BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #15 – Guys and Ghouls… the Heroic Men of RESIDENT EVIL!!!

In issue #12 of BTM, I mentioned that Street Fighter was one of my 2 all-time favorite video games! Well today, I would like to discuss my other fave… and game-wise, probably the one I return to the most: RESIDENT EVIL!

What is it about survival horror that makes you feel so sexy? Well, it could be role playing as characters like Leon Kennedy or Chris Redfield.

I first discovered Resident Evil about 8 years back when my brother was staying with me. He was attending school here in Vancouver, and the two of us were forced to live as roommates for 6 weeks. My brother asked me if I have ever played Resident Evil, a game a classmate had told him about, and I told him I had never heard of it. So, deciding to give it a shot, we went out and rented the Director’s Cut of the original game. I had NEVER played anything like this before. My brother and I were climbing the curtains this thing was so tense. We were screaming at each other to watch out for the zombies, or to pick up as many green herbs as we could! Folks… it was love at first sight!

Originally set in the fictitious Raccoon City, RE is about an evil mega-corporation called “Umbrealla Inc.” whose evil fingers are into everything from house wares and garden ornaments to cell mutating T-viruses. You as the player must survive through trauma upon trauma as you try and make your way out of the doomed city, high-tech secret labs and lavish mansions. You not only get to shoot at dead things, but you must employ your brain to solve elaborate puzzles and riddles. This tends to keep the game from getting predictable and stale.

It may help that I am a huge horror buff, and that RE is a great way to get the old adrenaline rushing without really being in physical danger of being gnawed to death by zombie dogs. It could also be that over the years, several sequels of RE have hit the streets, each more frightening, innovative and complex than the last. Then again, it could be the great lengths with which Capcom, the creators of the game, go to in order to design incredibly complex and elaborate characters. Again for me, characters are key!

The women of RE are generally very lovely, and quite empowered, but the men are just as beautiful. Chris Redfield, the male protagonist from the original RE game and a member of the S.T.A.R.S. squad of Raccoon city, is not only a tough as nails hero, but he is a total gentlemen. In Code Veronica, he comes searching for his sister Claire, proving that he is as loyal as he handsome!

Resident Evil 4, (which by the way is fantastically lush and frighteningly beautiful game, visually speaking) features Leon Kennedy, a character first introduced in RE2. Leon is a quiet fellow, very serious and bound by duty being a former police officer from Raccoon City. But that boy is quite the looker, and he is a joy to play with… literally! RE4 also introduces Luis, a Latin loverboy whose loyalties may or may not lie with you! And who could forget the mysterious and Oh-so sexy Jack Krauser?

And then there is all the RE slash on the internet, much of which features Leon in some sort of nasty predicament. You know you’ve made an impact when people slash you!

Resident Evil is not for everyone. Certainly, some of my friends have tried to play it and end up with coronaries due to the stress levels the game can induce. Ideally, RE is a game best played on dark, rainy afternoons, or late at night. That is when the game seems to deliver its most potent shocks. If you enjoy the horror-genre and have sometimes wondered how you would avail yourself in a horrifying situation, well this series may well be for you! If nothing else, you will certainly enjoy the ample selection of studly male heroes. The question is, are you ready to enter into the world of survival horror?

Mwah-Ha! Ha! Ha! ;)

1 – On our cover, the Gorgeous Chris Redfield, official Capcom illustration.
2 – Leon Kennedy, official Capcom illustration.
3 – Screencap: Chris is trouble! Those darn Zombies!
4 – Another Leon screencap!
5 – Leon and Luis slash fan art. Please notify me if you know who the artist of this piece is! :o)
6 – The “Sharp Tongue” Doujinshi cover, featuring Leon and Jack. By Fiouri.


  1. Hello Patrick,

    and another one of my favorite ways to spend my free time. I played RE on the PC several years ago and I got smitten by the whole concept. Even the more modern version on the GameCube 3 years ago (I guess) was on my (almost) daily list for weeks.
    And I agree: There’s a certain quality of horror atmosphere which gives this game its awesome feel.

    Have You ever played Doom³? I agree, most online-folks hate it but I totally enjoyed the dark and moody atmosphere – it’s almost as if You’d live in a Lucio Fulci-movie. Try it out if You haven’t already. Highly recommended.

    Well, that being said, I am going to bed and hope I wont get eaten by some Zombie!!! *double checks under the bed* =D =D

    All the best!

  2. Hey Patrick & Phrog!

    I have to be honest, the only computer game I have ever really enjoyed playing is Star Trek Voyager Elite Force. This game gives me an identity and allows me to interact with my beloved Captain Janeway.

    Though I have tried other games, they just don’t sit well with me.

    I do, though respect your appreciation for such a game as Resident Evil and your views of the game have made want to explore it. I’ll let you know how things go.

    Licks & Chews!

  3. MJR Charlie says

    I have liked the resident evil series, and Leon is one of my fav characters in the series. It did have a great new feel to the game in Resident evil 4, which I found hell of a lot harder without the undead zombies.
    I did like the code veronica story, the Ashford twins were so creepy.

