BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #16– Bear Season…The Hairy Men Art of Kenzie LaMar.

Not every Boytoon has got to be clean shaven and chissled. In fact, it is a refreshing change of pace to come across toons that are sexy because they more closely resemble normal men. There is a wealth of artwork out there that lovingly depicts “real men” as the sex symbols they can indeed be, but one of my ultimate favorite artists of this genre of work is Kenzie LaMar.

Kenzie lives in San Diego, California and is as brilliant as they come. He works in the gaming industry and has applied his phenomenal talent in his professional work life, designing characters for various video games. But it is the art he chooses to do in his spare time that is a true combination of beauty and erotica.

This artists’ men are real. They are the guy the next door, your local grocer, the bank manager, or your high school English teacher. They are bears, and have no fear of being themselves, because they are stunning. Kenzie’s art denotes an incredible love of the male physique, and is filled with a tenderness that is quite refreshing. His men love themselves and they love each other…and we love them right back!

A master at his craft, Kenzie’s attention to fine detail is incredible. Every little hair, or the look in a character’s eyes…so subtle and intricate. You will need to pause on each image for a good long while to fully take in all the detail it has to offer. His colors are so lush and vivid, and let’s face it… I WOULD KILL to be half the PhotoSHop genius this man is! LOL!!! ;)

Kenzie tells a story with his work. Each image is the catalyst for a fantasy, and while his men won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, no one can deny their raw sexiness, or the brilliant talent that is Kenzie LaMar.


  1. Yeah, he’s REALLY good. He can work in so many different media!

    Dude– some of the stuff from his professional site made my head hurt thinking about the amount of time that must’ve gone into it. This one in particular ( caught my eye. All that metal! Must’ve taken a million years! Friggin’ awesome. Also, game fans need to take a peek at this one too:

  2. Hey JC… I hear ya! The time this man puts into each image is pretty mind-boggling!

    Also, thanks for the cool references. I see what you mean! Those pics are especially wicked! Love the armor on the Galahad image. He makes it look so real! And if Mario really looked like Marteo, I’d be playing more Super Mario Bros, lemme tell ya! LOL!!!

    Take care, dude!
    Patrick XOXO

  3. Hi Patrick & JC,

    I like this mans work. I have never heard of him before but thanks to the links provided it made me go and have a perve.

    I love the fact that there are artist’s out there who are proud to portray the fact the “Lumber Jack” looking men have feelings aswell.

    And Patrick, you are only a puppy as far as age is concerned, you are a professional and your work is so beautiful to look at and drool over. I wish I was as good in drawing as you are, and I am sure that other artist’s look at your work and say the same thing!

    Licks & Chews!

  4. Hey Manny… Thanks for the sweet words and for the comment on Kenzie! Glad you liked his work. The man is a genius! I have his site in my favorites folder as well! And you are correct…his images are most refreshing!

    Have a great day, my friend!
    Patrick XOXOX

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