BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #9: The Manga men of Kinu Sekigushi.

There is nothing I like better than erotic illustrations created with class (no pun intended, of course!). It is so wonderful to come across an artist that merges high style with erotica, and does so in a way that is so aesthetically pleasing to the eye, you almost forget you are looking at erotic artwork. Of course that is not the only reason I adore the art of Kinu Sekigushi, but the sheer beauty of his illustrations doesn’t hurt!

There is an elegance present in Kinu’s images that one notices right away. His men are always so beautiful and exotic, and yet have a certain “next door” charm that can’t help but win you over. And while his men are exquisite, his background composition is practically flawless, each piece denoting a serene beauty. His work is as calming as it is exciting!

I first came across Kinu’s beautiful imagery years ago, after my dear friend, Thom Seck, then editor of Gay Video magazine over in France, sent me copies of the Ultimen comics. Now those ROCKED! Each issue featured works by Thom, Logan and a slew of other gifted creators. Kinu was one of them!

Immediately, I fell for Kinu’s Manga flavor with a twist. There is so much more going on his illustrations, and because his elegant, simple lines, he pulled me in right away.

But don’t take my word for it. Visit Kinu’s site for yourself and plunge into his elegant and ethereal world! There you will find exotic men who’s beauty you can bask in for hours, as well as information on Kinu himself and his latest projects! A journey well worth your while.


  1. Hi Patrick!

    Kinu – What remarkable work! I perved on his website and it looks great. Very sweet, romantic, boyish and masculine all in the one. You either have Manga down to an artform or you miss the mark, but Kinu, has bought something very different, that I quite can’t put my finger on yet.

    I think it’s great!

    Licks & Chews!

  2. Hey Patrick!

    You know, we have all been carrying on about Cam, Locus, Incubus, that we seem to have pushed N.J, Ghostboy aside and left them out in the rain. How are they doing doing anyway? And when do we get a glimpse of Jetstream??



  3. Hello Manny…

    I will be sure to post some NJ and Ghostboy stuff really soon! Glad you liked Kinu’s work, my friend!

    Hugz + kisses
    Patrick XOXO

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