Character appreciation night: LOCUS “It’s not easy being green!”

You have all been so sweet about my previous “Soon to be green” post featuring Locus, that I thought I would share a few actual color pics of him while the new image is being finished up!

The image of Locus Go-Go dancing on the bar is one of my favorite pics of him to date. It is pulled from the “Old Friends” story in Rapture #1. This was essentially the first time anyone had ever laid eyes on him…anyone who has been FORTUNATE enough to NOT see my crappy little Affinity comics from the early 90’s, that is. Those are where Locus first made his original debut, but I like to consider the Rapture story his MODERN debut… a better illustrated debut…AND a far sexier one!

It is in “Old Friends” that I managed to make Locus an integral component of the journey Cam is on in the Felinoids series. In a full circle kind of way, Locus serves as a catalyst to Cam’s ultimate search for his people. It is Locus that sets Cam on the right path, and in doing so, sort of helped me as a writer better understand the origins of the Felinoids series.

In Rapture #2, Locus comes into his own. The Locus story in that issue is called “3 Boys and 1 Bug” and clearly portrays Locus as trying to move beyond his relationship with Cam and discover what his own future holds for him. He makes new friends along the way, and of course, new enemies… and gets naked A LOT! But he looks so damn good that way…and doesn’t the little shit know it! ;)

I’ve included a page from this new story here with this post. Locus looks all nice and hot in his new costume…if you can call some dental floss and a couple of Kleenexes a costume! LOL!!! Our favorite Sivan girl makes an appearance too! Felicia pops in to check up on her green friend!

All in all, I think you guys will be pleased with the direction Locus is heading into. He has a bright future ahead of him, and although Ghostboy is kicking his green butt in the Class Comics “Who deserves his own title” poll, our favorite Sektan boy is looking at a great future filled with adventure, dripping wet sex, and excitement!

See you all tomorrow!
Patrick XOXO

PS — The Class Comics poll IS still live, so you can all still vote! Ciao for now!


  1. Hey Patrick,

    Seriously, awesome updates again.

    Even though Ghost Boy’s my all-time favourite, the foreskins you give all your uncut characters are just so hot! Locus just looks incredible in the main panel of that last page. Looks like we can add the uncut cocks to my list of kinks, right after the pre-cum, lol.

    Thanks for the updates.

  2. Good morning Patrick,

    this is another highlight to start off my new day!! Locus is really one of Your best characters. And that says alot! Pairing him with Cam was one of comicdoms best ideas ever!! =D

    Boi, do I sound like a nerd… o_O

    Thank You so very much for these new and awesome pieces of art!
    You roooooooooooooock!!! =D

  3. Hey Patrick,

    Just like Cam, Locus looks hot as always, and just like Cam it would be good to see them get into more “Fun” adventures.

    I’ve noticed that you do give your guy’s amazing foreskins also. I think Locus would have to have the best one out of them all, afterall, his “wee wee” is different to all the others.

    Beautiful artwork as always, what I would give to open my front door to have someone like Locus sitting spread eagle in front of me like that!

    Licks & Chews!


  4. digitaldude5 says


    Thank you so much for the posts of Cam and Locus. They are two of the most amazing characters I’ve ever seen. They’re both very amazing, and fill many a fantasy for a lot of guys, I know I’m one of them. There’s something about a big green alien with a big green penis that kind of makes you think “Wow, that would be HOT.” And the same thing goes for the feral man with the tail.

    Again, I love your artwork.

  5. Charvolth says

    Love the page segment, Locus looks very sensual, and lusty. I can only imagine what the three new characters you’re introducing in Rapture Issue 2 have in store for him.

  6. I couldn’t agree with you more, my Phroggy friend!

    Have a good one!
    Patrick XOXOX

  7. MJR Charlie says

    Hey Patrick.
    I can’t wait to find out, I’ve got to know about the 3 new characters on the front cover of rapture 2 with Locus, who are they… just a name. I like the blond guy with the foreskin!

  8. Hey mjrcharlie,

    Over there are their names: Disco, Flamer and Captain Jung; with Flamer being the blonde hunk, Disco the black guy and Captain Jung the “first Korean character” =D

  9. Hello Charlie…

    My 3 new boys are (left to right) Captain Jung (my first Korean character! I am so proud of him! :o).
    The tall black boy is Disco, and the blond boy with the foreskin is Flamer! As for who they are and what they do to Locus… well, you will just have to wait and see, my friend! HA! HA! HA! I am a big tease, I know!

    Much love,
    Patrick XOXO

  10. HA! HA! HA!

    Phrog, beat me to the answer! Now THAT was fast! LOL!!

    Luv you guys!
    Patrick XOXO

  11. Hi Patrick,

    sorry – I didn’t want to be a smartass. I just hit F5 to refresh and saw a question that I so happily answered! =D

    All the best!

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