OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! A gift from my pal, JC Etheredge!

You guys! You guys!!! I am as giddy as a school girl this morning! WHY? Because of this MAGNIFICENT image of Naked Justice that my pal JC whipped up for me! IT IS SOOOOOO HOT AND GORGEOUS!!!! Tee-Hee-Hee!!!!!!!!

In typical JC Etheredge style, this image is scorching hot…and a very sweet, and thoughtful gift! And you know me! I LOVE gifts! LOL!!!

I love the way JC made NJ cum and shoot his lightning powers off all at once, and the look on his beautiful face is priceless! PLUS can this man draw a toon wang or what? JC…I love it and I love you! You are the best, my friend!

For those of you who have not already done, so, you MUST check out JC’s website. It’s the home of his FABULOUS ANTI-HEROES: Caleb, Tai and Zeke. Those boys are some of the sexiest Boytoons I’ve ever come across…and you have to check out their comic series. Currently issues #1 and #2 are available. They are super sexy hot AND hilariously funny! A wicked Combo!

So I invite you all to shower my pal JC with compliments on his amazing Naked Justice illustration!

Thank you again, JC! YOU ROCK!!!!

Much Love — Patrick XOXO


  1. Hey Patrick,

    I am to scared to send you the pictures I am working on of some of your Boytoons. After looking at what people send to you, it makes my sketches look like a doodle on a school desktop. I have no expireince with colouring and always leave my sketches as is.

    But looking at other renditions of your work by other artist’s, just make me push myself a little bit further – remember I am not an artist, just someone with lot of time on my hands!

    JC Etheredge rendition of N.J. is fantastic, I love it!

    BTW – Thanks for your nice words on my Batman Blog, I just finished a Josman blog and it’s all thanks to you!

    Licks & Chews!

  2. Patrick- Awsome work by JC, thanks for sharing. I have JC’s site bookmarked myself. Also wanted to share w/Manny- You should definetly share your work w/Patrick. Art is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has there own style, just like Patrick and JC, as long as you like what you are doing, it is a joy for you, something that you created. I also critique my own work the hardest, it’s what drives us to become better! Besides, it’s like Patrick says, “Its’ the greatest compliment that someone else recreates a character that he invented.”

  3. Good morning Patrick, good morning everybody! =D

    JC – I didn’t know that You are the person behind my favorite “antiheroes”. I seriously had not idea and I apologize.

    Thanks so much for that awesome rendition of NJ – it’s very sexy and very funny and the coloring is superb. Btw, I just visited Your website and I gotta tell ya: Zeke is my kinda boi. “This is what all psy-power guys should be like…” Damn right, man! Damn right…! =D

    Keep on rocking and thanks for that awesome picture.

    All the best!

  4. MJR Charlie says

    HeeHee, Wow, JC does really good work. Great depiction of NJ using his powers!
    I’ve seen his work a lot before, he’s good, and I wonder if this will spark others artists to post you their work of your characters too?

    That thing you told me about how NJ can control when he shots his lighting bolts, would he really be able to do what JC shows here, you know, shooting both lightning and cum at the same time. In your earliest comic of NJ, it said ‘Instead of shoting a sticky load, NJ fires a bolt of lightning’ or something like that.
    Could he do both?

  5. thanks for the kudos, dudes. NJ is my fave Class character and I’ve wanted to draw him for ages now. When I sent this to Patrick, I let him know that it was this blog that prompted me to finally do the piece. I love how active everyone is here and how everyone is so welcoming of fan-art. For a while now, I was on the lookout for a cool gay erotic art web forum and seem to have found one! Thanks for inspiring me, guys!

    Also, to Manny– please show off your work! I’ve found that all artists of all levels will always tell you that 1) they’re never 100% satisfied with their style and 2) that their work is never really finished.

  6. Hey There Patrick, Zioz & JC!

    Well, you guy’s have broken my balls enough, I WILL send my work over to Patrick when it’s done. I am a slow worker when it comes to my drawing, it took me 3 months once to complete a portrait of Grace Jones!

    As I will be moving house this week,it will be a little hard for me to do so, but when things have settled in my new house I’ll zip my “Incubus” over to Patrick for you all to have a look at.

    This is not a threat either, it’s a promise!


  7. Hiya Boys!

    I am so glad you all LOVED JC’s NJ! He is sooooo gorgeous, and his Naked Justice is awesome too! LOL!!! ;)

    JC, you really did an amazing job with Felix, and I am thrilled that you find this little Blog-o-mine inspiring and fun to frequent! That means a lot to me! :o)

    Manny… please try to have more confidence in your work! As I say, we are always our own worst critic… unless you are Entertainment Weekly, then you’re everybody’s worst critic!

    Still I love them, but I digress! LOL!!!

    Anyhow, I could go on forever about how much I love JC’s work, but I will stop right now…’cause I have a very special cover of Boytoons Magazine coming this week featuring JC and his hot Boytoons! So I will gush then! LOL!!!

    Much love to you all, and thank you so much for being such a wonderfully supportive group of folks! You all rock, and I luv ya!

    Patrick XOXOX

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