BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #10: The Wonderful World of Logan!

Some of you are probably thinking that it is about time I got around to featuring Logan’s AMAZING work on the cover of Boytoons Magazine! Well, I couldn’t agree more! Logan is a fantastic talent, and an absolute sweetie! But the truth is that there is one thing that Logan and I agree to disagree on…and that is that his art is porn!

Porn to me suggests a certain “toss it together and get it out there to make some cash” kind of product, which is done without artistic talent or love. In fact, certain so-called “Porn” films by directors Chi Chi Larue, Lucas Kazan, and Kristen Bjorn (to name but a few) are so beautifully put together and feature such beauty in motion, that they should be spared the title of “porn”! To me, these are erotic adult films, a far more respectful title for something which is obviously created with great care, passion and talent! Must art that caters to our most fundamental instincts and desires be treated as filth? I have ALWAYS said, ours is a messed up society! We will gladly allow the most violent images to appear on our televisions, but God forbid that we should see any depiction of sex and share that openly! …..SIGH!….. >:(

Perhaps I am an idealist, but there you have it! Such is how I see things, and feel very strongly that the artists I feature here should also be spared a descriptive using the “P” word (yours truly included, I would love to think!) LOL!!! That being said, I want to point out that I respect the fact that others have a different point of view, and choose to accept the “P” word as holding a different definition for them.

And so while Logan and I do not necessarily have the same definition of the word Porn, I think his is some of the most fantastic Erotic Art I have ever seen. And his is an art created with so much love and craftsmanship, it is certainly worthy of our highest praises.

Logan as most of you may know, has become a WONDERFUL addition to Class Comics. We recently released Porky #1 and The Pornomicon one-shot, to an audience that had for too long gone without Logan’s type of men. And Logan’s “type of men” are HOT! This man draws bears, chubs and muscle men better than anyone else I know! There is so much sensuality wrapped in each of his illustrations!

His renditions can be tender and loving, and his characters are endowed with remarkable depth and passion, as is plainly obvious in the pages of Porky #1. The next thing you know, Logan is off tapping into desires a lot of us have, but fear to express, and he shows us a dark underbelly which is more exciting than we care to admit! The Pornomicon has been described as such a work, but no matter if it turns you on or off, NO ONE can deny the mind-boggling talent that went into creating that book!

So Logan caters to our desires… every last one of them, and that is his art in its most gifted and honest embodiment.

Still, this master artist offers much to be discovered at his wonderful website. The galleries are brimming with exquisite and exciting art, and his thoughtfulness and lightheartedness are completely apparent in his writings! If you have not already graced Logan’s site, with your presence, I suggest you do so! You can see for yourself that in this case, the “P” word may not apply!

PS – For you fans of Deimos, you will love what we have in store for you very shortly! The amazing LOGAN has been hard at work on DEIMOS #1! I will be sure to keep you posted on releases dates, etc…


  1. Hi Patrick!

    I have to say that I like Logans work. My tatse in men is all over the shop and I don’t really have a particular type, there are certain things that draw me towards all kinds of men.

    There is a very muscular, bearish quality to his work, it’s almost Viking like.

    But it’s nice to see that someone is doing this style of work, there are so many people focusing on the skinhead, buffed bodies, boy next door look which is great if your taste is all over the place like mine. Logans work is a nice reminder that there are men out there with hairy chests, beefy arms and legs and hairy butts and somewhat doofus expresions on their faces at times.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of Logans work in the future.

    Licks & Chews!

  2. Good morning Patrick, good morning fellow Bloggers,

    Logan ist awesome. I feel exactly the same way as manny does: He doesn’t draw bois, he draws real men. And though, I prefer yaoi-like, vulnerable catbois, I still love Logan’s stuff.
    A very good example is the first picture that You posted: There is so much emotion in between the two guys…

    Thanks for posting and making me aware again of his incredible talent!

  3. Hiya Manny and Phrog…

    Glad you guys enjoyed the Logan post! He really is great! I think it is so cool that he draws everyday guys and makes them soooooo sexy! That is one of his biggest strengths as an artist! :o)

    Have a great day boys!
    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXOX

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