Perhaps it is wiser to have a safe outlet for our darker fantasies, and comics provide such an outlet. In his bio at Prism comics, Chuck Conner, Writer/Creator of DEMONICSEX states that he “enjoys releasing his sexy inner demons via his writing.” A fantastic offering of wonderful writing, gorgeous artwork and some of the nastiest sex imaginable, Demonic Sex is exactly that: A brilliant foray into the dark underbelly of our sexual fantasies and desires. Lovingly illustrated by Sean Platter, the series deals with Satanic transformation & possession called DEMONICSEX. The story involves a young, blond, gym-toned San Franciscan responding to an online hookup ad that literally sends him to Hell… and back. His ordeal is our pleasure.

Should we feel bad that we are capable of enjoying such depictions? Would the world be a better place if we all preferred the strictly vanilla? Well, Allow me to ask you this. What would the world be like if these outlets DIDN’T exist?

I will let you in on a little secret. In real life, I am a hopeless romantic. Sexually, I enjoy being naughty with my partner on occasion, but I do not feel the need to have a tentacled demon shove one of his limbs up my yahoo to enjoy sex. I also don’t need to go out stalking a quartet of teenagers lost in the woods, and then hack them to bits with a chainsaw. I still like watching the movies though!

What it really all comes to do is that people should not always be judged by their sexual fantasies. It is important to remember that the psyche needs to be fed, and that includes all of its parts. We don’t always like to admit that these dark places exist within us, but it is all part of being human.

I for one am eternally grateful that artists like Logan, Tagame, Platter and all the other amazing talents out there who channel these dark fantasies and bring hem to life. The key is knowing your own personal limits and when you have had your fill, and your average normal adult is quite capable of making such decisions for him or herself, thank you very much.


1. Cover A – Oliver Frey/Zack
2. Cover B – Zannuf
3. Sex with demons – Tim Vigil
4. Demonicsex – Sean Platter
5. The Pornomicon – Logan
6. Sound Fisting – Gengoroh Tagame
7. Gooey – ?
8. Octo-Sex – ?
9. Orc Sex – Lexicon ( thanks to Charvolth for pointing that out! :o)

I wish I knew the names of the artists responsible for the images 7 and 8. Sadly, the internet does not always provide credentials with the images it hosts. If you guys know who they are, please let me know! Much appreciated!


  1. Charvolth says

    I had a thing for demon sex even before I read the first ‘Girl’ graphic novel, and carried over to supernatural hentai themes like the classic ‘legend of the overfiend’ or ‘demon beast invasion’.
    This always felt like a safe way to indulge in the dark side of sexuality because it was such a far fetched premise. I may like the notion of being seduced by some hot incubus or succubus who could do all manner of vile things, but I also know its not going to happen, but its still fun to think about.

  2. Hey Patrick!

    Well, my boy, you have opened a real Pandora’s box here today!

    You and I seem to be so much on the same wave length when it comes to a lot of topics, I think I just might have to move to Canada.

    When I mentioned in my last reply that I would explain more about things when I have read part 2, you already knew somehow where I was going to go with this, considering you were posting part 2 while I was replying to part 1.

    What would happen if we didn’t have the internet for this kind of expression? Well, in a short answer, all kinds of horrible nasty things.

    In Australia, it is a known fact that people who used to hang out in toilet blocks, nude beaches etc.. are using the internet to amuse themselves in the privacy of their own home, where as they used to do this in public. This would lead to police involvement and a media circus, bringing shame and a label of “Extreme Mental Illness” to the person charged. People like this are now amusing themselves at home in private and realising they may have a problem and seeking out help and rectifying this. Sure, we still have our sicko’s but that has been around since day 1.

    I know that even though I am not a parent, I am glad that a person is amusing themselves at home on the internet instead of doing it in public in view of a minor.

    But with artist’s expressing themselves in the examples you have shown are sometimes, o.k, a lot of the time stumbled accross by children on the internet, they are to young to know what it means so they giggle at at it and the first thing they say is “Mummy, Daddy, come take a look at this.” Hence my argument of no parental supervision or lack of precaution taken out by parents to block these kind of images. When situations like this happen, it’s becomes political. Who is really at fault here, with the programs and firwalls in place to prevent this from happening? Deifinatley, not the creator of the works.

    Another example is as far as a lot of parent’s are concerned, if it’s a cartoon or a comic, it has to be for children. All I can say is “FUCK OFF!” Adults like to read adult erotica straight or gay, in many forms wether being a comic or cartoon.

    My final argument is “South Park” The movie. In Australia 2 months prior to the movies released there were numerouse advertisments stating that this is not a movie for children, this was played on t.v, printed in all news papers and movie magazines and stated on movie & entertaiment show’s. But parent’s were not listening because their arugment was, “If it’s a cartoon, it must be for children.” Therefore kids were being taken to this movie and dragged out kicking and screaming by their parent’s who ignored the warnings.

    As a fan or erotic art I will NOT let anyone tell me what I can and cannot look at. As an adult, I will NOT let anyone tell what I can have inserted in my anus and what can’t.

    And to all the artist’s who create these works all I can say is “LET YOUR IMAGINATION EXPLODE!” We live in an age where freedom of speech is a god given right, speak out for your rights and fight for them.

    If people don’t lke what they see, they don’t have to look at it, and if parents don’t children seeing these kinds of images, then supervise your children when they are using the internet and buy and install the programs available on the market to stop them from veiewing this type of content.

    Licks and Chews!

  3. OH! One other thing I forgot to mention.

    As far as Bible bashers are concerned, Catholosism is the most violent out of all religions.

