BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #19– Finger Lickin’ Good! The Anti-Heroes of JC Etheredge!

A lot of comic artists will mix sex and humor, but few do it as well as JC Etheredge. It takes a great deal of skill to manage both sides of the coin, and JC is a fine example of that perfect balancing act.

We’ve talked a lot about JC lately! One of my first posts here was about the release of his new comic series, Anti-Heroes issues #1 and #2. Recently, JC sent me a gorgeous illustration of Naked Justice done his way, as a gift which I posted here at Boytoons Magazine! And despite all that has been said about this fantastic talent, much remains to be talked about.

JC’s website is an impressive and immense repository of this mega-talented artist’s artwork. Upon entering the site, you will see wicked new bios of some of the characters appearing in the Anti-Heroes series…including the DELICIOUS TAI, my personal Fave! But in typical JC style, he does not stop at a bio and an illustration, and he puts his own unique twist on the entire concept. If you happen to scroll over each bio pic, the character suddenly loses all of his clothing, revealing the chiseled Boytoon beneath the costume! As I said, a perfect mix of erotica and comedy.

And while all of this is already far more than most artists will include on their sites for your viewing pleasure, JC’s generosity does not stop there. Enter his extended gallery of erotic art. We’re talking a whack load of incredibly hot images, some featuring some of his own creations, and others of Marvel characters and other Pop culture icons (The illustration he did of Nightcrawler is Supremo Hot!).

Still, JC Etheredge is nothing if not multi-facetted and multi-talented. His skill at creating Flash animation is completely evident when you progress further into his site. The entry page to his non-erotic gallery, the Waif’s Asylum, is a section filled with incredibly beautiful art JC has created for various projects and clients (Although by this point you are officially entering Marvel Comics could take some pointers from him on costume design. Just look at his series of X-Men character re-designs and you’ll see exactly what I mean!

Then there is his graphic design ability, always dynamic and fresh… and then there is his multitude of non-erotic projects like the wicked Dina Dee, the Playstation inspired Supreme Domination characters, and the adorable yet horribly bloody adventures of Duk Duk Brown.

One thing is clear where JC is concerned. His label of “Anti-Heroes” does not apply strictly to the comic bearing that name. In fact, all of his creations, though heroic in their own right, have a delicious little dark side to them, making them the perfect poster children for the dysfunctional hero arch-type. In his own way, JC is a student of the human spirit, and by using humor and his undeniable talent as an artist, he explores the fractured minds of our would-be idols.

When all is said and done, you could literally spend hours over at JC’s site, and it would be hours well spent. Having recently read his terrific first 2 issues of the Anti-Heroes comic series, I can honestly tell you that this young artist has a bright and long future ahead of him. And so much the better, because so long as he continues to put his talent to paper, we will have the adventures of the oh-so HOT HOT HOT Tai, Caleb and Zeke to drool over. Not to mention all of the other projects this very important artist is sure to blow us away with in due time!

JC, you are the MAN! I can’t wait for Anti-Heroes #3!!! :o)


  1. Hey Patrick!!

    This guy is just too FANFUCKINGTASTIC!

    I can never get enough of this guy’s work. Real tongue in cheek but very sexy. I love his website as well, I discovered his the same night I discovered yours.

    I could actually see a team up with the Anti Heroes and Naked Justice, that would be diobolical wouldn’t it, they would have to lift a finger to fight the bad guy’s I think their sharp tongne’s and wits combined would even have the likes of Joan Rivers running for cover and give the likes of School Girl a hard run for her money she would be sure to loose a few pounds!

    I love it!


  2. Charvolth says

    Love the “Splash” or perhaps it could be called a “splort” page. You can entertain yourself when done entertaining yourself with nature’s own silly string

  3. Charvolth;)ROTFL, You made me laugh!!

  4. LOL @ Charvolth’s comment!

  5. Awww, thanx Patrick for he wonderful article! *blushes*

    And thanks to everyone for your continued support! It’s totally the reason I’m stayin’ in the game. Everytime I hear any feedback I just wanna whip out the paper and pencils and crank something out for you guys!

    LOL @ “nature’s own silly string.”

  6. You weren’t joking about those X-Men costumes. AWESOME designs!!! Thanks for the link.

    I miss Jean Grey (sniff).

  7. Good morning Patrick,

    thanks for that awesome post (again!). I am totally in love with Zeke and I visited the website dozens of times already. Rarely You find such quality and originality nowadays!

    Thanks and all the best!

  8. Hi Guys…

    I am really glad you all enjoyed my post on JC and his wicked work! The man rocks, and his stuff is really out of this world!

    Much love to you all!
    Patrick XOXOXO


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