BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #29 – Silencio…!

Today, I want to share with you my love of an artist who is a man of few words. In fact, he says so very little that I am not even certain if he is called “Silencio”, or if that is simply the name of his website? And what a website!!!

Upon entering the Erotic Gay Art of Silencio, you find yourself immersed in a fluid web of incredibly detailed and painstakingly created illustrations. From Dungeons and Dragons-type characters, or Dungeon Guards with long, HUGE…err, swords… to a Japanese-style superhero called Gaytchaman, Silencio’s art is truly amazing. Each character is extremely life-like, and detailed to a tee! The costumes are supremely creative and elaborate, leaving you to wonder if Silencio has had previous experience in costume design for either film or the theatre.

Everything here is dramatic and exquisitely effective, and by the end of the site, you will be left begging for more!

I wish there were something further to say about the artist himself, but sadly his bio is very, very brief. All I can tell you is that after a brief hiatus, Silencio has returned with this more vivid site, chock full of delicious Boytoon goodies. He even serves up his own version of my beloved Leon from Resident Evil…and lemme tell you, the cum’s a flyin’!

So maybe I don’t have much to say about the artist himself, but I think you will agree that this talent speaks very loudly for himself!


  1. Hey patrick…love your work as usually. congradulations on winning that recent award for best website design. I myself have been working on a graphic novel for almost 2 years now…don’t know when it’ll see the light of day…but if you do find the time…you can check out my work at
    thanks. Sincerely , Alec Grimes

  2. I’ve been dying to know who’s theeh artist of these drawings. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  3. Hey Patrick!

    I have seen Silencio’s sight before and it is amazing. His boys are really unique and amazingly drawn. His Dungeons & Guards all seem to be cross between The Lord Of the Rings, Beatmaster & Connan.

    I like this whole medievil / goth themes that in a way reminds of the KISS / Physco Circus comics.

    It would be amazing to find out what his influnces are. I can see a lot of “Demonicsex” & Isamel in his work.

    I would say that his website is mostly still under conctruction as some of the links didn’t work for me when I first looked at a few weeks back, and like you said it does leave you begging for more.

    I know a friend of mine who does costume design in Sydney has looked on his site and it inspired him to lock himself up in his workshop for three day & two nights working on something he hasn’t completed shown me yet. I just keep getting calls from him asking If I know anything about Silencio, but I am just as in the dark as everyone else.

    I think this is a site worth bookmarking as I am sure that when it’s updated it will really knock us off our feet, I feel it my bones !(No I don’t have polio either!)

    Let me do some investigating and I will get back to you all with what I have found out!

    Licks & Chews!

  4. Hey Patrick, Fraz & Alexis!


    Love Manny!

    Manny singing in the tune of South Park the Movie,

    “Blame Canada, Blame Canada!”


  5. Famosos Nus says

    wow this hero is very hot
    very nice ;)

  6. Charvolth says

    I like his elf and Incubus the most, but the overall quality of his work is excellent, and I look forward to more of the Dungeon Guard material, being the D&D geek that I am

  7. Yeah, all of Silencio’s stuff is awesome but my personal faves have to be the Mage, the RE$ fanart and the blue gaytchaman you posted. Haven’t seen anything new from him for a while, which is a shame, so hopefully that changes soon.

  8. Asmodeus says

    Yeah, I’ve seen this one some time last year when I was uprooting the net of its yaoi treasure trove. What I liked most about this artist, Silencio, was the details in his work, especially in the dungeon-like gallery.

    The only down side I found was it’s been a “millenium” since he updated his works. Darn.

    Anyway, it was a good thing you featured it here, because I kinda lost its URL along with my long list of other slash sites. Thanks. :)

  9. Yeah, this guy’s work truly is inspiring. I’ve tried e-mailing him to no avail. I wonder if he has any non-erotic work up on the web somewhere. I’d just love to chat with hiim about his technique and just where he gets his ideas from. Definetely one of my favorite gay artists out right now.

