BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #21 – The Fine Art of Dave Erb.

I simply LOVE discovering new artists. It’s always so much fun to come across a creative person who’s as talented in his craft as he is at coming up with the themes for his image

A few months back, I received a message from Dave Erb, who was looking to get his gay male erotic art out into the world. In his email to me he attached one of his wonderful illustrations, and I fell in love with it right away.

What is especially pleasing to the eye about Dave’s work is that he has a true love of art. His recently created website, which I encourage you all to go and discover, holds some truly beautiful pieces, and not all of them erotic in nature. You will be very pleased to find that Dave is an artist of the human form, whether male or female, and a fan of the fantasy genre as well as the erotic. I especially loved his wonderfully DRUNK satyr image which denotes a certain playfulness as well as a classical touch.

There is a simple elegance to Dave’s work. He does not over ink, nor does he over-color. He simply lets the image speak for itself, and speak it does. His characters come alive and pull you into every scene with their charm and beauty.

A thoughtful man, Dave is forever interested in pushing the envelope, and exploring new subjects through his imagery. In his biography, he talks a little about the things that motivate him as an artist as well as his aspirations. If I may be so bold, I find that Dave also bears a rather handsome resemblance to how I imagine Wolverine in his Logan persona, drawn in the X-Men comics. :)

Recently, Dave has begun creating illustrations for Freshmen Magazine. I am terribly proud of him for landing such a great gig, and also very pleased that he has come into contact with such a wonderful team of people. You can all look forward to Dave’s first Freshmen image appearing in the July issue. I am certain it will not be his last.

His website features some of his illustrations, and will also afford collectors of fine gay erotic artwork the opportunity to add an original Dave Erb to their collection. Since Dave is headed for great things, such an investment would be a wise one indeed. An artist to be closely followed!


  1. Hi Patrick!

    Well on a cold wintery day in Sydney where the fog is so thick you can’t see your hand in front of your face, it was nice to wake and see images like these.

    Dave is really good and has a fantastic way of expressing his boys.I agree with what you said about not over coloring and how he lets the images speak for themselves. Nice cheeky grins on their faces and the images don’t give too nuch away and let’s your imagination run wild for bit.

    It will be nice to see more work of his in the future, and I will definatley be keeping an eye out for more of his work.

    Thanks for introducing him to us!

    Well, back to unpacking more boxes, my cats are having a field day playing hide and seek in all the packaging, problem is they tend to play “Let’s attack Daddies ankles” whenever I walk past them! Kids!


  2. Thanks for sharing Dave’s work, Patrick. I especially enjoyed the fire dancer and fallen angel images. And the dragons image was particularly poignant.

  3. Hiya Manny and JC… Nice of you boys to drop by!

    I am thrilled you enjoyed discovering Dave’s talent! It’s always fun to actually get to introduce you guys to artists you may not yet know! I, like you am really looking forward to seeing more Dave’s beautiful art!

    Manny, I hope you are having fun in your boxes. Moving can suck ass, but there is a great deal of fun in setting up a new space! Good luck! :o)

    JC, I totally agree with you. Dave’s fantasy material is quite lovely! I hope he adds more of it to the site in future updates.

    Much love,
    Patrick XOXO

  4. I’ve always found the jocks-in-locker-room mise-en-scène to be particularly alluring, and Dave certainly demonstrates an excellent feel for it.

    Man, there’s just something about a hot jock in a jockstrap… Yowza!

  5. I hear ya, G-Man… I really love the the jock in the jock look as well… and Dave captures that beautifully!

    Glad you enjoyed the post, my friend!

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXOX

  6. Dave Erb says


    I am truly almost at a loss for words! You flatter me greatly! What a cool thing to have my art on a cover of BOYTOONS MAGAZINE!

    About two summers ago while vacationing in Atlanta, I walked into the adult bookstore at Ansley square. There, high on a shelf, behind the counter was a copy of GUARDIANS OF THE CUBE No.2, you know, the one with DIABLO on the cover? I fell n love! At that moment I knew what I wanted to pursue artistically.

    You are a true pioneer in this field and a man of great integrity. An inspiration to myself and I’m sure, alot of other aspiring artist!

    Thanks for posting such a great article………I’m still blushing!

    Best Regards,
    Dave Erb

    P.S. I find the Wolverine/Logan thing hysterical! Iv’e actually had the Van Helsing comparison, so I must be working it some how!

  7. Dave, you are too kind! And you are making ME blush! LOL!!! I am so pleased you enjoyed the posting. I meant every word. I truly, truly love your work and cannot wait to see more! :o)

    And I’m pleased you enjoyed my little comparison of you to Wolvie… as I said…HOT! HOT! HOT!!! HA! HA! HA! If you got it, go with it! ;)

    All the best, dear friend. BIG HUGZ AND KISSES…
    Patrick XOXOX

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