Hey folks! Check out my SUPERFAG interview!!!

HI Gang…

Hope you’re all having great Monday! I wanted to tell you all that Superfag Radio recently interviewd me! Check it out if you get a chance! Hopefully you can all get past my stoopid voice! MAN! I really HATE hearing my voice played back…unless I’m singing! HA! HA! HA!

My pal Zan from Prism Comics runs Superfag and asked some really fun questions! Plus while you’re there you really ought to check out the rest of his site. He has some really cool stuff to offer!

More from me soon!
Hugz + Kisses Patrick XOXO


  1. Heee! I got mentioned!!!! Thank you Patrick!!!! XOXOXOXO

  2. Hello Patrick,

    thanks again: It was awesome++ to have actually heard Your voice and get some new infos on where You and Fraser plan to take Class Comics in the longer run.

    Funny anecdote about You bringing Your comic books to the classroom, hence naming Your company =D

    Again, You’re really cool man, thanks for sharing Your personal thoughts with us =D =D =D

    All the best and keep on rocking!!

  3. MJR Charlie says

    Oh My God, Patrick!
    You have the sweetest voice!

    I loved the interview, we all got to hear a lot about what its all about, and some things I’ve got to say.

    You are so right to mention how so many of the mainstream comics don’t seem to take you and Logan and other gay erotic comics seriously because of the subject matter, if they were able to get over it, they would see how wonderful an artist you are, and others like you.

    What you said about Avatar comics when you worked for them, I remember reading somewhere that well it did help you creativly expand your work, to you it didn;t feel like what you wanted to do. I can see the passion you put into the men you draw, cause thats where the passion lays. You can draw women, but I consider the men in your artwork to the the works of art, something almost greek about the way you draw Naked J or Camili cat.

    It also made me realise the love you put into your work, because what you said about how Avatar wanted to go into more stronger subject matter, mixing gore and sex together, and you telling them no, that just tells me you care more about your work and your characters, and the subject matter.

    There has never been anything in your books that has turned me off… well, maybe the schoolgirl thing with NJ, but thats alright, that was a hero in peril thing, lol.

    I respect you the same way I respect artists like Frank Miller and Jack Kirby, and I do take your work seriously Patrick, there’s a lot of love in it.

    Also, your like… the nicest guy, when Zan began to interview you, the first thing you asked was how he was. A lot of artists or stars just talk about nothing but themselves, but you talked about the other artists and how great they are. Your so sweet.

    Ooohh, I only wish Zan had more time to interview you, I would have loved to of heard more on things like your character development in Camili or Deimos or NJ, your insperation behind them.
    I hope he gets to interview you again.

    One last thing. Was that Fraser I heard in the background laughing?

    Take care Patrick.

  4. Hey Patrick!

    This was sooooooooooo cool!

    I was listening to the interview while my mother was here, she said that you have such an angelic voice, whilst she was flipping through Naked Justice 1 & 2 How funny!! The she asked me if I knew of guys with such big dickies like the ones you draw? (I quickly hid my contact book with my hand and flicked it into an open drawer at my desk and old her to go make coffee!)

    You really have a huge future ahead of you, and something I know and want to share with you is that you have to hang in there. If you want Class Comics to be the new “Gay Marvel” don’t ever lose sight of your dream, it can be done. I know this from my years of being a promotion manager for recording artists (names I won’t go into on here.) Your dreams are something that no one can ever take away from you and that you will always own forever.

    You have your fan base and something that people DO want. It’s going to be bumpy but I know it CAN be done. Don’t ever lose sight of your direction (or your boy’s erections) and I say that because you shouldn’t ever compromise the way you choose to express yourself, something I always told the “artist’s” I used to promote.

    Like I said, you have your fanbase and you should consider us your “Guardians” to help you make your dream become a reality.

    BTW – you talk a lot about heat waves, you don’t know what a heat wave is until you have expirenced a 50 degree day in Australia, I don’t know what that works out to be in your conversion!


  5. Charvolth says

    Cool to hear your voice, and I thought the interview was informative. Certainly removes some of the mystery about you.

  6. dreamerboy6 says

    Patrick!!! Thank you so much for the link to your interview! I have to admit, my heart leapt a bit at the chance to hear the voice of the man behind Camili-Cat. ^_^ It really gave us the opportunity to get to know you better and see more of who you are. Your willingness and desire to be in touch with your fans is amazing. I can’t believe how you put yourself out there for all of us without asking anything in return. So, here’s the link to my blog in return. http://www.myspace.com/dreamerboy6 I try to put a new gay manga/comic puzzle up every day and I have to admit I’ve put Cam and NJ up once or twice. People always ask me about Cam more than anything else. Anyway, thanks a million!

  7. Just like everybody else already said, the interview was really cool and there’s definitely nothing wrong with your voice.

    I just checked out the Class comics site though to see how Ghostboy’s been holding up, and, uh…HOLY SHIT! Maybe I’m a little biased because I *really* wanted GB to win the poll, but I find it kind of hard to believe that Locus and Lanor would suddenly get almost a thousand new votes each in only a couple of days (the time since I checked the poll last). On the other hand, I also find it really hard to believe that anyone would sit in front of a computer voting that many times, so colour me confused. Just thought I’d bring it up to see if anyone else had any thoughts or insights.

    And Manny, you’re completely right. No-one knows heat waves like an Aussie, lol.

  8. Hey TJ,

    Holy Fuck! Your an Aussie! How cool is that, someone who finally understands my madness.

    Maybe you can help me out with my blog one day – I’ve kind of hit a brick wall.

