My take on Street Fighters REMY and TWELVE…for you! :)

Hiya Gang…

Sorry for not getting around to posting a new issue of BTM today. It was CRAZY BUSY here at Class Comics, so I am afraid I had to tend the business at hand. However, I did find a little time this evening to put the finishing touches on this image of Remy and Twelve from Street Fighter for your enjoyment.

I have always LOVED Remy and have been meaning to draw him for a while…so here he is in all his glory! Sometimes when he wins a round in the game, he unzips his leather jacket…this is just taking that winning move a wee bit further! Man I wish he’d do that in the game fer real! LOL!!! And Twelve is so much fun because he is so… well, odd! I figured he would also be an easy enough character to throw in behind Remy! Lazy me! HA! HA! HA!

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy these Capcom boys done my way. Tomorrow I will get around to answering all of your wonderful comments on last nights’ posts and throw up a few more goodies for ya to enjoy!

Good night to you all!
Hugz + Kisses

Patrick XOXOX


  1. Charvolth says

    Not too familiar with Remy, but have seen him around and of course love the addition of your ‘unique charms’. also, thanks for the Capcom link, if anything I found out about the Megman X collection coming out ofr PS 2

  2. hi patrick this is way cool

  3. Hey Patrick,

    thanks for that beautiful picture. Again, it depicts perfectly how You are able to give a character something “special” and unique: It’s the look on his face (believe it or not hahahah!) that makes me wanna lick him. He’s so self-confident that I could take him by surprise hahahaha…

    Seriously, it’s a great picture – the pose fits his look 110% and I thank You again for that!

    manny, lol… thanks, I spit coffee all over my keyboard =D

  4. Ismael Álvarez says

    Oh my god!, awesomes!!!!!!! Very hottie and… nice cock… ;).


  5. I Hate moving House!!

    I would have more fun driving nails through my eyelids!



    Bitter & Twisted!

  6. So hot…

    and as long as you’re doing Street Fighter characters, I’d like to put a formal request in for Alex, with the biggest street fighter cock of them all :)

    Great work, as usual Patrick!

  7. STREETO FIGHTAA!! YEAH!! Love it! Although I can’t play Remy or 12 (in 3rd strike I mess with Dudley, Urien, and and the Chun-meister).

    Personal question for ya: would you do it if Capcom wanted to hire you as a staff artist? That’s always been one of my dream jobs. But I know some freelancers who’d never take a staff position. Just curious what your view is.

  8. Patrick, you have NO EARTHLY idea of how much my twin brother loves you right now! And he has no computer, LOL. But he’s in your eternal debt nonetheless.

  9. Hi Guys…

    Glad you enjoyed my little Street Fighter moment! LOL!!! I realize that Remy and Twelve are not the most well-recognized characters from the game, but I have always had a thing for Remy. I think it’s just that he seems so arrogant and sexy all at once…what can you do? Everyone digs a bad boy I guess! LOL!!!

    Charvolth, I am really glad my little link provided you some info on Megaman. I think that this is a very cool feature of Blogging, in that by posting and image or an article on a particular subject, you can provide links to things related in some way or another.

    Nved…thanks for dropping by and taking the time to write. Glad you are having fun here! LOL!! :o)

    Phrog, my friend… I think I wouldn’t mind helping you do to Remy what you just described…. Mmmmmmm…Remy lickage!

    Ismi…thanks so much sweetie! It was very sweet of you to drop by and I really appreciated your lovely comment! Kisses — :oD

    Vishus, Glad you liked Remy. I am a big Alex fan as well… though I cannot play him to save my life! LOL!! We will see what the future holds for a drawing of him… I am SUCH a big tease! HA! HA! HA!

    JC! Hi Dude! I like your choice of characters for 3rd strike. Chun Li ESPECIALLY seems to kick ass in the game! Personally I always go with either Remy, Q (cause he is so damn weird and fun!), Chun Li or Twelve. It’s a great game and I still love the way it handles even today! I just Ebayed me a copy of Capcom Evolution… YAH!!! DEMITRI!!!! LOVE HIM… and I have been missing him so much ever since I got rid of my Sega Saturn and my Darkstalkers game. I can’t wait to play him again! :oD

    Hmmm… A job on staff at Capcom. It would be tempting, but I think I would ultimately have to have a good amount of freedom in order to accept. I’d sure as hell push for an officially GAY fighter though! THAT would be cool to design! I’ve gotten pretty used to working by my own rules…(SPOILED actually!), but a job at Capcom would probably be one of the next best things out there! How about you?

    Gymtwin… LOL!!! I am so happy that my Remy pic made you and your brother so happy! I aim to please! One thing is fer sure…Remy and Twelve aren’t going to be my last SF character illustrations. So when the mood strikes me…maybe I’ll do up a few others!

    Much love and thanks to you all!
    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXOX


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