When it comes to his beefcake work, Glen Hanson prefers to be called G-Man. Such was the title of his 2004 hard cover art book, which was released through Bruno Gmunder. A immediate hit, G-Man became one of Bruno Gmunder’s best selling art books, and placed Mr. Hanson firmly on the map as one of the best artists of male erotica out there.

Something you might all be interested in knowing is that if Glen hadn’t come along to give me a good, swift kick in the butt, I might not be drawing Gay erotica for a living at all. You see, he and I became fast friends several years ago, while I was still working for Avatar Press. I wasn’t especially happy doing so because a lot of the work I was getting involved graphic sex and violence against women. NOT AT ALL something that sat right with me! But a boy has to pay his rent. One day, out of the blue, I got a call from Glen. He told me, and I quote… to stop being an idiot and to get my work out to publishers of gay material. He had seen some of the gay work I’d done on the side, and I guess felt I needed to get it out there a little better.

Immediately upon doing so, a TON of opportunities came a calling: from Black Inches and All-Man magazine, to the publisher of Meatmen comics, to the fellas over at Handjobs magazine. I happily resigned my Avatar job, and focused on as much Gay work as I could! Eventually, since this paid a wee bit better, I had enough free time to focus on my own characters, truly building the foundations for the Class Comics universe you’ve come to know today!

In many ways, Glen Hanson is partly responsible for my turning my artistic life around. We’ve remained friends since, and he is someone I can turn to whenever I need to!

As for his GORGEOUS Boytoons, G-Man is hard at work on several new projects. Meanwhile, check out his existing site for an eye full of beauty. This man can draw like there is no tomorrow, and the best part of it is that his work is soooooooo classy and stylish! It’s a real feast for the eyes! And while you’re there, you really MUST check out the Spy Groove section! Now if only the powers that be could release THAT fantastic cartoon on DVD, I’d be a happy camper indeed!

You rock Glen, and I luv ya!


  1. Hello Patrick,

    the G-Man is without a doubt one of the most gifted artists ever. This post resembles my other posts alot, I know, but I don’t care since I really, really do love G-Mans, Icemans, Spubbas and – of course – Your work so much.

    The most appealing thing that G-man’s work has for me is that he just knows how to draw eyes! Seriously, it’s “details” like that which make me literally wanna bite into a drawing!
    That, and his bois got heavenly bodies, of course! =D

    Thanks for posting and being ultracool again!
    Yours truly – Dirk/phroq

  2. Hiya Dirk/Phrog…

    They say it’s all in the eyes! Well, as you can tell, I am a HUGE Glen fan as well! And you got that right: The man can DRAW!!! His boys are really the most beautiful Boytoons I’ve ever seen! PLUS the man himself is a real Class act. Modest and very kind! It’s a rather winning combination!

    Keep on smiling, my friend…and have a wonderful day!
    Patrick XOXO

  3. Charvolth says

    Love the cover, Glen is certainly a master of pin-up art, though when I checked out his sight I was shocked to find how much involvment he had with mainstream animation, he is a master of many styles.
    Still nothing tops the shock of me seeing his illustrations on a ‘BOD’, body spray stand in a ‘Wal-Mart’. It didn’t stay for long, but just the fact that that aspect of his work in such a public place.

  4. Hiya Charvolth…

    Yup…Glen ROCKS! And his Bod campaign stuff is soooo sexy! I never saw the displays in Wal Mart, but I would not be surprised if the artwork was taken home by some Gay staff member after the display came down! LOL!!! I know I would have done so!

    Much love,
    Patrick XOXO

  5. Hey Patrick!

    Ahh! The G-Man!

    This guy oozess with “Party Every Day!”

    He has an uncanny way of capturing that “boy next door “by day look, and then that, “Bend over boy, I’m gonna teach yo how to be a man” look on the other.

    I’ve always known that you (Patrick) & The G-Man have been close, something so fantastic to see. It would be great to see the both of you maybe work together someday.

    To be honest with you, I can see the G-Man sitting infront of Yankkee Stadium with a pencil and pad in hand drawing hot buffed guy’s eating hotdogs! Either that or trying to sneak into the locker room!!!

    Big Licks & Chews!


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