    Oh, Patrick– I listened to the latest Prism Radio broadcast with the interview of you. Thanks for mentioning me man! I feel famous! =)

  10. Hello my friends…

    Silencio rocks, n’est-ce pas? I am super pleased you enjoyed this little look at such a great talent! :o)

    Chill, Thanks for the kind words on my work, my friend. And thanks for the link to your Blog. I checked it out and LOVED IT! Your photo-manipulation is sooooooo cool and dynamic, and it made me really excited to see the completed product! You have got to promise to keep me posted on your progress! I am really looking forward to this! :oD All the best, my friend! XOXO

    Gymtwin, I am thrilled I could help you find out the name of the man responsible for these awesome images!

    Manny, thanks for the Happy Canada Day wish! LOL!!! You are the best, my friend! :o) I also really liked your comments on the post! It was really cool to hear about your costume designing friend and how Silencio’s art inspired him to create for like, 3 days solid! :oD I agree with you as well that it will be very cool to see future updates of his site and works! Kisses – XOX

    Famosos Nus… Yes indeed, Silencio’s Boytoons are VERY HOT! Glad you enjoyed the post!

    Charvolth, there is nothing wrong with being a D&D geek! LOL!!! We’re all crazy fan boys here! :o) Silencio’s dungeon guards are sooooo hot, and the “cod pieces” he comes up with are freakin’ fantastic. I love an artist who can incorporate his character’s anatomy so well into his costume designs. The Elf is another fine example of that! Yummmmmy! :o)

    TJ, you are totally correct about the Resident Evil image Silencio did. It is way HOT! I love how he incorporated elements of the game play into the image. It made it really fun and certainly made me wish that I had to push the green button a couple of times for THAT particular action feature with Leon. HA! HA! HA!

    Asmodeus… Glad I could help you find Silencio again! I keep checking his site hoping to see a new update as well. Alas you’re correct, it really does seem like it’s taken a good long while. Hopefully, he’ll post some new goodies for us to drool at very soon! LOL!!!

    JC…shame you never got a response to the email you sent Silencio. I wonder if it is a language thing? I think he lives abroad and may not actually speak or read English. You could always try again including a link to Google Language tools in your message. Anyway, I agree with you. It really would be very cool to pick his brain about his technique.

    And hey, of course I mentioned you! I LOVE your work, my friend, and can’t wait to see issue #3 of the Anti-Heroes! By the way, your latest illustration of Spider-Man VS Venom IS WICKED!!! Sooooooo super hot! Way to go my friend! And I encourage everyone reading this to check it out on JC’s site as well!

    Have a wonderful day, everyone! And thanks for the great comments!
    Much Love,
    Patrick XOXOXO

  11. According to

    Silencio is Jerome, Korean-born, living in France.

  12. I’ll definately keep you updated patrick. I’ve been a fan of your work since i discovered it almost two years ago. Congradulations on your sucess. I continually check your site everyday…and have every single one of your books that iI purchased myself. I don’t know when I’ll be done with Chill book one…because i’m afterall…working with real people. so when they give me the time…i get my pics to continue working on the panels as well as the story. Anyways…class comics are awesome and you definately are the best ( in my opinion. It would be great to see a cube or satification…x-rated cartoon. Take care and will keep you posted.

  13. Hi Mike.

    Thanks so much for the info on Silencio! It was much appreciated! At least now we know a little more about this awesome artist!

    Thanks again for taking the time to share this with us!

    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXO

  14. Hiya Chill…

    You are off to an awesome start, and I really cannot wait to see the project all come together! Thanks again for the kind words and for sharing your art with me! I will be sure to let you know if I ever manage to kick start a Class Comics-based cartoon! That would be soooooooo cool! :oD

    All the very best!
    Patrick XOXOX

  15. Wow, I love Silencio’s dark elf character. The multiple phallic images he uses in that illustration are amazing and make for a really hot character, from the binding of dark elf’s own “equipment” to the arrow, to the double ended phallus and cum shot design of the bow. Amazing.

  16. Your work is so fantastic.

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