BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #27 – Special 1-MONTH Anniversary Issue!!!

Well gang… I still can’t believe it. One month ago today I posted my first issue of Boytoons Magazine. I have to admit a part of me wondered if I would, shall we say, keep it up. I mean I had wanted to get my own Blog for quite some time, but in order to maintain one of these things, a body has to make the time.

We can all thank Fraser for quitting his day job and coming to work with Alexis and I at Class Comics FULL TIME! His presence has afforded me so much more time to breathe. I can focus on the drawing and the Blogging so much more effectively since he has been here to take care of the business side of things. AT LAST I have been able to step back from the administrative work, and focus on my craft!

So thanks Honey, for making Class run smoothly, and for bringing me so much freedom.

And while I am thanking people, I really must thank ALL OF YOU kind folks, who have a) kept me so interested in running Boytoons Magazine, b) Been soooooo supportive of this Blog and c) come out and played along with me, making me get over my fear of communicating with the you the fans and readers of Class Comics, and taking an active part in the community. You guys truly are the best!

So it’s kinda funny because, I like to flip through all of the past months covers once in a while. Boy, we sure have had a chance to talk about some really great artists in the past 30 days. I can’t say that any single issue in particular has been my favorite, but I think my preferred posts have been the ones that have generated the most conversation in the “comments” section, or what I like to call the “backroom”! I hope that you all take the time to check out the comments that people leave because they are really a fabulous read. It’s like a whole sub-level of Boytoons Magazine Blogging going on with some really great discussions, links and other cool stuff.

I look ahead to the future and wonder what is still to come. I know I still have a ton of artists that I want to talk about. I want to create a whole whack of new fan art of male Pop Culture Icons to share with you. Plus there is soooooo much more about my own comics and characters I wish to tell you. Suffice it to say, I think I am good to go for at least another month or so! HA! HA! HA!

I am ALWAYS interested in new artists and discovering new creators. So if you know of someone you’d like to see talked about on Boytoons Magazine, just lemme know! I’ll certainly look into it!

The next few months will also bring new sections to the magazine. I may want to chat about a few other items that don’t just revolve around comics and Boytoons. After all, that’s the fun of running your own Blog. You can prattle on about whatever the Heck you like! LOL!!!

On the cover of today’s very special issue is my favorite image of Locus, in the clutches of Slavva. I am in a BIG TIME Locus mood lately, and I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate my first month with my lean, green, sex machine all spread-eagled for your viewing pleasure!

So thank you all again, from the bottom of my heart. You have made this such a wonderful experience, and a part of my day which I truly enjoy and look forward to! You are all appreciated, very, very much, and I look forward to bringing you more Boytoon art, be it mine or that of other artists, here on my modest little Blog!

Good night to you all!
Hugz + Kisses


PS – Recently, Phrog, one of my daily readers, mentioned how much he liked the image of Lanor tangled up in the red string. It occurred to me that that image was sort of Lanor in peril, so I threw together this little wallpaper for him, and for all of you as well! Not as elaborate as some of the other Heroes in Peril wallpapers have been, but this image is a few years older. Still, I hope you all enjoy it…and thank you Phrog for the suggestion!


  1. Geez, a month already?

    First up, congratulations! I was really excited when you started the blog, so it’s nice to see you’ve kept up your dedication to it over a whole month already (time really flies, huh?). Also nice to hear things are going so well over at Class, so congrats on that too.

    Like a lot of other people here, one of the first things I do in the morning or when I get home now is check this place for updates. It’s just a little thing to look forward to every day that we all appreciate.

    Nice choices for the cover and the wallpaper, and hopefully we’ll all still be talking to you here this time next month.

    Talk to ya later!

  2. Hey Patrick!

    Getting your own blog up and running was one of the best things ever. You have intoroduced me and I am sure others as well to so many different artists and so much talent. I know that living in Australia and being so far away from all of you makes it harder to learn about these fantastic artists, as to quote Bette Midler on her trip to Australia in April 2005, “Australia is like visiting the ass end of the world, it’s so far away, and their national bird is the fly.” So I guess what I am saying is that your blog has brought me closer to your world, and for that I am grateful.

    I also love reading what other people have to say, nine out of ten times someone makes a comment about something that I have overlooked and it makes me rethink everything over and see it with a different spin and appreciate it in a different way.

    Though, the best fun is, is the fact that we can prattle on like a pack of old hacks and take the piss out of things and ourselves and no on is judged by it. When you think about it, we carry on like a bunch of girls in a cheerleader squad going gaa gaa over the football team!!

    I’m so glad that things are working out well for Class Comics, I’ll do whatever I can for you here in Australia to help promote get Class Comics get a strong foothold here and you know that I will, and help you become part of a world wide community not just a company that sells comics.

    I worship the quicksand you walk on!!!


  3. Hey Patrick,

    first of all: Congratulations on Your first month of Blogging! It’s totally utterly awesome to be able to talk to Your favorite artist ever! =D

    And I have to thank You so much for making that “Lanor in peril”-Wallpaper! I adore this image of Lanor: He’s so extremely sexy and he looks like he could use a very good and intense licking hihhihihi =D

    Lanor and Cam are my favorite boytoons and that says alot. I always try to imagine how these characters move, how their voices sound, how they smell, how they feel… yes, I am that nerdy! =D

    All I can say is, I cannot await checking Your blog daily to see what cool stuff You have some up with and I can only say tj and manny are damn right, saying, it’s tremendously great of You to actually HAVE that blog and be with us here and share Your thoughts, Your art, everything with us fanboys.

