NAKED JUSTICE by Moonlight!

Hey everyone…

Well, it’s been another long day in production here at Class Comics. Not that I am complaining though, I got a whole bunch of coolstuff done, and I finally wrapped up this promo image of Naked Justice for the June 2006 Class Comics website update. You get to see him first here ‘cause it hasn’t gone live over at Class just yet!

Seems NJ and I are getting along MUUUUUUCH better lately! LOL!!! ;)

I wanted to share him with you because you have all been so good with me since I started this little Blog, and also since you have all made it QUITE clear that you want to see as much of Felix as possible. So here he is, tweaking his nipples for you!

Long day, so I will turn in and say good night for now! I hope you all enjoy this post, and the Boytoons Magazine #18 cover story on Ray Schulze.

Sweet Dreams to yo all, dear friends…
Hugz + Kisses
Patrick XOXOX


  1. Hey Patrick!

    This is beautiful, I think NJ has started to grow up, he is showing an expression that he doesn’t just love himself.

    He’s a big kid, who wants to love but in return wants to be loved also.

    Great job, I love it and want to turn it into a NJ teddy bear so I can sleep with him everynight!


  2. MJR Charlie says

    oh my god… oh my god, Patrick… Help, I can’t breath!! I’m dying of shock here!!
    That’s exacly my reaction when I saw this new image of NJ, I almost cried he’s so wonderful!
    God I love him to much!! NJ is beautiful as manny said. I kind of have a nipple fetish, so I’m sat at the screen with a rock hard one now.
    Thank you Patrick!

    The nipple twisting, his expression, his massive weapon getting hard… I don’t think I’ll need coffee this morning.


  3. Good morning Patrick,

    thanks again for giving us fans this preview before everybody else! Yee-HAW! Thanks – NJ is simply gorgeous and this new picture shows (as manny and charlie already mentioned) a very deep and gorgeous expression of Felix. I really like the kinda saddened and vulnerable look very much!

    Keep on rocking, You’re the very, very best! Thanks!

  4. Famosos Nus says

    you blog is the best in cartoon
    Big kiss thx

  5. I don’t think NJ has ever looked so good! For Naked Justice 3 this has got to be the front cover (speaking of which, any plans for such an edition?;)

    I mean you’d think your work can’t get any better and then you go and improve on perfection. Great facial expression, gorgeous torso (those abs and nips are quite remarkable) quite possibly the most perfect cock you’ve ever drawn and legs that can only be equalled by your H&O cover to camili-cat… In fact, this might just be better…?

    Cam has always been my No.1 fav character from your pantheon of boytoons, but if you keep flashing NJ about looking like this, well… Cam might just be taking silver home… Well almost;)

    Thanks for the beautiful boytoon Patrick


  6. Charvolth says

    Love the pic, and funny you have him playing with his nipples since the discussion of his lightning discharge out of them.
    There is onbe thing, are you familiar with the Go Nagai character Kako-Kamen, it’s one of Nagai’s over the top sex-comedies (I thin kthat’s all of his comedies) about a super hero in a private school saving the students from their depraved teachers.
    The costume design to NJ bares some resemblance, in that she wears leggings and arm length gloves of similar style though the mask covers more and has stockings for pigtails.

  7. Hey Guys…

    Thanks for the kind words on my new image of NJ. I am really pleased you all liked him so much! I certainly had a great time creating him, and like I said before, it is nice to finally have an easier time at working with this character.

    Manny, thanks for the compliments. This image of NJ pleases me especially because I find his face “speaks” a good deal about his character! Glad you liked it!

    Charlie, Glad I could help you get “up” this morning! LOL!!! Besides, pictures of NJ are better for you than caffeine! HA! HA! HA!

    Phrog, You are too sweet! Thanks so much for your continued encouragement! :)

    Famosos Nus… thanks so much for dropping by and taking a look at my wares! I appreciated your compliment very much! :-D

    PB, you are too kind, my friend! There are actually plans for a third issue of NJ, but that is still a little ways away, I’m afraid. And as for Cam and NJ being in direct competition, well it’s a nice competition indeed! I think as characters, they both offer something pretty unique and different from one another. And though Cam is my #1 Boytoon, I love NJ for his own very special reasons as well. Still, you’ll have to let me know if Cam continues to endure as your fave! ;)

    Charvolth… Thanks for the lovely compliments! I am actually not familiar with Kako-Konen, but I do know some of Go Nagai’s work, such as Devilman. I’d love to see some pics of this character though, but trying to find her on the net seems pretty tricky… do you have nay pics of her or links where I could see her? I wonder if she and NJ employ the same tailor! LOL!!!

    Much love and thanks to you all!
    Patrick XOXO

  8. Charvolth says

    I mispelled the name, it is Kekko Kamen, there was an OAV or OVA depending on what you prefer, and several live action movies. Actually after rechecking the cut of the gloves and boots is different, but it seems you and Go Nagai had a similar concept in having a masked, naked super-hero.

  9. Patrick, ditto on all the coments made by everyone else!!!
    -This is beautiful
    -oh my god… oh my god
    -his expression
    -a very deep and gorgeous expression
    -Great facial expression

    I think this has to be the most beautiful face captured, by You, of NJ!!
    This one also needs to be one of the trading cards. I hope you still plan on continuing the cards, I’m a collector!
    Thanks for the “first look”!!!

  10. Evenin’ Charvolth and Zio…

    You boys are too sweet! I am so pleased you enjoyed this new image of NJ!

    Charvolth, thanks for the Kekko Kamen info. I was able to find her on the web, and there are some similarities between her outfit (that’s funny! Can you really call that an outfit?!!? HA! HA! HA!) and NJ’s. I dare say that NJ wears the boots just as nicely as she does! LOL!!!! ;)

    Zio, you’re a sweetie! If there ever is a wave 2 of the Bottom Deck cards, I will be sure to consider this image for inclusion. It is cool to hear that you liked the cards. I have to confess, I wish they had done a bit better, but it seems that a lot of the fans just prefer the comics to them. Still I personally LOVE them and would love to see a Wave 2… so you never know!

    Much love to you both!
    Patrick XOXO

  11. Damian & Trent says

    New here, we just saw NJ’s latest drawing, & our jaws dropped. NJ’s amazing anyway, but this image is beyond amazing. Being bodybuilders, we now have a standard to aim for, …… yeh, like for the next thousand years! Thanks. We like your comics, a lot, & will continue to collect.

    Damian & Trent

  12. Hello Damien and Trent!

    So good of you guys to stop by! :o)

    I am really thrilled you liked the NJ image and that you like the comics as well! Always cool to hear from the readers! I wish you guys all the best in attaining your “NJ Bodybuilding Goal” and hope you send some pictures once you do! HA! HA! HA! ;)

    Much love to you both, and many thanks again for taking the time to write!
    Patrick XOXO

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