The ART of Patrick Fillion – July 2006 Updates.

Just thought you might like to know that my personal website has been updated for July 2006. Alexis and Fraser posted a whole bunch of new things…including some new character bios on Space Cadet and Catnip! Plus I wrote a new Locus short story for the fiction section called “Zanbar”. There’s a whooooole bunch more, so be sure to drop by and check it all out!

Lanor is my July “welcome page” Boytoon, and he is censored on the site itself…but since you guys ROCK so much, I thought I’d post him here for ya, the way I originally drew ‘im! Enjoy!

Hugz + Kisses
Patrick XOXO


  1. Hey Patrick,


    I’m totally excited, thanks sooo much for that awesome picture. I’ll be on Your website in a second and I’ll be sure to post some more coherent thoughts on Lanor and Cam asap!

    Thanks – You are totally supersweet and You keep on rocking!!! =D

  2. Hey Patrick!

    How’s things going??

    Well I have to say that I am glad that I have bought a 2 year UGAS pass. The wallpapers on your adult section are amazing and Lanor is fast becoming a second favorite for me. This pussy boy is hot!!! I would love to see more of him and Cam together as they work so well with each other.

    Sounds like yourself, Fraz & Alexis have been busy doing updates and such, can’t wait to check them out. But will have to do so after I get over the buzz of Superman Returns, I’ve already seen it twice in the one day!!! AWESOME. It goes for a staggering 3 hours and has a lot of heart and amazing character development.

    But I have to say that your work is just getting better and better with each update on your website and it becomes a ritual with me to check it out several times a day as I don’t want to miss a thing.

    Now the only thing that is missing from your site (seeing as though you have covered everything else and added things that no one else would dream off) is a Boytoons Screen saver! Now that would be dripping buldge material!!

    I love the stories put up there aswell, I love the G Mans story, as I said before, he just screams out to me “Party everyday!”

    But most of all, it’s great to see Lanor on your Blog, I hope we get to see more of him and I can’t wait to get to know him more also!

    Licks & Chews!

  3. Charvolth says

    Liked the biography on Catnip, though one question did you name the mental institution she was in after your BF, I thought it an interesting coincidence if you came up with that background before meeting him.
    Interesting take on the vigilante hero with Space Cadet, or perhaps hero for hire might be the best term.

  4. Really cool of you to let us see this. HOT… as usual.

  5. Hey Patrick!

    I always wondered how Catnip came about. And very interesting choice of name for her as well. In Australia we have a herb called Catnip that we let our cats chew on and put in their stuffed toys, this is like “pussy dope” and makes them all playfull and kitten like. It’s fantastic how her name invokes one image (to me) but her personality something else.

    You can tell that Catnip really cares for those around her and that is most aparent in Cube 5 at GB’s memorial and then her ferocity in Cube 2 where I thought she was really going to kill madman who killed those lesbians.

    She is also a great look, she kind of reminds me of the Black Canary in DC comics (Green Arrow’s girlfriend.)

    I think out of all the bios Catnip’s is the most tragic by a long shot and really makes me take her to heart.

    Her growth as a character in the future will be certain good read and I’m sure a lot of fun.

    BTW – Do you have the Catnip Herb in Canada??


  6. Good morning Patrick,

    after a night of good, relaxing sleep, I find myself still troubled because of the beauty that is Your catbois, namely Cam and Lanor.

    After I kinda accidentally found out about Your art and Your website, I ordered the Bruno Gmünder-book and guess what, in there is the most beautiful and most gorgeous cat-being Lanor, lying on a double-page spread. You know the picture? He’s such a gorgeous catboi, thanks Patrick! Any chance of a wallpaper with that picture from the Gmünder-book?

    Thanks for everything Lanor and Cam, Patrick! You rock!!

  7. Good Morning Folks!

    It was a really nice surprise to read your comments on these latest updates to my site. With everything that has been going on here at Class Comics this Summer, we sadly missed updating for June, so we figured we’d add a bunch of stuff for July!

    Phrog, I am really thrilled that you liked this new image of Lanor so much. I don’t get to draw him often because he is so interwoven in the Felinoids series. It’s kinda hard to draw him out of that context in other comic strips. That’s why it was cool to get to whip him up for this update. Glad he made you happy! :o)

    Manny, Glad you enjoyed the updates as well. It’s nice to hear that you liked the wallpaper in the adult section. Fraser and I have a whole bunch of plans for the site, and are just looking for the time to put it all together.

    And yes Superman was really wonderful. I am sorry to tell ya that I have never really been a huge Superman fan, but the film moved me. It is not hard to understand what it is about Supes that has the world in love with him. Like I said, I was moved!

    Meanwhile, we do indeed have catnip here in North America. The character Catnips’ name always seemed appropriate to me since she’s kinda like a big cat whacked out on drugs! LOL!!! Her real name is Catherine Cannip, and the first three letters of both her first and last name come together to create her alias. I adore this character, personally. I get to really cut loose through her in the comics. It’s cool to see that she is appreciated by you guys.

    Charvolth, it’s really cool to hear that you enjoyed the Catnip bio. Wow! I never hoped that she would be so popular. What a great surprise! LOL!!!

    To answer your question, yes…in a strange and bizarre twist of fate I ended up with a boi named after my make-believe mental institution! HA! HA! HA! My very own Arkham Asylum is named after my boyfriend. But you see, when I created the hospital, back in 1996 I think it was, I based it upon one of Vancouver’s infamous mental health facilities named Riverview. I believe Riverview in the vicinity of the Fraser River, soooo…. I figured that this would be a good substitute name. Back then, the Cube series was based out of Vancouver, and I preferred not to use the real names of actual places. Nowadays, I’ve reinvented the series as you know, and based it in Gateway City, but Fraserview just kinda stuck! Thanks for the really cool question, my friend! :oD

    Gymtwin… I am glad you enjoyed the “hung” version of Lanor. It always breaks my heart to have to censor the “welcome” page Boytoons… but alas, such things are recommended. At least here you get to see him in all his glory!

    Phrog… again, I am thrilled to hear that Lanor has such a huge fan! :o) All I can say is keep watching the Blog, my friend. I am working on a little surprise for you!

    Many thanks to you all for the wonderful comments! Have a wonderful day!
    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXOX

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