BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #11: The Scandalous Truth Behind Naked Justice!

Recently, a few commentators have requested a little more focus on Gateway City’s hung and heroic NAKED JUSTICE! I always aim to please, but I have been harboring a terribly dark and shameful secret for almost 5 years now. This secret is directly related to NJ and I think it is time I should get this off my chest.

Naked Justice is one of Class Comic’s heavy hitters… no denying that! Indeed, he is to Class as Wolverine is to Marvel, or Batman is to DC. This is a wonderful blessing, and a crazy-making curse all at once! Allow me to explain.

I created NJ about 6 years back as a hero I would feature in Montreal’s Zip Magazine. He was to replace the Camili-Cat short stories I had been drawing for the mag for the better part of a year. So NJ’s roots are in French, and his French superhero name, directly translated into English was The Crimson Stallion.

Well, the readers of Zip magazine ate him up, and his first adventure ever, the I-would-like-to-think INFAMOUS encounter with Baron Von Phallus, propelled him even further than I could possibly have dreamed. From that point on, all people seemed to want was NJ! Camili-Cat?!?! WHO’S THAT???

So here is my shame. As a creator, or parent if you will, I have favorites. Now it is not that I have less love for NJ, quite the contrary. I am so proud of what my donkey-dicked redhead has accomplished… it is simply that he is one of my more troublesome children. Simply put, we just don’t get along!

We certainly have our moments, mind you! I think that the “Cold Play” story from Rapture #1 is one of our stronger points. It’s just that I seem to have a more solid grasp on some of my other characters, making NJ, on occasion, less fun to play with!

Still, I do love a challenge.

Luckily, NJ does manage to charm me every so often. I love the look of him, and I love drawing him. Some of the most fun I’ve had with NJ has been working with my wonderful friend, the uproariously funny Donald MacLean, the man responsible for NJ’s quick wit! I draft up a rough dialog script to accompany my illustrations, and then Don takes that sad little script, and turns it into sheer brilliance, something to which I attribute a great deal of NJ’s appeal! So when it works, it works REALLY well!

If only Felix were willing more often! Or is it that I am too harsh a parent?

I’ve tried many things to improve our relationship. I’ve turned his voice over to Don, I’ve even made him a Guardian of the Cube. Still, he defies me, and now it feels as though his insertion into the Cube series is making him a little too serious. He seems to defy me more and more since that decision!

Have I betrayed my character’s character? Should I simply accept that NJ only plays when he feels like it, and stop trying to force him to comply! Well, that would be lovely if we all lived in a gumdrops kinda world, but it ain’t the case!

You the fans, you love Naked Justice, and I love you for it! You demand that NJ fly high, and you seem to hunger for more of his raunchy escapades…and I LOVE you for that too! I just hope you can forgive my shortcomings as a creator who, despite his own love, finds it incredibly difficult to wrangle his creation!

There is hope though! Naked Justice has agreed to play nice more often of late. Maybe he was just really grateful that I helped him find a little love in Ghostboy, or maybe our relationship is finally maturing. NJ and I have been working on a fun and sexy little tale that kicks off where the “Cold Play” story ended in Rapture #1. Slated for release in Rapture #2, the first part of this new story is entitled “The Great Satyr Caper!” NJ teams up with his pal, Space Cadet and the two of them embark on a crazy adventure chock full of Satyrs and mayhem! Ironically, it will take NJ back to his roots, and tie back to that very first story which ran in the pages of Zip magazine all those years ago!

So never fear! Your favorite Guardian of Gateway City DOES have a future ahead of him. Maybe he and I just need a fresh start? Possibly, my biggest mistake was pissing NJ off by trying to force him down an all-too serious and angst-ridden path! In the end, some heroes aren’t meant to take everything so bloody seriously! That’s why I have Camili-Cat! He’s the KING of angst, and he wears it well!

If NJ is really just about silly adventures, hilarious dialog and scorching hot sex scenes, then it is time that as a parent, I just let my kid do what he does best!


  1. Hey Patrick,

    Haha, NJ does seem like the kind of guy that’d be pretty hard to keep under control.

    Honestly, I really like him no matter how he’s written. I love the silly, sexy version that can’t wait to get laid, and I love the more serious Guardian just as much (especially in Guardian’s 5, poor Felix was so sweet).

    You’ve done a great job on the character so far, so just keep doing what comes naturally.

