Some Camili-Cat Wallpaper for you!

I do believe there was a request not long ago for a Boy Pussy wallpaper! So here is Cam in his tight black leather pants glamming it up!

Figured I’d throw in a Cam Glamor Puss wallpaper as well. This illustration was partly inspired by the Glam Cam that Ismael drew for me a few months back, and my new pair of pink Ginch Gonch bikini-briefs! Oooooh…they fell sooooo good on!

While you’re at it, check out their LOVELY site! Enjoy!


  1. Charvolth says

    thanx, actually one thing I didn’t notice on the glamor pic were the piercings, amazinging what details can be missed in a pic. Thanx for the great wallpaper

  2. Hello Charvolth…

    Great ot hear from you, my friend! I am glad you enjoyed the wallpaper and liked the little details! Have a great evening!

    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXO

  3. Yummo! More Cam – I love the Boy Pussy. I’d love to see Cam on a Harley Davidson wearing a pair of leather chaps and leather vest, just the thought gives me tingles like you can never imagine. I hope Cam never slow’s down, I’ll always keep a place for him on the dancefloor under mirror ball number three. Thanks for making the background on my computer choice even harder to make LOL! Love Ya!

    Licks & Chews!

  4. Damn, that boy looks as good stuffed into a nice tight speedo as he does naked! Love it!

    I’ve pretty much got the attention span of a……well, hummingbird’s kinda generous, lol. Sooo I’m constantly changing my desktop anyway. Now I’ve just got plenty of sexy boytoons to spice things up.

    Thanks again!

  5. Hello Patrick,

    THANKS SO VERY MUCH (CAPSLOCK ENABLED!) for listening to my wishes hehehehe… Boi Pussy is definitely my absolute favorite picture of Cam… or is it? YES, DAMN RIGHT IT IS!!

    If You could see me now, jumping around like a 15 year old fanboi-nerd! =D

    Thanks for being utterly the best and coolest guy ever, Patrick. You rock and rock and rock… =D =D

  6. Wow! I love your new postings here. I’ve fallen in love with Cam all over again with these new wallpapers. Now my desktop has gotten a whole lot sexier. LOL! Thank you posting them, and I really look forward to more.

  7. Good morning Manny, TJ, Phrog and Otis…

    Hey, thanks for all the great comments! I am so happy you guys liked the Cam wallpaper. They were lots of fun to put together and it pleases me to no end to know that they are being displayed with love on your screens! :o)

    TJ, it sounds like you and I have the same attention span when it comes to wallpaper! HA! HA! HA! I must admit, that’s also why I like to create new ones often. Variety in this case, IS the spice of life!

    I sometimes forget that Cam can look soooooo sexy when he’s dressed…or somewhat dressed, anyways! It’s nice that you guys also think so! :o)

    You boys have a wonderful day! And thanks again for the lovely words!
    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXO

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