…and because a Blog about Boytoons should have some Boytoons in it….

Here are 2 new Wallpaper designs I created for you guys! Again, both are 1024 X 819 and should shrink nicely to fit smaller screens.

I made use of my latest image of Naked Justice on one ‘cause you all seemed to like him so much. And for the second design, I used my FAVORITE image of the Guardian of the Cube cast of characters! I love NJ, Darque, School Girl and Lighte on here! So enjoy them my friends, and have a wonderful evening!

I am OFF to bed!

Big Hugz + Kisses to you all!
Patrick XOXOX


  1. MJR Charlie says

    I have always loved that image of the guardians all together (despite schoolgirl and how she freaks me out, but still, there’s always one in any universe).

    Thanks for doing a wall of the new NJ image Patrick, I’ve already made it into my new wallpaper.

    You know I’ve got images you’ve done of Naked Justice and Camili cat hung up in my house, which is funny cause I invite my straight friends round, and rather then say anything they pretend they haven’t seen the pics. Maybe I’m a little cruel, but most of them seem to have pullouts of girls from there magazines, to screw it, I know what I love to see first thing in the morning.

  2. Hey Patrick!

    I have to agree with mjr Charlie on this.

    Schoolgirl really freaks me out because years ago I lived with a fat dyke (she hated being refered to as an overweight lesbian) and she used to dress as a school girl whenever she went to a girl’s bar. The last I heard of “Dingle” that was her name , was that she had her overies removed and now has them in a huge jar being preserved and using the jar as a door stop. (Welcome to the crazy world I call my life, and yes it contains traces of nuts!)To this day I am still trying to find a support group to help me with the issues I have with “Dingle.”

    I really don’t know why I felt I had to share that with you, I think I may have had to much coffee, either that or getting this house move underway is really sending me over the deep end!

    Time for a Valium!


  3. Nice!

    Really love the NJ wallpaper, he just looks soooo hot tweaking his nipples like that. I’ve already got it as my new wallpaper too. And yeah, Schoolgirl kinda creeps me out too, lol.

  4. Hello Patrick,

    thanks again for being just awesome! The Guardians-Wallpaper is supremely gorgeous because of their variety of poses that You came up with.
    I always look at the way a character likes to move in a comic book because – to me – it says alot about his/her character itself. I imagine Cam being ultra-bendable and very powerful but still slick and … well… just moving like a cat whereas I imagine GhostBoy moving almost like Spider-Man etc.

    So, all in all, I got no point in making that posting but I just wanted to say that I love the way You draw poses!

    Thanks again man – You rock incredibly hard! =D

  5. Absolutely fantastic wallpapers!To be honest I already had the NJ pics saved to my harddrive but couldn’t resist downloading the huge nipple tweaking NJ aswell;) You know I thought the whole image was fantastic anyway but, it just makes you appreciate the work that went into his face and upper body that much more… I think I may be falling in love with a Superhero… I guess I finally know how poor old Lois felt lol… except unlike gramps I’ve got age and beauty on my side lol… I wonder if that would sway NJ?

    Loved the Cube line up aswell… Already had it from some of those fanastic prints you send with comic orders (I just love those little bonuses:) and I also have the French H&O Cube book of which the cover is kinda similar.Eveyday is just a delight to see what else you have on ya blogg… Its like actually being in the mind of a genius lol.

    Also, I so agree with Phrog. Reading the comics, you do sort of picture how the characters would move and interact with their surroundings. Cam having the strength and agility of a big cat ,like a Jaguar or something thats how I imagine him. All powerful lean muscle;) Thing is I always wondered (maybe I have too much time on my hands lol) how Cams body would feel. I mean, would it just be like a human, or with the markings Cam has on his body is it like a really close soft fur all over him?

    Patrick, whats the answer?

  6. Charvolth says

    Man looks like NJ is really tugging on those nipples once you get a close-up.
    Unlike previous mentions, Schoolgirl just looks like a slightly more attractive drawn version of the pics you might have seen on FatChicksIn PartyHats.com.
    I wonder if makes me insenistive and horribly jaded.

