BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #24 – The Penguin Bar: the 3D art of Fabiano Fabris

I want to clarify a few things. A lot of discussion has been generated because of BTM #22, my little step by step expose on how I create a comic page. In my responses to some of the comments posted, I mentioned that I as an artist prefer to do things the “old fashioned way” when it comes to drawing comics. I like to pencil, and ink by hand, but I still LOVE what the computer as an art tool can do for me.

Now that being said, I want to make it very clear that I have nothing but the utmost respect for artists who use computers as their primary tool. It is as my pal Spubba pointed out, there really is no “right” or “wrong” way of creating comics and art. Everyone has their own preferences and specialties, and that is precisely what makes the world of art so amazing and interesting: the sheer variety and diversity of it all.

Sooooo… today I want to talk to you about an artist who is a master at creating amazingly beautiful homo-erotic art with his computer. I am of course referring to the wonderful Fabiano Fabris, whose gorgeous art is on display at his site, the Penguin Bar.

Fabiano states that “(the Penguin Bar) is my portfolio of computer generated homoerotic art. I am a Poser artist, which means that I create images using Poser 6 and Vue 5. Infinite. My work is entirely dedicated to erotic male nudes (ok, some of them aren’t fully nude, but they do show a lot of skin), and can include overtly sexual themes.” From a technical point of view, it is fascinating to learn about the tools of this artists’ trade. But the Penguin Bar is much more than an online portfolio, it is an adventure.

I’ve seen a lot of Poser art over the past few years, and some of it is really exceptional. But Fabiano’s seems to go beyond a lot of what you normally see. Each one of his pieces tells a vivid story, generally featuring characters of absolute beauty, and settings that are completely breathtaking. I love an artist who can set a mood, and this boy does it like nobody’s business.

Reading throughout his site, I was quite moved to come upon a passage he includes pertaining to the money he earns from commissions he takes on. He states that “All income deriving from my art work (my online store and commissioned work like eBook covers) goes to the Ali Forney Center for Homeless LGBT Youth. Obviously, this is an artist who not only possesses great talent, but a warm and caring heart as well, concerned with community issues.

The Penguin Bar is a joy to peruse. The Galleries are exquisite and well arranged, and each image is truly a little story in itself, well worth a good long look. I personally loved his section on the book covers he’s created, and found his gallery of female figures as lovely as his men.

It’s my feeling that art is art because it is so individual and unique. We all have our separate ways of creating it, and how we choose to create it is ultimately not the point. What is all important is that we express it, share it and cherish it…and above all respect it. It is one of the only things in todays’ world that is still capable of bringing joy into people’s lives. Personally I thank artists like Fabiano for creating the art he does and for sharing it with all of us.


  1. Charvolth says

    This is exceptional work, I have great respect ofr anyone who can work well with poser, as they use base models and augment them, so I appreciate anyone who can add their unique touch. As well as posing, I have seen examples of people just starting out and it sounds tricky.
    The backgrounds are a real treat with these pics though, nice use of lighting and detail.

  2. Hi Charvolth…

    I completely agree with you. It is so cool to see an artist’s personal style come through in their Poser Art. I think that is one of the things that really sets Fabiano apart from a lot of other artists who use Poser. He really has a great talent! :o)

    Thanks for the comment, my friend!
    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXO

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