    Yeah I noticed the change in the polls as well but take into account that there are a lot of new people looking at Patricks Blog than what there was a month ago and also vote, they in turn tell their friends etc… Not only that but the amount of hits that he gets on his site that has nothing to do with the blog.

    What about the Big Brither scam in Australia LOL

    OH! BTW – How are you Patrick?


  9. Good morning Patrick,

    what charlie and manny said is absolutely right: You are supernice and Your voice reminds me of one of my best friends’ voice as well; he’s from Winnipeg and he pronounces the word “about” exactly the same as You do =D =D

    I really strongly believe that Your dreams of the “Gay Marvel” will come true: You have the talent, You have the vision and You have the passion. There’s nothing else You will need to succeed. It’s only a matter of time.

    All the best!

  10. Good Morning my friends!

    WOW! I never expected that you would all enjoy the interview this much! I am really touched at all the kind words you said regarding it. Zan is a fantastic interviewer and a really sweet guy! He made it easy to get comfortable and just “chat” with him! :o)

    Spubba, sweetie! OF COURSE I mentioned you! You are a truly wonderful addition to the Class Comics team, and we’re all THRILLED to have you on board! Your work is AMAZING and you are one of the most professional people I’ve ever had the privilege to work with! So you’re welcome on the mention …and THANK YOU for all that you do!!!!
    Phrog, I am so pleased you enjoyed hearing about the origins of the Class Comics name! HA! HA! HA! I always feel so silly telling that story, but as Alanis Morissette once said, you shouldn’t spit on your roots! So, now I’ve come to see it as a kinda cool point, realizing that the name has stuck around since I was like, 6 years old! LOL!!! Thanks for the kind words my friend!

    Charlie, you really are too sweet to me! Thanks for all that you said! I truly appreciate that you view my works in such excellent company as Jack Kirby and Frank Miller! I am TOTALLY Blushing right now! LOL!!!

    Seriously though, it’s nice to hear that there are people out there who realize the amount of love and effort that goes into the creating of a Class Comic. It really is a labor of love, but there is also a professional pride that goes into each book as the whole team involved does their best to make sure that every title is as slick looking as it can be!

    Thanks again for your wonderful comment, my friend! :o)

    Manny, I truly appreciate your words of wisdom. I know that you are a person with a great amount of professional experience and savvy, and so it means a lot to me that I have your vote of confidence. The truth is that it’s people like you that make it a pleasure to do my job… and it’s kinda funny calling it my “job” since I would choose to do this no matter what!

    So thanks for always being so sweet and supportive! You ROCK my friend!

    Charvolth, glad you didn’t mind my voice! LOL!!! So the interview removed some of the mystery, huh? Is that a good thing? HA! HA! HA! Thanks so much for always being so generous! You are truly appreciated!

    Hiya Dreamboy6… Thanks for the wonderful comment! Glad you enjoyed the interview! :o) You know, you guys make it a pleasure to “put myself out there!” I think that doing things like this Blog and interviews like this one are really great ways of communicating with you guys, not to mention a lot of fun!

    I’ve checked out your puzzles a few times and I think they are really great! You’ve inspired us to look into doing some for the website! :o) I think it is cool you whip one up every day! I think it is a great way to keep your friends dropping by on a daily basis! And I am totally cool with you having some of my Boytoons as puzzle studs! It’s actually really nice to hear that you get a lot of feedback about Cam! Thanks again for stopping by, my friend!

    TJ, thanks for the comment my friend! I am pleased you enjoyed the interview as well. I am also glad that you brought my attention to the poll results. I think they literally jumped overnight, and you’re right, we think they might have been tampered with! ?

    Let me reassure you, Ghostboy is the Boytoon that OFFICIALLY won the poll and will be getting his own book next year! Although I appreciate that someone out there would feel so strongly about Lanor and Locus, I believe in such polls being won fairly! I can only say that all the Boytoons in the poll have some special attention coming their way in the near future, so everyone who voted will get something featuring their fave character to look forward to! :o) Thanks again for your sharp eye and your kind words!

    You guys are always a pleasure to hear from! You are all very sweet and I appreciated your comments on my voice! HA! HA! HA! I truly appreciated your comments about my dream of a “little Gay Marvel” as well! It’s so heartening to know that you guys are so supportive of our efforts here at Class! I truly feel like all the work that we are putting into the comics is for a wonderful reason, and is an important step toward continuing to insure that erotic art is taken seriously and appreciated as the legitimate art form it is.

    Much love and hugz + kisses to you all!
    Patrick XOXOXO

  11. PS — Manny, your Mom sounds WAY COOL! Tell her I said hello! :o)

    Cheers — Patrick XOXO

  12. Hey Manny,

    Yep, you’re not alone on the Aussie front. I’m not exactly the most creative person so I don’t have any blogging ideas but if there’s anything specific you want help with I’ll be happy to do what I can.

    Can’t really make any judgements on the whole BB thing since I haven’t seen any unedited footage of the incident, but any way you look at it it’s not too bright pulling a stunt like that on a show with countless cameras and a live 24 hr stream.

  13. Hey Patrick,

    Mum is a really cool woman, she taught me what the real meaning of the “C” was when I was at school.

    I came home one day and I asked her, Mum, what’s a “C***”? and she said to me, “Oh, that’s a very bad word meaning vagina , and I never want to hear you use against anyone unless you really have the shits with them!”

    LOL – she had no idea you and Fraz live in Canada, she asked me to invite you over to dinner at her place for home made Raviolli”



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