    In all hoensty, Jesus, surrounding himself by 12 men all the time, washing their feet and kissing them, feeding them. Note he was doing this while wearing a dress all the time.

    He wasn’t the king of the Jew’s – He was “Queen Of The Desert!”


  4. Charvolth says

    The artist who did the orc gang bang is called lexicon, he has a gallery of art on:
    Manny, I second your opinion about what mediums should be enjoyed by adults, part of the cartoon issue was Walt Disney, who made nothing but family friendly films, versus the more subversive, and developed humor of MGM and Warner Bros.
    I think things here are starting to change with regards to cartoons, thanks to shows like South PArk and the Adult Swim block on cartoon network, their latest offering ‘Korgoth of Barbaria’ being a fine example of adult geared entertainment.

  5. the third pic was really hot! That’s all I have to contribute.

  6. Good morning everybody,

    I started reading comic books a looong time ago and by now, my taste in comics has varied lots of time. But one thing stayed the same: My love for adult themes.

    When I discovered Verotik Comics, a dream has come true. Although Danzig releases his books only once in a while, these books had me addicted since day one.

    Why? one might ask. I’ll try to explain as good as I can: After having read spandex-themed comics for years, it kinda grew boring and “used” to me and I was (subconciously) looking for something else and different. Here comes Verotik/Danzig. The violence is harsh, the sex is (often) gruesome and extremely exaggerated. But the art is supreme and gorgeous and the writing/scripting is thoughtful and fantastic.

    Which is what I like about comic books: variety. I would never have discovered Your art, Patrick, if I restricted my views on just superheroes and spandex (btw, I’m not dissing superheroes at all, I just feel I need something different).

    All the best.

  7. MJR Charlie says

    I think the concept of demon sex plays on a lot of our minds sometimes.
    Catholics and strong religous types are the ones who brought forward the idea of anything with wings and a tail and horns is either the devil or a demonic being. Perhaps this is why it makes for such an intresting subject because a lot of what christianity says is rubbish and exaggerated.

    In Japanese myth, Demons, or Oni’s (not sure if that spelt right) were devine beings that were both good and bad, so I prefer this idea of demons more then the whole demons = evil, angels = good.

    Obviously, you think like that to Patrick, what with Deimos and Diablos and Incubus, making a demon both sexy and heroic makes for a great character, cause the demon thing gives them a dark quality, but giving them a soul makes them really intresting to read about.

    I love good Demons, there the best characters in fiction, the JLA had the Demon, and Buffy had several good demons in the buffy series.

    P.S. I LOVE Lexicon’s work, before being thrown out of Y! I told him how great it was. He did a story about a human and an Orc who fall in love, but he lost the story and put a picture up on his gallery.

  8. Good morning everyone!

    Well, as I said in my comment pertaining to all the comments in Part 1 of this post…HOLY CRAP!… And again, really exciting to read everyone’s thoughts on the subject. Thank you all for taking the time to share your opinions!

    As Manny stated, this was a real Pandora’s Box, and it seems that a lot of you have some very personal opinions on the topic.

    Essentially, my goal was simply to expose some of the talent behind the “really hard core”. I think one cannot possibly run a Blog on Gay erotic art and not discuss the growing trend of harder edged material. Especially, since I love it and love to depict a good deal of it.

    Charvolth, I also like giving in to my darker desires through a great graphic novel or comic. As you point out, we know it is all make-believe, and that’s why it makes such great fantasy material. You enjoy it while you are reading it…and then you return to real life. That’s what great fantasy material is all about.

    Manny, I agree completely! Children MUST BE PROTECTED! I am not a parent either, but I have a niece and want nothing but the best for her. When Fraser and I take her out to the movies, we are always very careful to make sure that the subject she is about to view is appropriate for her little eyes. It is somewhat difficult in this day and age, where society is becoming desensitized to certain things, and less intent on keeping kids from being exposed to inappropriate materials. But that is where the parent or guardian must come into play. It is the ultimate responsibility.

    Charvolth, thank you so much for pointing out that the wonderful artist who illustrated the human guy with the Orcs is named Lexicon! I love his work! It is totally HOT! I think it also serves as a prime example of pushing the envelope on the more vanilla side. Obviously, he’s having a good deal of fun, and so are the Orcs. What makes it so hot in my opinion is that the Orcs are “Monsters”. Again, it’s that “evil” notion we’ve all had thumped into our heads.

    Bible thumpers scare me, far more than Tagame’s blood and sex depictions ever will. Them and their idea that they are ABSOLUTELY AND WITHOUT A DOUBT right about everything and should be the moral police of the entire universe. Good Grief! But it is rather funny that all the stuff they tell us is “evil” can also be the stuff of the best fantasies.

    Charlie, you make a great point! Deimos is sexy! Incubus and Diablo are HOT! LOL!!! Sure they look like demons, but it’s all about what they have going on inside them that adds to their sexual appeal. Maybe their demonic appearance is also appealing because it is so exotic and unique. And fantasy should be all about the exotic…and people should not be judged by what they find fits that description.

    We as humans are so flawed. We all have one thing in common, and that is that we believe our belief is the ultimate one. It makes it hard to put ourselves in the shoes of others. I am as guilty of this as anyone, believe you me! LOL!!! Who is to say what the real universal truth is? All I know fer sure is that I love doing what I do.

    Thank you all so much for your wonderful insight… And my friend, Gymtwin… I totally loved your comment! The third image was pretty hot, wasn’t it?! LOL!!! :o)

    Lotsa luv to you all,
    Be safe…and Play nice ;)
    Patrick XOXOX

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