clothes. But don’t forget about Urien. That’s one scantily-clad fighter! I mean, he’s got no bulge or anything but he is wearing a thong, pretty much. In fact, my nickname for him is “Panties.”

    To Manny– yeah that would be awesome, dude! Maybe sometime down the road, if Patrick and I decide to do a crossover, we’ll theme it like the Capcom vs. games! HAHA. I was always mad that they never put out comics based on Marvel vs. Capcom games. =(

    Oh– and Patrick– one more thing: who are the bosses?!? I’m curious to know who you’d pick as a boss from the class side.

  9. Oh– and one more thing! The sequel has to include Class Felicia and Capcom”s Felicia just so they could have a really bitchy special entrance sequence! HAHA

    Dude– I could do this all day.

  10. Asmodeus says

    Oh, I definitely like this post. Haha! Made me think, “Yeah, why not?” :)

    Gamers of the G-society deserve to have this much fun too – just as the straights have Dead or Alive’s bouncing breasts and Duke Nukem’s stripping pole dancers.

    If Class Vs Capcom ever gets approved in the gaming world, I’m 100% sure it’s going to be a hit. :) Even if the G-gamer isn’t familiar with the Class heroes (which I find really unlikely), the sexy Class art on the game’s cover will surely do the trick

    So, are there also secret characters or unlockables in your game? Hehe. :) And who’s gonna be the final boss? :)

    PS: Thanks for commenting on my Zell, btw. ^_^ Its quite a surprise really. Though I wanted to speed up the coloring, my 5 classes are practically burying me alive with plates. Can’t even sit infront of my laptop for more than 40 minutes. So I’ll probably be posting more ‘originals’ before the ‘colors’. Sigh.

    Meanwhile, can’t wait for the Class Vs Capcom 2. ^_^
    Love You! Ciao for now. :)

  11. MJR Charlie says

    Oh My God, this is such a cool concept. I’d love to see Naked Justice kicking Ryu’s butt, or Cam fighting Demetri.

    Although I’d have to say I’d worry about Chun Lee against School Girl, scary as hell that… I’d dread to think some of School girls moves.

    Hay, do you suppose you could design the actual character animations for the 2D fighters Patrick, cause that would be really cool

  12. I can’t believe you did this. This is the best post EVER. I’m in awe of this entire post. Reading it was awesome. Now draw Dimitri in your style. My twin’s computer is on order. When he gets it, he’s goign to go nuts when I show him this link. You already havea fan for life in my brother. Me too, but it goes without saying at this point.

    I agree with TJ. BEST. GAME. EVER!

  13. Charvolth says

    Love the new illustrations, Seethan in particular has that ‘devlish’ly wicked expression, like he he’s egging on an opponent.
    Love the Locus illo too, seems to also have a similar gesture going on though with more a more sensual approach

  14. How about tag-team, Class and Capcom vs. Evil.
    Deimos, and that demon slaying detective, Dante, from Devil May Cry(hottie)! VS. BoB and Sunim, and Sethan creating havoc and turmoil between good and evil. However NJ’s costume would be more color coordinated w/Dante’s.(ha ha)

  15. Hey everybody!

    WOW!!!! You guys truly are the best! :oD Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and kind words on this post! It all means a lot to me and I sure do appreciate it!

    Manny…you are a sweetheart! I love that you like my pairing of the two universes, and that you think there can be no losers. Honestly, loving both sides as I do, I wouldn’t want to see any of them lose either. LOL!!!

    Sorry about bringing the memories of Dingle back up to the surface… but I really did think it was big of you to admit that School Girl would totally KICK ASS in the game, despite your dislike of the character! Thanks Manny! You Rock! :o)

    TJ… Thanks so much for your kind words! I’m thrilled you enjoyed the post! I agree with you that video games are mostly populated by scantily dressed trollops whose heaving bosoms practically give them black eyes as they bounce around all over the screen! The gaming world is verrrrry one-sided! Hence my little dream of a Class VS Capcom game! How’s that for evening out the playing field? HA! HA! HA!

    School Girl’s fan base would probably grow big time if this game were real. I gotta admit, she’d be one of the first characters I would want to try my hand at!

