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Hiya Gang…

Since Boytoons Magazine #22, my little Step X Step article, a few of you have been asking me about how to color comics and what I recommend etc… I have found that reading this book, “The DC Comics Guide to Coloring and Lettering Comics”, published by Watson-Guptil, was very helpful. It helped me to better understand how to color comics, and learn about the Do’s and Don’t’s of it all.

So if you’re interested in coloring comics using programs like PhotoShop, this book is my #1 suggestion on where to begin!

Hugz + Kisses to you all — Patrick XOXO


  1. Hello Patrick,

    well, when I restarted being interested in computers in my free time again, I started out with using photoshop and it was mainly because of the cool comic book effects that I came to love so much.

    I think I became pretty good at Photoshop, but I started to become more interested in programming, so I stopped exploring it anymore. Which is a shame because it is sooo much fun to bring a b/w-sketch to life.
    I am very sure You heard of Michael Turner, formerly superstar of the Top Cow-Studios. His comics gained so much more atmosphere because of the awesome colors.

    I always had a hard time finding out where the light is coming from and I made so many mistakes when coloring a character. But I still don’t wanna miss these experiences… And just to prove I’m not bullshitting, I even uploaded one of my first tries ever. It’s an Adam Hughes-Picture and I tried my best to make it look good. You can view it here: http://img477.imageshack.us/img477/5781/leiabyah4du.png

    All the best and take care!

  2. … after rereading that posting, I’m not quite sure if I made myself clear: I am not too fond of my first tries at photoshopping that picture and by saying “… I tried to make it look good…” I mean, Adam Hughes is a god and I tried my best to make it look as good as I can.

    Sorry folks, it’s late and I am barely awake..

  3. MJR Charlie says

    Oh cool, whats the sort code on the back Patrick, just to make that search easier (I can ask my local bookshop to order it then)

  4. Charvolth says

    Thanks for the info and I will look it up.

  5. Asmodeus says

    amazing. i checked the book in amazon, and you know what, i think I already saw that in a bookstore in SM (oh, SM is this super mall here in the Philippines. just lucky, i guess. well, off to buy it. hope they still have stock though. (i saw only one.)

    thanks a bunch, pat! (sorry, we filipinos like to shorten names.) ^_^;

  6. Hi Gang…

    Glad this little post could be of help to ya!

    Phrog: lighting is a bitch! LOL!!! It can really make or break a coloring job. That being said, I thin practice does really make all the difference. I find it helps to establish in your minds’ eye where the primary light source is going to be on your image.

    And by the way, you did a very nice job on that lovely Slave Leia! I think you should give PhotoShop another go! You obviously have a lot of skill! :o)

    Hi Charlie. Here is the ISBN # on the back of the book. This should help: ISBN: 0823010309

    Charvolth… Glad you liked the post. Hope you enjoy the book!

    Asmodeus… Hope you can find the book again. It is really great!

    On the shortening of my name though… if it’s okay with you, I would much prefer “Patrick!” LOL!!! ;) I never liked “Pat”…not since those dreadful Saturday Night Live skits in the 90s. HA! HA! HA! No worries though… you are not the first to call me “Pat”!

    It’s kinda like how people assume Alexis is a woman, when he is really a guy. Ah the world of the internet… LOL!!!

    By the way… LOVE your artwork my friend. You are very talented and I look forward to seeing more of your stuff! YOU ROCK!!!

    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXO

  7. Dave Erb says

    Hi Patrick’

    I can tell you this, without the DC guide to coloring comics, I would of never gotten started. I had only a small clue on how to use Photo-Shop. Now maybe you can put out a manual on how to produce all those wonderful painting techniques you produce in your drawings!

    In all seriousness, PS is a learning tool. Like any instrument the more you play it the better you become. I advise anyone learning the program to just keep at it, and practice, practice, practice! the results can be amazing!

    Do it to it!
    Dave Erb

  8. Hi Dave…

    Thanks so much for your comment! Great to read from you again! :o)

    It’s so cool to get a first-hand account of how this great little book has helped someone furhter hone thier skills. I too found it very helpful and full of great pointers. But you are soooo right! The BEST way to better ones skills truly is to practice, practice, practice!!!

    As for me putting out a book on coloring techniques…well, I am afraid I have a lot left to learn myself…but you are a total sweetheart for suggesting it! LOL!!!

    Much love to you, my friend!
    Patrick XOXOX

  9. Good morning Patrick,

    oh thank You so very much, You’re too kind! =D Actually, I was sloppy at the edges and I didn’t even color her eyes, but I fell in love with AH!s rendition of Leia and I totally fell in love with computers, so why not put the two of them together and color the babe? =D

    Thanks Patrick, You are awesome!

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