On occasion, one can be very successful at finding great art sites while surfing the net. Sometimes one great art site provides links to others, and other times you happen to stumble upon something quite by chance. This is how I discovered the art of Freeze Moon, by sheer luck… and I am pleased to say it was good luck indeed.

I can’t tell you much about the artist from a background point of view because sadly, I cannot read Japanese, so the best I can do is tell that his Boytoons are magnificent. They are a very unique mixture of America meets Manga, in essence a perfectly potent blend of North American and Japanese comics art influences. So if Tom of Finland had been Asian, his studs might have looked a lot like these ones. These Boytoons aren’t kidding around. They are extremely erotic and they own this completely.

But you hardly need to understand the language to effectively navigate Freeze Moon’s beautiful site. The navigation is in English, and that does help of course, but mostly, the illustrations do the talking. The 3 illustration galleries are a veritable smorgasbord of bad boy Boytoons clad in leather and expensive motor bikes, not to mention their “come hither” smiles!

Freeze Moon is an exceptional talent. His coloring is truly incredible! You needn’t go too far for the proof, just check out the hot stud he’s drawn bathed in blue moonlight. Or what about the way he can create the look of Blue jeans so perfectly realistically! GENIUS!

So, I truly do wish I knew more about this brilliant talent so that I could wax eloquent a little further…but I think that a trip to his website will give you the opportunity to learn a great deal about this very important talent. Plus you really must take the time to play some of the games provided. From puzzles to Baku Block games, it’s a very interactive little site. You see?! Sex and games CAN sometimes be a great combo! LOL!

I certainly hope to see more of Freeze Moon’s beautiful Boytoons for years to come. They are truly the stuff of inspiration!


  1. Charvolth says

    I’ve been visiting his sight for a while, he does have a great style, and the baku blocks games were always a hoot.
    His anatomy is good, but mainly its his sense of style and expressiveness that I enjoy.
    I’ve been waitng a while for his site to update, and hope he does soon.

  2. Hey Patrick!

    Well mister, you have touched on a topic that really tickles my fancy. LEATHER!

    What most of you are unaware of my alter ego’s name is “Leather Rectum.” I’m not sure if I have mentioned this to you either Patrick, but I have told Alexis about it.

    Yes! I am a, Leather Man, write down to the true meaning of the word.

    This work is beautiful and I am glad that you decided to feature it.

    Freeze Moon, has a beautiful way of bringing his imagination to life. And in the works that you have displayed here, it takes the “stigma” away that all leathermen are rough and hairy. These representations are a perfect way of defining (it’s the only word I can think off) of leather’s universal appeal, no matter what the age group.

    But, most of all it is refreshing to see an artist, do work like this that features young, smooth men with a hint of cheekiness seeping through in their personality.

    A very nice issue, and I will, for sure to keep looking at Freeze’s website for more updates, and thanks for doing a piece with leathermen.

    I LOVE IT!


  3. OH, By the way!

    I forgot to tell you, that my mate who I made buy your comics the other day, can’t get enough of them. When I see him next I’ll help him set up a username so he can tell you himself.

    Cam and your Boytoons have won another heart in Australia.

    The “Church of Patrick Fillion” grows everyday!


  4. Patrick,
    Thanks for the info on the beautiful new website by Freeze Moon!! Way COOL!!

  5. Yeah, I agree with Charvolth in that his facial expressions are probably what I enjoy the most about his work. They seem to be saying “what are you waiting for? get over here!” Very “come hither!” haha. Or maybe I’m just reading in…

    I’d seen his site once before and marveled at the fact that even though it’s Japanese, it isn’t “yaoi.” I mean– yaoi has it’s place and all– but once you’ve seen actual gay erotic art from Japanese artists who actaully draw muscles and depict true masculinity (and don’t friggin’ make their men look like Sailor Moon characters)– you kinda lose interest in the yaoi stuff.

  6. Charvolth says

    JC made an interesting point about the astetics of yaoi art. It seems in the states that any homoerotica from Japan is often labled that though it is a very distinct sub-genre.
    Yaoi for th most part is homo-erotica written by women for a predominantly female audience and is really just an extention of Shojo-manga (comics marketed towards girls), though with angst ridden effeminate bishonen in homosexual relationships that heavily emphasize romance over physical carnality.
    Freeze-Moon definitley depicts an idealized and dare I say beautiful male, but maintains more masculinity then your typical bishonen.
    However, it should be noted in anime you are seeing some interesting crossover from both sides, macho or I should say bad ass bishonen being seen as a dominant male figure, or another sign of change are guys with faces like Bishonen but more developed bodies (ie Dante from Devil May Cry)

  7. Good evenin’ Charvolth, Manny, Zio and JC.

    Thanks for commenting. I too find that Freeze Moon’s style is a big departure from the art one normally finds under the label of Yaoi. You really get the sense that he is indeed tailoring to a male audience. It is always so cool to see uber-male depictions done a la Manga. Plus this guy is so damn good at what he does, what’s not to love? So I am glad I could help some of you discover his work, and I agree with those of you who have been aware of his art for some time: Charvolth, I too can’t wait for the next update! LOL!!!

    Manny.. .wow! Just what I’ve always wanted…my OWN CULT!!! HA! HA! HA! Soon my armies shall be legion! LOL!!!

    Seriously, I am really pleased you enjoyed the post on these leather toons. They are sexy as Hell!

    JC, I have to agree with you! I like my Boytoons to look like boys! I completely respect those who love Yaoi and the types of characters one finds in such stories, but Freeze Moon’s style is much more my cup of tea! And I’ve never cared for Sailor Moon. Too much yelling and way too many shit-fits in that cartoon! YIKES!

    Still it is pretty cool that women are starting to enjoy male/male depictions of sex and romance. Hell, straight men have drooled over lesbian sex for like, EVER… what’s good for the goose is good for the gander as my cousin Linda always says.

    Anyhoo, I think we all agree that Freeze Moon is worth watching. I wish I wish I wish I could color jeans the way he does! LOL!!!

    Hugz + Kisses to you all!
    Patrick XOXOX

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