    I’ve also always loved the Final Fantasy series, I can spread hours each day playing away into the strange worlds each game inhabits, plus they have a wellspring of characters and fun villians with their own theme tunes, its heaven.
    My fav final fantasy charaters include Kimahri (FFX), Yuna (FFX), Vivi (FF9), Eiko (FF9), Sorceress Ultimecia (FF8), Raijin (FF8), Aerith (FF7), Barret (FF7) and Kefka (FF6)… to name a few.

    Also, since you mentioned Street fighter before, another of my fav’s has been Soul Calibur, such a array of fighters with weapons and detail, and from thet my fav SC fighter is Rock, big sexy wild man.

    Just one more, Promise! My other all time fav game series has to be the legacy of Kain, with such a drawn out and detailed story in all the games, the idea of playing as the bad guy at first, and over the course of the games he changes to be more and bad boy vampire who wants to save the world. Kain’s a terrific character, and such a sexy voice!

  4. Morning Phrog, Manny and Charlie!

    Good to hear from you guys! :o) Yup! Video games can be pretty addictive, and we sure do all get sucked into them when we start, don’t we?

    Phrog, I used to play Doom…I forget which version though… back in the mid-90s and LOVED IT! I was totally addicted and I have been meaning to invest in some of the latest versions for like, ever!!! You make a great recommendation, so I think I will have to investigate Doom 3! If it’s anything like the games I remember I am sure to love it. And you know, reviewers aren’t always right about everything. I am like you and prefer to make up my own mind on something.

    Manny, Star Trek Elite Force totally ROCKS!!! It’s very similar to Unreal Tournament in some ways (when you are playing the Holodeck game). Unreal is another HUGE fave of mine…when I am frustrated and need to unleash my wrath, I play that because it is so mindless and fun! But I too LOVED getting the chance to drag as Captain Janeway in the Elite Force game! “Get off my ship” I would yell as I chased those nasty Klingons around! Great fun!

    Charlie, I agree. RE4 was a heck of a lot tougher than its predecessors. The “locals” were so creepy… but I too missed the zombies. I am in the middle of re-playing Code Veronica for like, the billionth time right now actually. It is also one of my faves. The Ashton twins are creepy, and also verge on annoying from time to time. I think it’s their voices! Whoever hired those voice actors should be fired! Still, a great game with a great story!

    I’ll have to look into the other games you mentioned! They sound like a good deal of fun as well! Just what I need! More distraction from work! HA! HA! HA! ;) I’ll have to look into Kain especially! Sounds like my kind of game!

    Much love to you all, and thanks for posting!
    Patrick XOXOX

  5. Zombies scare the hell outta me so I can never bring myself to play RE although I rock Jill Valentine in MVC2– but while we’re on erotic RE fanart you GOTTA see this:

    (hot hot hot! and also relieving to know I’m not the only “huge-load-fetishist” out there)

  6. I caught the movies but, I never managed to get into the RE games… Still, after seeing some of the screen shots I’m pretty sure I’ve missed out on something pretty cool so ‘ll have to give it a try.

    But being the horror buff that you are Patrick, I was wondering if you’ve managed to get your hands on any of the Devil may Cry games, Specifically the third in the series?

    If you just wanna have a perv at some naked flesh (watch the protagonist killing monsters and ghouls topless;) or you wanna be truely disturbed (Giant mutant demon spiders??? argh!) the game just has it all! I just love the whole anti-hero concept and getting to play as the half demon Dante as he hunts down his equally demonic brother intent on unleashing a new kinda hell on this dimension… Well, what better way to spend a dark stormy night?

    P.S Could you tell me what your favourite horror film is Patrick and why? Thanks o/


  7. Hiya JC and PB…

    Glad you guys could stop by!

    JC, if you are afraid of Zombies, it is probably a good thing you don’t try this game. They may move slowly, but they can jump out of nowhere and freak the crap outta you! Still, from a Capcom fan to another, you might also enjoy some of the really great design aspects to the game.

    I loved the first RE film, and Milla was wonderful in that as Alice (who ironically goes unnamed through the entire thing!). I didn’t care as much for the second despite the fact that they brought in Jill Valentine and a few other characters from the RE game continuity for it. It felt more like an action flick than a horror movie. Plus Marilyn Manson’s AMAZING and super-creepy scoring was missing from the second film… so it didn’t sit as well for me!

    And oh yeah, the image of Leon doing Jack on Silencio IS FREAKIN’ brilliant! See! You are not alone! LOL!!!! ?

    PB: welcome to my little Blog, my friend. Good of you to stop by! Well, from what I read in your comment, I have to say that I am very curious to try Devil May Cry. I haven’t played it yet, but a few people have suggested that I might really enjoy it! So I will let you know how that all goes!

    Also, I really liked your suggestion of my writing up my top-10 horror flicks in a post! I will have that for you shortly! I am a horror film JUNKIE, and love to chat about the ones that I adore! Perfect idea! Thanks my friend!

    Much love to you both!
    Patrick XOXO

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