JUSTICE IS SERVED! Rapture #2 artwork Preview!

Hi Gang! Just a quick little post to give you a glimpse at the Naked Justice story I am working on for Rapture #2. “The Great Satyr Caper” is giving me a chance to get back to my favorite redheaded stud’s roots! Naked Justice is gonna move past his Ghostboy drama for a short moment, just long enough to get back to his wise-crakin’, man-lovin’ ways! PLUS, I get to draw Space Cadet and the lovely Satyr, Valan!

So there ya go! A tiny little glimpse, but I hope you all feel this bodes well for the issue!

Hugz + Kisses
Patrick XOXO


  1. Charvolth says

    Cool page, and that is the probably the best looking Satyr I’ve ever seen, never pictured them being that buff. Makes me rethink my opinions on them, I was never much of a fan, but you have opened my eys to some possibilities.

  2. Hello Patrick,

    awesome page, thanks for posting that very gorgeous preview!

    I daresay, the coloring is getting even better than ever. Awesome, just awesome… Is Cam in that issue, too???

    All the best!

  3. Hey Patrick!

    WOW! – Beautiful attention to detail. The tones of tan really stand out and makes this page look so different to other Boytoon pages in the past. It is rare to see N.J. walked around without a stiffie, that it takes the focus off his “wee wee” (as you like to call it)and makes you pay more attention to what is happening around him.

    I am sure that Rature #2 will be as awesome as this page looks, and good to hear that N.J is focusing on something else as apposed to the missing now transgenered Ghost Boy!

    Looking forward to what the rest of Rapture # 2 has installed for us!

    Licks & Chews!


  4. MJR Charlie says

    Wow, Naked J and Space Cadet look amazing as ever, its strange seeing NJ walking about without being erect.
    And Valan looks hot, not sure why he’s after NJ or Space Cadet but suddenly I’m glad NJ not that erect here, seeing how Valan has the sword at the ready.

    I love your attention to detail, always have, its true comic book artistry.

    Since I’ve got the chance here and we’re talking about Naked Justice, can I ask you something Patrick.
    Obviously its known that NJ fires a bolt of lighting from his member when he shots a load, so I’ve always been curious how someone who he’s having sex with or someone (like Ghostboy or Space Cadet) who’s sucking him off would get it when Felix climaxes?
    Can he control the lightning?

  5. Hey There Patrick!

    WOW! What a day, 1st I found a new house to live in, much bigger than the one I’m in at the moment.

    2nd – I did a Boytoons Marathon. I read every Boytoon comic of yours that I have back to back. All I can say is MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE! Do I sound impaitent??

    So I updated my Blog afterwards then went in for a VERY cold shower! I am so looking forward to Guardians number 6, Rapture number 2 and so forth. BTW – Do you have an ETA on the Guardian companion?? And what’s happening with Jetstream??

    Waiting with excitment in my …..


  6. Howdy Chravolth, Phrog, Manny and Charlie!

    Glad you boys liked my little sneak peek! I’m pretty pleased with how the page turned out, but of course the really JUICY part happens after this one. THAT you will have to wait for the book to see! LOL! Sorry for being such a tease!

    It’s great to hear you guys like the colors so much, but the truth is I can’t take credit for them. Fraser and I have found a terrific colorist who now colors most of my comic-page work. His name is Hernán, and he ROCKS! Plus, it allows me to focus on the drawing so that I can be more productive in that area… and it gives me the chance to color more pin-ups and stuff.

    Valan is a looker, and I am glad you guys like him. You’re right Charvolth…he doesn’t really fit the classic description of “satyr”, but I think this version is quite effective! LOL!! There will be plenty of Valan and his Satyr pals coming up in the next few issues of rapture!

    Phrog, I am so sorry… Cam doesn’t make an appearance in issue #2 of Rapture. But if it is any consolation, Locus has a HUGE story all to himself in it! And the Lean, Green, Sex Machine gets topped for the first time EVER in his life in it! Trust me… you may not miss Cam in the issue after all! OY! Did I just say that!?!? LOL!!!

    Manny, congrats on your new digs. WOW! You read each one from cover to cover! That’s so cool! :o) Jetstream shows up in Cube #6, and that is still a little ways away…meanwhile, the work continues on the Guardians of the Cube Companion. That’s not due out for a while, but I promise you it will be chock full of HOT illustrations, by yours truly and some of my pals… AND it will be exhaustive in terms of character information! It’s gotta be done just right, so we are taking our time on this baby! I’ll keep ya posted!

    Charlie…GREAT Question! You see, when we first met Naked Justice, he had very little control over his lightning powers, but as the years have gone by, he’s managed to gain better understanding of them. At first, he couldn’t cum without shooting a bolt of energy as well… but now, he can control when and how he releases that energy, and to what degree he releases it. In Cube #5, he is seen projecting it from his nipples, and is shown ”deciding” when to release!

    This is how Ghostboy and Space Cadet can have sex with him without getting fried! LOL!!! Good thing too! Sex with NJ wouldn’t be nearly as fun for those 2 if there was the possibility of being zapped every time!

    Thanks again for your awesome comments guys! Have a terrific day!

    Much love,
    Patrick XOXO

  7. MJR Charlie says

    Thanks so much for letting us know that about Naked J Patrick, its good to know he can have sex without his powers getting in the way.
    I’ve told some friends of mine about NJ and his power, and they wondered the same as me. I can tell them now.

  8. Hiya Charlie.

    You are very welcome! I love the questions you ask… you really pay attention to the books, don’t you? It’s cool for me to get them, and I love to answer them for ya!

    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXO

  9. Is there anything you draw that’s not stupidly HOT? I wish real guys all looked like your drawings! Geez Louise!

  10. Tell me about it gymtwin!


  11. Hey Patrick!


    I have snagged another sould to joing the Church of Patrick Fillion!

    A mate of mine who thinks that comics are for kids, took a double take when I showed him your website, I just came back from taking him shopping, where he bought every Boytoon comic we could find! I also noted the sizable erection he had after the purchase ……


  12. OOPPSS! spelling error!

    That should’ve read, Another soul snagged!”


  13. Oh and my twin bro saysd hi. :-)

  14. Hiya Manny and Gymtwin…

    You boys are really toooooo kind! LOL!!!

    Thanks for converting your pal Manny! HA! HA! HA! I hope the muzzle from your gun didn’t leave an impression on the back of his head! LOL!!! Just teasing! ;) Seriously, it was really cool of you to introduce him to the world of my boys! I hope he likes the books, my friend!

    Hey Gymtwin… I can try to tone the hotness down if you’d like! LOL!! ;) Say hi to your bro for me!

    Good night you guys! Thanks again for the great comments!
    Patrick XOXO

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