  2. Charvolth says

    I actually would prefer him more as a parody of silver-age comics myself, I think attaching him to Guardians of the Cube was a good idea in that you have a good association with an established title, but I would like to see more solo adventures.
    An interesting twist might be super-villians that look like they are being played by guest stars every so often, certainly create flashbacks to the 60’s batman show for laughs

  3. Good morning Patrick,

    indeed: It’s very difficult to find out why some characters just seem to flow whereas other characters seem to have and give a hard time.
    Me, I personally like NJ very much because – as You mentioned – he is a totally different type of person/character than, say, Cam (who to this day is my favorite of Your creations – along with Lanor, another catboi… see a pattern? NOOOO… =))

    Thing is, as an artist, even though You personally created the character, it’s hard to find out why some things work and some things do not work. Moreover, there’s the audience who can easily confuse an artist even more. Take Darth Vader: George Lucas never saw him become such a big hit with the fans. The big “Flanelled One” was surprised that everybody seemed to cling onto this specific character – even more than onto the actual heroes in the story.

    So, I guess, all I wanna say is: Have a nice sunday and thanks for letting us into that secret of Yours!

    All the best!

  4. MJR Charlie says

    It made me a little sad to hear you don’t always know what to do with NJ. I love him, he is, like you say, the sort of hero that falls in line with batman and wolverine, a real independant hero, and I think these are the ones people enjoy the most.

    I think that is what gives NJ his charm, his definant streak, the way he doesn’t give a dam what Jeanne Darque is saying, his stand alone attitude, and up until the point when Ghostboy said he loved him, he loner attitude.

    Still, with a small wellspring of characters, each has to have his or her own persona Patrick, so inspite of your best intentions, Naked J has become a real independant man. One might even say he has a bad boy image sometimes (Ohhh, Wolverine, Batman and Naked Justice all together, Fun!)

  5. Hey Patrick!

    NJ, what a sweetheart. He doesn’t seem to take the easy road does he? But like all growing children, hurdels will have to be jumped. NJ may tend to go off and do his own thing, it’s a sign of growing up. He will learn the hard way as his thoughts seem to bypass his brain and spew forth from his mouth. Some may think he is a smart ass for this, but like all growing children, he is learning. He is learning he has an opinion and a voice and he is using it. It’s all trial and error, there is no “User’s Guide” for growing up, he has to learn along the way. He takes his errors on the chin and he sulks about it, but he is learning and that is what it’s all about. NJ has a good heart and is on the right track and he is not afraid to be an individual.

    Patrick, you have been a great father to NJ, you have layed the perfect foundation for him, but it was a foundation that you wanted to see him stand on, but his personality needs to alter that foundation a little to suit him. And until he get’s the balance right for his foundation, he is going to wobble a bit. But bear in mind: Like All Fine Reds, They Will Mature With Age.

    Shit! I sound pompus – I really have to stop watching Dr. Phil!

    Licks & Chews!

  6. Good Morning TJ, Charvolth, Phrog, Charlie and Manny…

    Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my “deep, dark secret”! HA! HA! HA! I was really interested to read what you all had to say on the topic of Naked Justice, and the way he has been written and portrayed to date. I think it is safe to say that some of you are happy with the way things are going, while some of you kinda preferred the early days of the character. What really matters is that you all seem to love NJ no matter how he is portrayed. I truly appreciate that.

    I think the issue is that I have tried too hard with NJ. I tend to do that sometimes. LOL!!! It’s like I think that things have to be earned the hard way… and in thinking that way, I guess I might have failed to see that NJ was working just fine from the start, and never really needed any BIG changes. I guess, what matters is that I am finally getting that picture!

    Charvolth, your suggestion about making NJ more campy again was well received. In some ways, that would be like getting back to the characters’ roots, what with the silly adventures, and even sillier villains. But you know… that all works really well with him.

    TJ, you’re right. In Cube #5, we discovered a deeper part of NJ, a more emotional side of him that was very touching. I guess my main objective is to find some way to help him retain that depth and still be campy and fun and light-hearted!

    Manny, thanks so much for the positive reinforcement. It’s good to know that I am on the right track!

    Phrog, you are also correct in your observation that sometimes a creator has no clue how “BIG” (no pun intended, I SWEAR!) his creation will get. And sometimes, it’s not really about the creator liking it or not. That is just how it goes!

    Charlie, I am so sorry! I never meant to make you sad! LOL!!! I promise I will take good care of NJ from now on! :o)

    Much love to you all!
    Patrick XOXO

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