    And as for a sequel… you read my mind! LOL!!! I have a few ideas, and I will make sure that the next one is available on ALL platforms, including the Playstation! ;)

    Phrog, I just loved reading your comment! Your enthusiasm is very infectious and I think it is so cool to see how you “imagine” my characters moving and fighting! Thanks so much for the wicked (and VERY accurate description) of the players you would like to see in the game!

    Can’t wait to see the game you are working on! Please make sure to keep us all posted, my friend!

    Gene Gray! Hi again, my friend! Glad you had fun checking out this post! I agree the possibilities are pretty wild, which admittedly made selecting only 6 characters from both sides verrrrry hard! The sequel will hopefully explore more of thjose possibilities! HA! HA! HA!

    Hiroke… HA! HA! HA! Your comment was hilarious!!! I don’t think you have a sad life at all! We are all mostly big fan boys here, so you’re in great company! LOL!!!

    I loved hearing that NJ would be your #1 player…at least inthis version of the game! Maybe the sequel will allow you to choose your favorite, Deimos? ;)

    Manny… JC and I have chatted briefly about doing a something together in the past! It is really only a question of finding the time. But I will admit that a Class VS Clydeworld would be totally and without a doubt completely AWESOME!!!! We’re both comic fans, and video game fans, so it could certainly happen someday! I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

    Dreamerboy6… Well my friend, if you do end up creating gay-themed video games, please remember me! LOL!!! This posting was a total fantasty, and I had a great time putting it together…but the REAL THRILL would be to have the fantasy come true some day! LOL!!!

    Also, I’m really touched you thought this was my best posting to date! I am so happy you enjoyed it! Maybe next time you are at a meeting of the Sony Gamer Advisory Panel, you can tell them to check out the posting! You never know! It only takes one big cheese to see it and then, VOILA!!! You’re playing Naked Justice on your Playstation2! LOL! All the best, my friend!

    JC… HA! HA! HA! Kids today! No appreciation for the classics! What can you do? LOL!!!

    Meanwhile, I am so thrilled you enjoyed the post, and thanks so much for the compliments on the image of Cam. I liked your ideal team-up of NJ and Demitri as well! Mmmmm…Demitri! ? But I have to confess that Urien, or Mr. Panties as you call him (that’s Hilarious…and yet VERY accurate!) would probably be really fun to see with NJ! Can you imagine a game where there are no losers…maybe the character with the least points blows the one with the most or something! LOL!!!

    Meanwhile, Manny does make a great point! It would be very fun to see what our devious little minds could come up with together! Maybe when the time is right, and the powers that be shine down upon us, our comic worlds will collide! My IDEAL team up… the DELICIOUS Tai teamed with Cam! Now THAT’s a game I’d LOVE to play!

    As for the bosses in Class VS Capcom, I kinda thought it would be cool to make up some ultra-bad-ass character that would have the power to bring the two universes together like that. But I gotta be honest, I got impatient and really was itching to post what I had already done. I think my sequel will definitely have to have a final Boss!

    Oh yeah, and your suggestion of Class Felicia VS Capcom Felicia ROCKS!!! The sequel will definitely have those two as playable characters! HA! HA! HA!

    Asmodeus… thanks so much for your lovely words, my friend! I think you are right! Why shouldn’t Gay Gamers get to have a little fun too? If Class ever made a video game, I would certainly want to offer as much “eye candy” for Gay gamers as possible.

    Certainly, unlockable characters would be a MUST for the game. Again, I kinda ran out of patience on Class VS Capcom, and just wanted to get to posting what I had done, so I didn’t get around to secret characters. But I think that when I do get to doing the sequel, bosses and hidden characters will HAVE to be a must!

    And you’re welcome regarding my comment on your Zell posting at your Blog. You really shouldn’t be surprised. Your work is excellent, and I really think you have a bright and exciting future ahead of you! Even in black and white, I love your art, and look forward to seeing more! :o)

    Charlie… Yah! I think good old Chun Li might have a rough time against the School Gilr…but that would be the fun of it. Games are no fun if they are not a challenge. Plus I always figured that unlike most tanks, School Girl could mover abnormally well and fast, making her even more dangerous.

    But Class characters could face off against each other too…and I’m thinking that Naked Justice would loooove a chance to strike back at School Girl for what she did to him in Cube #5!

    Meanwhile, for the sequel I will try to design some of the actual game play look. It may be a bit tricky, but I will see what I can do! Glad you had fun! :o)

    Gymtwin, you are too funny! LOL!!! Glad you enjoyed the posting the way you did! I figured fellow game-nuts would get a kick out of it! Glad your brother is getting his computer in order. I hope he can say hello when he get the chance to drop by!