  7. It’s nice to be able to go to bed and pray, only now I don’t wish for things. Instead I give thanks for all the beatuty that surrounds me and I very much include your art.

    Thank God for you. Seriously.

  8. Hello Gang…

    So pleased you are enjoying the wallpaper posts. You’ve inspired me to create more, and I just posted a whack of others today for ya!

    Charlie… Your home is your castle, my friend. I say if you want to display homo-erotic art on your walls, GOOD FOR YOU!!! I couldn’t agree more. Fraser and I have a bunch of stuff around the house, and sometimes our straight friends just laugh and sometimes they actually ask questions about it! It’s pretty cool, and besides… I figure art is art!

    Manny… Sorry the School Girl gives you the wiggins. It may interest you to know that she is actually one of my oldest creations, next to characters like Cam. I created her in high school when I was like 14 or so, and I think she is a very misunderstood character! LOL!!! Still, as a villain, if she gives people the creeps, then I guess she is doing her job pretty well! HA! HA! HA! Thanks for stopping by!

    Hey TJ… Glad you enjoyed the NJ wallpaper! Poor School Girl…this just isn’t her day! LOL!!! I guess I don’t really have to ask if you appreciated the sex scene between her and NJ in Cube #5 then! ;)

    Hiya Phrog… Glad you liked the Guardians wallpaper! I love that particular image of the group because it features pretty much all of the main characters from the series…at least from the first 4 issues.

    You are totally right in how you imagine Ghostboy moving. I created him as my answer to Spidey in some ways. Very acrobatic and nubile! ;) Cam has always been very clear in my mind as well. I always figured he would move in very languid motions, but I have always pictured him as being a human character with cat-like agility, rather than moving in an animalistic cat-like manner. Somehow that makes him sexier to me, I dunno! Thanks again for taking the time to comment my friend! :o)

    Hey PB… Wow! Thanks for the kind words! It’s cool to hear that you enjoyed the NJ wallpaper for his facial expression and details. It means a lot to me to hear (read) that! :o) I always try to give the characters as much personality as I can. Sometimes you have to go for that subtle detail in the look or the arch of the smile. It can REALLY sell the overall image. If the face doesn’t work for me, generally I consider the image to be ruined. So pleased you feel this one worked!

    Also, thanks for the comment about the little bonuses we send out with orders. It’s important to Fraser and I that you guys feel you are getting a good value for your money, and we like to try and treat you right… kinda like Dairy Queen! LOL!!! Plus it’s a lot of fun for ME to receive little perks when I order a product… So I like to give as good as I get whenever possible!

    And now about Cam’s body….Mmmmm, one of my FAVORITE topics! HA! HA! HA! Well, he isn’t furry, but his skin is velvety, so he would kind of feel a little bit like suede. So not quite the way Nightcrawler has a short layer of fuzz on his body…but more like a really EXPENSIVE suede body suit! LOL!!! One thing is fer sure…I imagine it warm and soft and verrrrrry nice to cuddle up against!

    Charvolth… thanks for the comment! Boy, you guys suuuuuure don’t like School Girl! I hope she doesn’t take offence and come after you fellas! Remember what she did to NJ in Cube #5…. YIKES! HA! HA! HA!

    Gymtwin… awwww… you are making me blush! You are too sweet, and thank you so very much for your lovely words! They are very much appreciated, my friend! :) I am totally touched!

    Much love to each and every one of you,
    Patrick XOXOOXO

  9. Charvolth says

    Blaaa, the lyrics to a da Yoopers ( a musical comedy troupe from Upper Michigan, famous on Dr. Demento for 2nd. Week of Deer camp) song come to mind,
    Ruthie roll over you’re killin’ me,
    you ain’t as light as you used to be,
    you’re up there havin’ all that fun,
    I’m down here wishin’ you were done.

    Now hurry up Ruthie, hurry up quick,
    My kidnies are squashed and I’m gettin’ sick…
    The song goes on further and remains a favorite of mine

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