Heroes in Peril #2 – Cam’s stepped in it this time!

We all know that Cam is always getting himself knee-deep in some sort of nasty situation! Naturally, this makes him the perfect Boytoon to feature in this line of wallpaper! Here he is being “studied” by the Iadeians. I think this image was my favorite personal contribution to the Camili-Cat 20th Anniversary special!

Now I swear, I won’t be posting one of these wallpapers every night…but they are so fun to put together for all of you, and I could not resist! Enjoy this second installment!


  1. Hey All!

    Poor Cam! Always getting himself into some sort of trouble. But he does it such a good way. It must be hard being such a hottie, I guess you can’t blame people for wanting a peice of him!

    Again beautiful work by Patrick. I think “Heroes In Peril” is going to be a huge hit!

    Thanks again Patrick for your YUMMO! work.

    Licks & Chews!

  2. Charvolth says

    I liked the layout of this pic, the expression and the anotomy, though arousing, the ‘sounding’ (I just learned what this was, god bless the internet) with the fingers makes me flinch at times, definitely a weird and unique reaction.

  3. Hey Manny and Charvolth.

    Glad you guys like the Cam in peril wallpaper. I am finding them lots of fun to put together, and I love reading your reactions to them!

    Manny, I agree with you. Cam seems to be desired by everyone he encounters…although that is not always a good thing! LOL!!!

    Meanwhile Charvolth, it’s actually kinda ironic. A LOT of the stuff I draw I would NEVER actually want to do myself in real life. ESPECIALLY the sounding! OWWIES!!! I saw a man shove a knitting needle down his wee wee once! Oh my God, it looked so painful… but I must admit I found it pretty fascinating to watch! I guess I never really got over that fascination, and now I like to throw it into my comics once in a while for good old fashioned shock value! MWAH-HA!HA!

    Hugz + kisses to you both,
    Patrick XOXOX

  4. LOL – I love the way you guy’s describe the Penis as “wee wee” It’s so cute.

    In Australia, we call them all sorts of things, “Wang”, “Lunch”, “Shlong”, “Life Support.” I know, I know, it must be a down under thing.

    But – being the sexual deviat as I am, certain sexual activities are not as painfull as they look, I guess it’s about being with the right person and in the right frame of mind. Some people I know classify “Fist Fucking” as a truely spirtual experience, to have another man that you love wanting to be so close to you. It took some time for me to grasp that concept but when you think of native American Indians going on a spirit quest, not only is it personal but almost sexual to them in some way. So I guess it’s really about threshold – somethings I would never do, but the way Patrick draws these things are again, things that most (not all) men fantasize about. I do think Patrick portray’s it all in a fashion that is very ertoic and innocent at the same time.

    Licks & Chews!

  5. Good morning Patrick (sort of – timezones are bitchy :)),

    You really do not have to apologize for giving us these supragorgeous wallpapers!! I mean it – go ahead and gimme gimme gimme a CAM-Wallpaper all day! :D

    Seriously, I simply fail to describe how I feel about this new work. It’s awesome++ and I cannot decide which one I am going to put onto my desktop by now.

    But do not hesitate to torture me more in my decisions =D

    Thanks alot, your art is simply stunning! I love Cam!

  6. Hiya Manny and Phrog…

    Glad you boys liked the new Cam in Peril wallpaper! I think maybe I will have to give you some time to rotate through the last 3 wallpaper offerings before I post some new ones! Would you believe I am having the same problem making a decision? HA! HA! HA! Fraser says I sometimes get TOO productive with these things, and then I don’t know what to choose for my computer screen either! LOL!!!

    But I gotta listen to the muse… so I may have something new very shortly! ;)

    Ciao for now!
    Patrick XOXO

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