    And a Demitri done my way is certainly a possibility! I will keep that excellent suggestion in mind! Thanks for the great comment my friend! Say hello to your brother too! :o)

    Charvolth… Glad to hear you enjoyed the illustrations. I had a great time doing them, and will certainly use them for various, official Class Comics projects. I am also happy to see that you enjoyed the expressions of the characters. I will let you in on a little secret. I modeled Sethan’s face after my own in this case. I really wanted him to have that taunting look down to a tee, given that he is such a bad ass! I’d like to thik it worked…though my jaw is pretty sore form sticking my tongue out that far! LOL!!! Take care! :o)

    Zio… GREAT Suggestion, my friend! Bob would certainly make a fantastic Final Boss for the game, and an Evil Deimos would be a really cool twist! I will have to keep that in mind for the sequel! :o)

    And Dante, from what I have seen of him on the net, would be a great addition to the Capcom team of players. Now he would be fun to use in the game and watch getting it on with NJ or Sethan… These are all great ideas! Glad you enjoyed the posting!

    Well everyone, you are just too damn good to me! It is so rewarding to
    check the Blog and see all of your fantastic comments! I am thrilled you enjoyed Class VS Capcom as much as you did, because for me, it was a chance to live a little dream and share it with you all!

    I hope you have fun with the wallpaper! I’ll let you know when I start work on Class VS Capcom 2!

    Much love, thanks and appreciation to you all!
    Patrick XOXOOX

  16. Great post, great concept, great illustrations — just all-around GREAT!!!

    Big ups to Patrick for putting a ton of work into a single post like this. Thanks, man. :)

  17. Your a man of vision I’ll give you that;)

    OMG! How cool would it be to have a Class vs Capcom game… Maybe in this one during Dimitri’s Midnight Bliss he wouldn’t turn the guys into girls?
    The attention to detail is just amzing, I just can’t believe how much we get spoiled here:)

    I absolutely love beat-em ups and this would be a worthy addition to any collection. (too right though tj, we definately need a PS2 version lol) Great selection of chraters though… And yes, maybe not the most attractive character in the world, but I kinda think School Girl would be a vital team member… A little bit along the lines of Juggernaut in CAP VS MARVEL:)

    In the sequel though, maybe it could be Class vs Marvel with 3 against 3 player mode… Hmmm I could finally get Cam, NJ and Locus together lol call it my dream team.

    Dante would definately be a cool addition too and if you guys have clocked Fighting Jam with Jedah then you’ve probably seen the end sequence where Dante turns up… Ohh the possibilities.

    Keep up the good work MR;)


    P.S what about a Guilty Gear cross over! Now thats the ultimate beat-em up… and its got some brilliant characters and artwork in there so if you haven’t played it Patrick then you need to get your mits on a copy now! Theres this brilliant character in it called Zappa whos possessed by the spirit of Sadako from The Ringu Movie lol

  18. Hey G-Man…

    Thanks for the lovely words, my friend. I am really thrilled you enjoyed the post that much! I had a great time putting it together and I am really happy if that shows!

    Much love to ya!
    Patrick XOXO

  19. Hiya PB…

    Great of you to stop by! Loved your comment, and I really appreciated your kind words about the School Girl. I honestly think she gets a really nasty rap, but I do love her to bits. She makes a great character, and I guess people just love to hate her…so in that sense, I guess she’s a success as a villain! LOL!!! But I agree. I think as a team member she would be totally invaluable. Her strength alone would make her a pretty formidable foe.

    I kinda thought about making the sequel as a “tag team” game, so that may yet happen. And I would love to include Dante in Class VS Capcom #2. I really love that he shows up for Jedah’s ending in Capcom Fighting Evolution. That’s about as cool as the addition of Jill Valentine to Marvel VS Capcom! I just gotta learn more about Dante. I have yet to play a single Devil May Cry… I know, I am sheltered. LOL!!!

    Actually, I think that the major problem is that I do not own a PlayStation2. Sigh… I always figured that the Game Cube and Xbox were enough, but still I am missing out of awesome games!

    Meanwhile, the Zappa character sounds REALLY cool! I’ll have to check that out!

    Thanks for the comment! :o)
    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXO


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