    Thank You very much, Patrick. You truly are awesome.

  4. Hey Phrog!

    Do I have to come over there and smack you upside the back of your head??

    Stop calling yourself a nerd, because your not. Your a wonderful expressive human being!!


  5. Asmodeus says

    Wow, that was only a month? It seemed much longer than that. Haha!
    But I read something in this post. Does it really mean you’ll go for only another month more? Uuhhh, man. And this was the best idol-fan bonding I ever had. You were the nicest, you know… Its really touching the way you reply to each of our comments. I liked that best of you – aside from your heroes. Hung as Horses. Yum. Hehe.

    The Lanor wallpapers great, by the way. Love it, as well as the previous “NJ in peril”. I’m using it as my wallpaper – currently changing it again. Haha! Who’re you gonna do next? Ghostboy? Deimos? Nah, never mind, its better as a surprise.

    So, I hope you prolong your stay here at blogger. You became like -75% of the reason why I still read blogs here. Haha! And not to mention boosting my enthusiasm to your works. (I really should have found this site sooner, you know.) I’ll miss this if you ever stop. *sigh* – Haha! Getting too sentimental, am I? Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    Oh yeah, sorry I missed the three previous posts. I didn’t get the chance to comment on them because I had canvases to stretch and pigmented colors (acrylic) to mix. I know I can comment on them now, but then… you already finished replying on those. I love it when you reply. Like I said in my blog – its like talking to a god. Haha! Too much credit? Okay, lets change it to demi-god. ^_^

    Bye for now, and don’t go changing. :)

  6. Charvolth says

    Kind of shocked that it has been one month as well. You posted a lot of great material. Best wishes on expanding your comic line.

  7. Hello Fellas…

    Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments you left! It makes me feel so good to know how much you all enjoy this Blog. I have a great time putting it together as well!

    I just wanted to reassure you guys that I was totally kidding about only doing this for another month or so. HA! HA! HA! Sometimes my sense of humor doesn’t really translate into my typing! :D I don’t plan on shutting down Boytoons Magazine anytime soon! I really do still have a bunch of stuff to talk about and share with you guys. That isn’t to say that sometime down the road I won’t run out of stuff to talk about, but for now I am quite content blabbing away!

    TJ, thanks again for the kind words! I can hardly believe it has only been a month as well! Time really does fly when you are having fun! I am really thrilled that you view this Blog as a part of your daily routine. I hope I can continue to provide you with fun and interesting stuff to read!

    Manny, I truly appreciate your enthusiasm. Thanks so much for spreading the word about Class Comics and my Boytoons. You really do Rock, my friend! ;)

    Phrog… I am thrilled that the Lanor wallpaper made you purr! HA! HA! HA! Lanor is pretty lickable, isn’t he? ;) I’ve also enjoyed the sharing with you guys. I love hearing your thoughts on the articles I post and reading your impressions of things! So thank you again for continuing to be so supportive.

    Charvolth… you’re a real sweetheart! Thanks for the kudos! Looking forward to reading from you in the next months to come!

    Hello Asmodeus… I am sorry to have worried you! LOL!!! I really was only joking about running out of stuff to talk about! I’ll be sticking around…not to worry!

    Meanwhile, I am glad you’re having fun switching up the wallpapers! I love putting them together, so it all works out!

    And I also wanted to tell you that you can feel free to post comments even after I’ve answered a stream of them. I never consider a post “closed” and check back often to make sure that every one who leaves a comment gets an answer… unless of course I find that everything has already been said. HA! HA! HA!

    So thanks again for your support and for taking the time to write! Glad you’re having fun!

    Hugz + Kisses to you all!
    Patrick XOXOXO

  8. Hello manny,

    thank You very, very much for Your wonderful “threat” and comment =D

    See, this is what I love most about this blog: People come together who would’ve never met under any circumstances. It’s so gorgeous and I am very happy and thrilled to be a little part of this wonderful group of people.

    All the best to You all.

  9. … sorry, forgot to acknowledge Patrick:

    Yes, it’s true – I totally adore Lanor (and – of course – Cam). When I was younger, I was drawing myself. Not remotely comparable to You stuff, but still: I came up with the idea of two loveable and beautiful catbois and as soon as I found out about Your art and Your two cats, I totally fainted and got excited.

    You see, again, it’s the difference between the two boys: Lanor, to me, seems a little more calculating, while Cam is more naive. Both are loveable and adorable, but as You can see, I am a total nut when it comes to Your Felinoids, Patrick.

    All this babbling just means – yes, I totally love Your two catbois and I will continue to do so forever. Can’t await Felinoids No. 3 =D =D =D

  10. Hiya Phrog…

    I ADORE your enthusiasm and excitement, especially when you talk about my Beloved Cam and Lanor! LOL!!! It’s such a thrill to know my cat bois have such a great fan in you! I promise you that Felinoids #3 will end up getting done! Once I wrap up the work on Satisfaction Guaranteed #4, I will hopefully have more time to tackle Cam’s third book! I will keep ya posted!

    Meanwhile, thanks for the kind words, my friend! :o)

    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXO

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